En résumé

-Elaboration et gestion des plannings,
-Préparation et suivi régulier des indicateurs de projet,
-Suivi des avancements,
-Interface avec le client,
-Elaboration des rappots pour la direction,
-Supervision des équipes de montage.

Mes compétences :


  • BUZZICHELLI SENEGAL - Deputy Project Manager

    2012 - maintenant
  • BUZZICHELLI SENEGAL - Deputy Project Manager

    2012 - maintenant Grande Côte Operations: Structural, Mechanical and piping installation
  • BUZZICHELLI-SENEGAL - Ingénieur Chargé d'affaires

    2010 - 2012 • Responsible for complete preparation estimating, budgeting, management, and review of technical and commercial proposal for different projects:
     GCO SMP Installation,
     GCO Steel structure fabrication,
     Mechanical and anticorrosive protection of JET tanks and piping,
     Rehabilitation of fuel tanks storage area of a thermal power plant,
     Construction of a Thermal power plant (250 MW),
     Insulation works of equipment and piping in a sugar refinery,
    • Buyer: researches, evaluates and purchases services, supplies and equipment based on price, service, quality and warranty to meet the needs of the projects in SENEGAL;
  • Buzzichelli-MAROC - Ingénieur chargé d'affaires

    Mohammedia 2008 - 2010 CIMENT DU SAHEL-KIRENE SENEGAL: Construction de la section ciment
    Travaux, fournitures et prestations pour le montage et les fabrications des chaudronneries et charpentes des lots B3 + C (sections ciment + ensachage expédition)
    Volume du travail: 7000T de montage.

    • Defining, planning and achieving the daily production depending on targets, priorities and the progress of the other activities (civil, steel structure, equipment, electrical…)
    • Implementing and keeping up the BUZZICHELLI Project procedures and standards,
    • Allocating work, human and material and equipment resources,
    • Respecting and controlling quality to meet the client standards and requirements,
    • Monitoring the tempo of work, controlling the production indicators, checking the performance against the plan and adjust when necessary
    • Coordinating with the clients CDS and BUZZICHELLI management and the other contractors to reach the objectives as planned,
    • Monitoring the site progress, analyzing and adjusting against the planning,
    • Site inspection,
    • Commissioning Activities,
    • Supervising and monitoring the whole field to involve all parties in HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment.
    • Project closeout.


  • ENSAM (Meknes)

    Meknes maintenant
  • Ecole Nationale Superiere D'Arts Et Metiers ENSAM-Meknès (Meknes)

    Meknes maintenant
  • Ecole Nationale Superiere D'Arts Et Metiers (Meknes)

    Meknes 2003 - 2008 Génie mécanique


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