Abderrahmane RAZIBAUENE


En résumé

Ingenieur chrage d'etude et de construction, piping, pipeline, static equipment..
Oil & gas, Power et solaire

Mes compétences :
Onshore Oil & Gas
Offshore Oil & Gas
Manage a multi
system design preparation
suppliers selection
specification preparation
requisition preparation
preparation of plant modification and field develo
held weekly coordination
Steam Turbines
Responsible for training program preparation and p
Responsible for the
Responsible for junior supervisors
Responsible for construction activities
Quality management
Project Management
Preparation of Plans & drawing modification
Preparation of Material and Equipment
Piping Layout
Pipeline Design
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office
Mechanical Supervision
Mechanical Engineering
Master Scheduling
Manage the construction
ISO 900X Standard
HSE Training
Good skills
Field change sheet preparation
Equipments Suppliers selection
Engineering Schedule preparation
Cathodic Protection
Carbon steel
Gestion de projet
Norme HSE


  • JGC Algeria - Construction manager

    2015 - maintenant • Manage the construction contract execution
    • Prepare the construction planning
    • Responsible of all construction work, civil/building, piping, structure, heavy equipments erection and instrument/electrical cable routing and lay down.
    • Manage the project construction budget on site
    • Monitor and control contractors’ construction activities.
    • Manage a multi-disciplinary construction team.
    • Prepare daily and weekly work with superintendant and supervisors
    • Responsible of in site logistic and material reception and inspection
    • Follow up of sub-contractors invoices
    • Responsible of all HSE matter in site and application of HSE company rules
    • Prepare and review method statement when prepared by sub-contractors
    • Responsible of precommissioning work
    • Responsible for construction KPI and REX
    • Permit to work follow up and all necessary authorizations of the project
    • SIMOPS work preparation
  • SAJEC-Spa - Piping Supervisor

    Angers 2012 - 2012 /Subsidiary of JGC Corp * Project : Gas Compressions Stations 9/
    * Client : SONATRACH ENC.
    * Project Type : EPC OIL/GAS
    * Project Cost : 400M EUR

    * Supervise piping fabrication and installation works. ;
    * Field change sheet preparation, Isometric drawing, piping layout & plot plan updating.
    * In-charge for line checking, air blowing, and hydro-testing and flushing inspection by test packages.
    * In-charge for punch listing and final line checking based on P&I Diagram.
    * Supervise proper arrangement of construction. ;
    * Supervise prefabrication work of spooling, painting and blasting. ;
  • TOTAL EP - Technical Coordinator

    COURBEVOIE 2012 - 2014 Project assignment:
    * Position : Project Technical Coordinator ;
    * Project : Brownfield Projects-onshore and offshore ;
    * Company : Total EP Gabon-PJC/TVX
    * Project Type: Engineering & Construction ;
    * Location : Gabon

    * Manage the construction contract execution ;
    * Monitor and control contractors' construction activities. ;
    * Manage 30 senior supervisors for all onshore and offshore modifications and brownfields projects. ;
    * Coordinate with sections managers and project engineers for the follow up and the good execution of the construction work.
    * Follow up of contractors prefabrication, surfer landing, boat landing, bridges, piping, structure..
    * Preparation of SOW, ROC and RLO ;
    * Responsible for the follow up of all modifications under SAP software. ;
    * Responsible for junior supervisors training ;
    * Responsible for training program preparation and planning ;
    * Report to the department head ;
    * Attend and held weekly coordination meeting with contractors and department head.
    * Responsible for the selection of the supervisors' project staff.
    * In charge for the development and improvement of the supervision.
    * Control and follow up of contractors' invoices. ;
    * Follow up of permit to work, POB and progress of the construction in all sites.
    * Responsible for the quality of execution work in accordance with the procedures and GS of the group.
    * Ensure the proper completion of the work in completion of HSE and QA/QC rules.
    * Ensure interface coordination with transverse entities engineering, logistic, drilling, procurement, operation....
    * Ensure adherence to schedules and budgets associated with contractual obligations. ;
  • SGC-TOTAL GABON - Coordinateur Technique

    2012 - 2014

    COURBEVOIE 2011 - 2011 Project assignment:
    * Position : Construction Manager ;
    * Project : Brownfield Projects-Tabiyeh Gas Project ;
    * Company : Total EP Syria
    * Project Type: EPC
    * Project cost : 140 M EUR
    * Location : Syria
    * Engineering and construction contractors follow up. ;
    * Vendors and suppliers selection.
    * Preparation of Bid evaluation for materials ;
    * Supervise and review contractor design & engineering. ;
    * Responsible for construction activities. ;
    * Manage contractual obligations of subcontractors, including HSE, const, quality, planning.
    * Construction planning preparation with respect to the HSE regulation and material delivery.
    * Responsible for the approval of all construction procedures, drawings, method statement, work permit and risk analysis.
    * Contractors invoices review and flow up. ;
    * Manage a multi-disciplinary technical team for the engineering review. ;
    * Manage a multi-disciplinary construction team. ;
    * Preparation day to day work in coordination with site team and contractors.
    * Follow the progress of the work performs on site and perform schedule monitoring along with the progress.
    * Ensure the right level of quality on the worksite and work with Contractor to achieve project requirement with regards to QA.
    * Chair daily and weekly meeting with project team and contractors.
    * Report to the project manager and gas division director the weekly and monthly progress report.
    * Coordinate with logistic and procurement department form material purchase, handling and site inspection.
    * Ensure interface coordination with transverse entities engineering, logistic, drilling, procurement, operation....
    * Incharge for commissioning and precommissioning activities.
    * In charge for SIMOPS preparation along with HSE manager and RSES
    * Act as project head for some new Brownfield modification. ;
  • Total Syrie - Senior Construction Engineer

    2011 - 2011

    SEVILLA 2008 - 2011 Project assignment:
    * Position : Mechanical Engineering & construction Manager ;
    * Project : Integrated Solar Combined Cycle power plant Hassi R'Mel Algeria ;
    * Project Type: EPC Power Plant
    * Project cost : 270 M EUR
    * Location : Alegria/Spain

    * Preparation of Technical evaluation of vendors and suppliers offers for Gas & steam turbine, HRSG, aerocondenser, pumps, Chillers, Tanks, vessels, piping & fitting....
    * Technical bid evaluation for Plant erection. ;
    * Clarification meeting and kick off meeting attendance. ;
    * Mechanical Engineering follows up; supervise engineering done by subcontractors, contract, planning and documents.
    * Coordination with Client and local Authorities ;
    * Specifications, drawings data sheets and Calculations sheets Checking ;
    * Engineering Schedule preparation and follow up ;
    * Coordination with others disciplines (Process/ Piping / Civil/ Electrical / Instruments)
    * Incharge of all HTF system in CCP field and related equipments
    * Vendors and suppliers engineering, documentation review &checking
    * Equipments Suppliers selection. ;
    * In charge of field Engineering and Mechanical Supervision
    * Mechanical construction follow up, Supervise mechanical/piping installations done by subcontractors.
    * Attend witness test at supplier shop and at site (Mechanical Running Test & Performance Test).
    * Responsible for the erection of 02 gas turbines, 01 steam turbine, 02 HRSG, 01 Aero-condenser and their related accessories and piping, gas pipeline and water pipeline.
    * Assistance to commissioning and start up team ;
    * Plant Guarantee responsible. ;
  • Abengoa - Mechanical Mnager

    SEVILLA 2008 - 2011 .responsable de toute l'ingénierie mécanique et le montage sur site

    2005 - 2008 Project assignment:
    * Position : Project Site manager
    * Project : HBNS Field Development Project & CPF Modification. ;
    * Client : Sonatrach/ Anadarko
    * Project cost: 40M EUR ;
    * Project Type : OIL & GAS Engineering Services

    * Responsible of engineering Work package preparation of plant modification and field development.
    * Technical evaluation of material suppliers and requisition preparation.
    * Chair Daily Meeting with client technique department & maintenance department.
    * Work package engineering of Gas, oil, dilution/Injection water and gas lift/injection well preparation.
    * Site survey and scope of work preparation for head office engineering.
    * In charge of CPF plant modification work pack preparation.
    * Management of engineering and construction team engineers and supervisors from different disciplines Piping, Instrument, electrical, material...
    * In charge of preparation & material control for shutdown ;
  • SAJEC-Spa - Piping Field Lead Engineer & Construction Manager Assistant

    Angers 2003 - 2005 (Society Algerian-Japanese of Engineering and Construction) Subsidiary of JGC

    * Position: Piping Field Lead Engineer & Construction Manager Assistant ;
  • SAJEC-Spa - Project Field Engineer

    Angers 2001 - 2003 * Project : Réalisation des Installations de Production d'Huile. ;
    * Client : SONATRACH/CEPSA/ANADARKO (Ourhoud Groupement).
    * Project Type : EPC OIL/GAS
    * Project Cost : 1300M EUR

    * Field adjustment based on the contractor's construction drawings
    * Preparing field modifications, corrections and adjustment of dimensions to suit as may be necessary and to reflect them in original AFC drawing
    * Technical & commercial proposals preparation ;
    * Answering subcontractor technical queries ;
    * Providing support to inspection, checking, calibration and testing of lines
    * Providing support to the preparation of pre-commissioning files
    * Coordination for all tie-ins to other contractors and with the client
    * Providing support to pre-commissioning and commissioning team
    * Preparation of as- built drawing ;
    * Preparation of P&ID modification.
    * Preparation of Plot plan modification. ;
    * Equipment and package installation checking, control & inspection.
    * Coordinate & witness DPP (Ministry of Energy) and all Local suppliers & vendors.
    * In charge of coordination for Safety & Security system with DPP (Ministry of Energy) for ``Oil Feed In'' stage ;
  • SAJEC-Spa - Piping engineer

    Angers 2000 - 2001 * Project : Gas plant Boosting GASSI TOUIL Feed Project, Cina HP Gas manifold Hassi Messaoud
    * Client : SONATRACH ENC.
    * Project Type : FEED OIL/GAS
    * Project Cost : 15M EUR

    * Producing studies and layouts of equipment which must be economic, safe, operable and easily maintained. ;
    * Make any necessary additional calculation for design. ;
    * Check the design and details for dimensional accuracy and conformity with specification, P&ID, vendors, drawings.
    * Piping Specification, plot plan & piping layout design preparation.
    * In charge of coordination with client, Planning & Engineering scheduling, Coordination.
    * Procedures and specification project preparation, Site survey.
    * Assist & coordinate with different engineering sections.
    * Piping design, specification & plans preparation. ;
  • SAJEC-Spa - Piping Supervisor

    Angers 1999 - 2000
  • JGC Algerie - Piping Lead Engineer

    1999 - 2008 all piping engineering step
    piping erction at site
    subcotractors foloow up
  • Sonelgaz - Distribution network Engineer

    1998 - 1999 * Project Type : Gas network domestic distribution OIL/GAS

    * Follow up and supervise the gas network extension done by subcontractors. ;
    * Gas network pressure reducer maintenance. ;
    * Follow up and supervise the gas network branching medium pressure. ;
    * Maintenance of gas network medium pressure. ;
    * Installation and maintenance of gas network cathodic protection system.
    * Installation and maintenance of gas network corrosion protection system.
    * Follow up and supervise the Installation gas riser pipes at building.
    * Preparation of gas network branching estimation. ;
    * Gas network and clients repair in case of failure and breakdown by subcontractors. ;
    * Gas in and start up preparation and cutting. ;
    * Good knowledge in gas network material Polyethylene, copper, carbon steel....
    * Good knowledge of brazing, Fusion and welding tools and machine. ;


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