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Je suis Valentin Noba , Ivoirien, Médecin de santé publique, 19 ans d’expériences en programme santé mère enfant et VIH.avoir avoir exercé plusieurs fonction et responsabilités tant en cote d'Ivoire (d'abord comme coordonnateur du Fonds de solidarité Thérapeutique International pour la Cote d'Ivoire, puis responsable du programme mère enfant à CDC/RETROCI à Abidjan pendant 08 ans) qu'au Cameroun avec L'UNICEF en 2009 comme spécialiste VIH pendant 4 ans) suis retourné en Côte d'Ivoire en 2014 pour assurer les fonctions respectivement de Directeur de programme à la fondation Elizabeth Glaser et conseiller technique au PNLS (Programme National de lutte contre le SIDA.

Mes compétences :
technical assistance
program monitoring
Palliative Care
program implementation
overall project management
health centers supervision
epidemiology training
develop the concept paper
develop the HIV national strategic plan
develop policy
develop PMTCT
Treatment training
Public Health
Provides technical assistance
Project Management Training
PMTCT program implementation
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Managerial Skills
Infectious Diseases
HIV/AIDS monitoring
Corel WordPerfect
Clinical Trials


  • PNLS - Conseiller technique

    2016 - 2017
  • EGPAF - Director of Technical Services

    2014 - maintenant EGPAF (Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation) Cote d'Ivoire. Under the supervision of the Country Director, The technical Director has supervisory and managerial responsibility overall aspects of overall program design and implementation; management; reporting; coalition development and networking; research and documentation; and assists the Country Director in representation and resource mobilization. Strategic Leadership and Management
    *Participate in the senior management team meeting as a member of the ELT
    *Lead in the development and oversee the implementation of program strategies in line with EGPAF's mission, vision and the strategic plan
    *Lead in projects' annual, quarterly or bi-annual planning and reviews to provide technical input

    Program Management
    *Provide direction and leadership in program implementation focusing on a coordinated approach that fosters complementary delivery of services by the different projects.
    *Support program goal and objectives through the development and management of work plans by recruitment of staff and delegation of responsibility, performance management and professional development
    *Impart a unified strategic vision and ensure that program activities lead to achievement of program goals and objectives in a timely fashion.
    *Lead in the technical design and serve as the technical lead of new business proposals''.
    *Provide managerial and programmatic oversight including day-to-day direction to/supervision of the project directors; ensure continuous strengthening of staff technical capacity; provide mentoring, coaching and capacity-building/training to programmatic staff, as needed.
    *Oversee development and updating standards for HIV/AIDS (VCT, PICT, PMTCT, HIV/TB clinical care, laboratory services, and wrap around infectious diseases) programs in Côte d'Ivoire
    *Adapt and localize EGPAF's global standards and promote their use in Côte d'Ivoire programs including standardizing operating procedures
    *Provide technical assistance by serving on relevant Technical Working Groups (TWGs) of partners, donors and GOCI
    *Provide technical assistance to Project Directors working with sub partners at facility and program levels. This includes reviewing and providing technical inputs in their work plans and budgets to fit in the overall program.
    *Provide technical inputs on government strategies to strengthen the capacity of Countries and facilitate them to own and utilize County and site data
    *Oversee training, follow-up support and supportive supervision as necessary using nationally accepted training curriculum materials and standards for implementation of programs, plus mentorship
    *Participate actively in EGPAF Technical Directors Forum, sharing country experience and contributing to global learning and technical assistance to other EGPAF programs; share proceedings and technical information with country team
    *Stay abreast of and make available to colleagues within the projects new developments, guidelines and approaches to HIV prevention, care, treatment and support.

    *Coordinate technical reporting according to defined reporting schedule for EGPAF, donor awards, partners and stakeholders.
    *Compile monthly report from project Directors and ensure it meets expected technical standards.
    *Review all program reports for technical soundness and quality and advise accordingly

    Program evaluation
    *In collaboration with the SI&E team, review EGPAF-CI Program progress on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis; document technical strengths and weaknesses
    *Oversee evaluation of program interventions; develop evidence-base by performing high quality evaluations and research in collaboration with global technical teams
    *Oversee monitoring and identification of assistance needs of the country program
    *Oversee and support implementation research of the country program
    *Develop technical assistance plans and act as focal point for technical communications with global technical and research teams.

    *With the Country Director, establish and maintain regular contact with donors, beneficiary groups, and partners and liaise and co-ordinate with the appropriate government and private sector bodies, whenever appropriate, to ensure successful program implementation
    *Participate in strategic meetings, forums and processes to stay up to date with unfolding events or issues and ensure that EGPAF is best placed to advice donors and partners on such events or issues
    *Represent EGPAF at meetings and other events as necessary
    *Promote media coverage and other means by which to strengthen EGPAF's profile in Côte d'Ivoire
    *Represent EGPAF in global, regional and national meetings and conferences
  • UNICEF - HIV/AIDS Specialist

    Paris 2009 - maintenant L4 in HIV/ AIDS section UNICEF, Yaoundé (Cameroon)
    Under the supervision of the Chief of section , Children HIV and AIDS program,
    the incumbent:
    Provide technical assistance to the Ministry of health and partners in Cameroon to develop PMTCT and Pediatric care guidelines documents to scaling up PMTCT and pediatric care in the context of elimination of Mother to child HIV transmission.
    Contributes to develop the HIV national strategic plan
    As member of the PMTCT task force, the incumbent has been involved in the redaction of the Round 10 Global Fund Application in Cameroon
    Participates in the national PMTCT and pediatric care coordination meeting with others partners to discuss key strategies to scale up PMTCT program
    Provide technical assistance to the health districts managers to develop their PMTCT and Pediatric care operational plans to implement PMTCT and pediatric care program at the decentralized levels
    Collaborates with UNICEF other sections program officers to develop strategies to Accelerate Child Survival Development (ACSD)
    Provide technical assistance to the ministry of health to elaborate the National MTCT Elimination plan (Finalized)
    As member of UNICEF STAFF, the incumbent participates in the elaboration and review of the section Annual work plan
    Participates in the process to elaborate the UNICEF new country program Development (CPD) and the Country Program Action Plan (CPAP) for the next Cooperation cycle (2013-2017) with the government of Cameroon
    Designate as the IATT country focal point for the UN joint team to coordinate e-MTCT implementation Plan in collaboration with the Ministry of Health IATT focal point , the regional and global IATT (Inter-Agency task team) and country technical working group on e-TME plan
    Provide technical assistance to the 36 Districts with unmet needs for BNA identification and Micro-plan development in the context of e-MTCT.
  • Care and Treatment Branch - Health Facility Based Program Coordinator

    2008 - maintenant Care and Treatment Branch through PEPFAR activities in Côte d'Ivoire :
    Under the Care and Treatment Branch Chief, the Program Coordinator (Health Facility Based Care and Treatment) manages activities in the areas of Health Facility Based HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment services, including ARV, PMTCT, VCT and TB/HIV services; plays an essential role in supervising team staff, developing Country Operational Plans (COP), annual work plans, and regular progress reports. Provides also technical expertise and guidance for the implementation of these activities.

    * Serves as Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) Technical Advisor and works as part of a multidisciplinary team and provides technical assistance to PEPFAR partners to establish comprehensive national PMTCT services.
    In programmatic activities, collaborates with other USG country staff (care and treatment, laboratory, strategic information and prevention) for strengthening and scale-up of PMTCT activities in Côte d'Ivoire.

    * Provides technical assistance to Ministry of Health and PEPFAR Care and Treatment partners in the development of national strategic plans, implementation plans, the development of policy and guidelines, training modules and other tools for the national PMTCT, ARV, VCT and TB/HIV Programs:

    * 1. Provides technical expertise in the review of the proposals and work plans submitted by PEPFAR Care and Treatment implementing partners for Annual Country Operational Plan (COP) ;
    * 1. Provides technical expertise in the review and approval of PEPFAR required reports (quarterly, Annual Progress Report (APR) ) submitted by Care and Treatment implementing partners;
    * 1. Supports and coordinate with the TB/HIV Technical Advisor the implementation of integrated TB/HIV activities defined in COP and ensures that targets are met;
    * 1. Supports the implementation of PMTCT scale-up plan and the roll out of the provider-initiated counseling and testing (PICT) strategy according to the new guidelines recommended by WHO,CDC,UNICEF;
    * 1. Supports the design and implementation of an operational research to assess the acceptability of HIV testing among pregnant women during their first contact with health care facilities and assess the comprehensive package for the Postnatal follow up
    * 1. Assists stakeholders to complete the pilot phase and initiates scale up of the early infant diagnosis of HIV using PCR on Dried Blood Spot (DBS) project;
    * 1. Participates in the design and implementation of an evaluation aims to assess the program HEART;
    * 1. Supports the government to revise national PMTCT, TB/HIV, VCT and ART policy documents, guidelines and tools.
  • Care and Treatment - CDC - Technical representative

    2005 - 2008 PMTCT(Prevention to Mother to child HIV/AIDS transmission) and Pediatric Care and Treatment Technical lead according to PEPFAR activities in Côte d'Ivoire :

    * Serves as member of CDC/RETRO-CI senior management team and assists in overall project management.

    * Coordinates USG supported HIV/AIDS program activities in Côte d'Ivoire concerned with planning, implementing and monitoring programs in prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT), community mobilization, access to voluntary counseling and testing, Pediatric Care and Treatment
    * Oversees program implementation, and provides guidance to CDC staff and executive partners on the formulation of annual work plans and progress benchmarks, approval of AIDS plans, and the preparation of scopes of work and requests for proposals required for the provision of technical assistance or new program initiatives, in coordination with other donors as appropriate.

    * Ensures work plans, budgets, reports, program monitoring and evaluation and other program reports are completed in a timely fashion to a high standard in English and French as required.

    * Serves as technical representative in CDC cooperative agreements with Ministry of Health, Ministry of AIDS, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Solidarity, Social Security and Disabled people, Hope Worldwide, Population Service International, JHPIEGO, EGPAF, FHI, JSI and other partners in technical domain ( PMTCT, Pediatric care/TB- VIH/ Care& Treatment and Palliative care) ;

    2001 - 2005 Serve as a Technical Advisor for PEPFAR (President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief) and PMTCT National Technical Advisor:

    * Advises senior staff on national PMTCT issues and strategies. ;
    * Participates in the planning and assures the implementation and evaluation of comprehensive PMTCT activities which assist the national PMTCT program response.
    * Collaborates with Demonstration Project Technical Advisor, laboratory, informatics, training, and other technical staff to coordinate PMTCT-plus activities.

    * Manages a multidisciplinary staff to meet the goals of the President's Initiative, including physicians, midwifes and social workers who work closely with Community mobilization and counseling experts ;
    * Ensure work plans, reports, program monitoring and evaluation and other program reports are completed in a timely fashion to a high-standard in English and French as required. ;
    * Ensure that the team's administration and support needs are effectively communicated and responded to by the support sections.

    External Relations
    * Provides technical assistance to the national PMTCT program as well as non-governmental organizations and other institutions (Global fund, UNITAID, etc....)
    * Assists Ministry of Health and partners with the development of national strategic plans, implementation plans, the development of guidelines, training and other tools for the PMTCT program
  • International Therapeutic Solidarity Fund - Coordonnateur

    2001 - maintenant First ITSF Program Coordinator (International Therapeutic Solidarity Fund, France) Fonds de Solidarité Therapeutique International and focal point of Glaxo wellcome Foundation for PMTCT in Côte d'Ivoire before the fusion to GSK.
    in charge of prevention of Mother to Child HIV/AIDS Transmission and care and treatment including antiretroviral Therapy (ARV) for women, their children and their husband if necessary:
    Leader of the first Pilot project for drug access (ARV) supported by French Cooperation in Côte d'Ivoire (Coordinate with the PSP(National Public Health Pharmacy) for drug payment for adult, Mother and child )
    Coordinate PMTCT activities for 4 health Centers (counseling and testing, rapid testing ,ARV prophylaxis, early infant diagnosis with PCR, CD4 For women and nutrition optional with provisions of milk and nutrition kits for replacement feeding within Glaxo wellcome Foundation financial support )
    Coordinate the French Cooperation grant for drug access (ARV therapy) to infected women, their husband and their baby According to PMTCT Plus in Cote d'Ivoire.
    Organized each month on sites, supervision of PMTCT activities and made report of these activities every 3 months for the Director of ITSF France and Glaxo wellcome France foundation representative .
    As Members of Ivory Coast PMTCT Technical working group (participated to the working group meeting every month to develop policy and guideline for PMTCT activities )

    1998 - maintenant for the Service of Sanitary affairs in Ivory Coast North-East Health Regional Direction (Bondoukou, Côte d'Ivoire)
    Assist MOH to Develop tools for health centers supervision, monitoring and Evaluation of Primary health care at the regional and District levels
    Assists MOH to analyze HIV/AIDS regional Response
    Assist the regional IVC 048 Project for rural people Living with HIV/AIDS (Development of Rural generator of revenue activities) in supported by UNDP
  • National AIDS Research - Coordinator of health site

    1995 - maintenant a recruitment and follow-up patients site (DITRAME Project, ANRS, National AIDS Research Agency, France « 049 Trials » in Abidjan-Yopougon:
    - Study of tolerability and efficacy of short regimen (Zidovudine) among pregnant women to reduce Mother to child HIV/AIDS Transmission (Coordination of counseling and testing, AZT versus Placebo used by HIV/AIDS pregnant women (short course regimen) , Mother and Child 18 months follow up)

    - Participate monthly to the expert working Group call (Cellule Mère enfant) to develop policy and guideline for reproductive health and pediatric care in HIV/AIDS context.


  • University Of Paris VI

    Paris 1998 - 1999 Certificate of Participation

    : Certificate of Participation of Statistics and Epidemiology Course ( CESAM,
  • University Of Abidjan (Abidjan)

    Abidjan 1982 - 1992 DOCTORATE

    Title: « Profil socio-économique et Biologique des donneurs de sang au Centre National de transfusion Sanguine d'Abidjan »


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