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Musée Theatre ,memore de ouarzazate is an association of a museum for the ethnography and also a theater for folk dancing shows accompanied with Moroccan meals for a lunch of your dreams in Skoura 36Km far from Ouarzazate on the national road N° 10 which relates Ouarzazate with Thinghir .The project is pioneer and so unique in term of its idea and conception.It aims to save the cultural values and traditions of our ancestors and to present the fascinating diversity in the region of the High Atlas and per-Sahara.
Musée-Theatre ,Memoire de Ouarzazate is a bridge between past and present and future
also we propose thematic excursions:
We organize:
- Bivouacs
- Camel trek
- Excursions departing from Ouarzazate and Marrakesh.
- Hiking in the mountains of M’goun,
- Quad Hiring.
- Mountain bike Hiking.
come to visit us and assist the folk shows while you are tasting our delicious Moroccan meals. also join our proposed one day thematic excursions.
for more information visit our web site

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  • Musee Thetre Memoire de Ouarzazate - Manger

    2012 - maintenant
  • Faculty of Economics university Ibn Zohr - Teacher

    2004 - 2006 i was teching Business English for students


  • Université Ibnou Zohr-Agadir (Agadir)

    Agadir 1999 - 2003 licence


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