En résumé

Mes compétences :
Network Design
Network Security
Routing Switching
Data Center Networking
IPS (Source Fire)
Load Balancers (Cisco ACE)
Cisco Technologies (Catalyst, Nexus, ASA, etc..
Data Center Technologies (FCoE, vPC, VSS, etc..)
Wan Acceleration (Riverbed)


  • Sigmatel - Network Architect

    Casablanca 2013 - maintenant
  • Ubisoft - Network Administrator

    Montreuil 2012 - 2013 - Agir comme lead technique pour les technologies FCoE et consolidation de fabric (Cisco Nexus) ;
    - Réorganisation du routage Interne et inter-régions (NCSA, APAC et EMEA)
    - Mise en place d’une solution de protection DDOS en collaboration avec Verisign (Utilisant BGP Swing);
    - Migration de deux Switches cœur du réseau services en ligne (Catalyst 6509) du mode hsrp vers VSS et remplacement de Sup720 3BXL par Sup 2T;
    - Mise en place d’une solution de distribution de charge (Linux LVS) pour nos serveurs Sharepoint et Peoplesoft ;
    - Coordonner le projet de densité du centre de donnée, on arrive à atteindre 48 serveurs physiques par cabinet et plus que 500 serveurs virtuel par cabinet ;
    - Mise en place de la technologie FCoE (Cisco Nexus 5548) ;
    - Gérer les balanceurs de Charge (Cisco ACE et Linux LVS) et les firewalls (Cisco ASA et IPTables) pour le réseau d’entreprise et le réseau des services en ligne;
    - Mise en place de la redondance WAN avec les VPC d’Amazon (Utilisant BGP et statefull HSRP);
    - Apporter des améliorations à l’approche de distribution du trafic Internet sur deux fournisseurs différents (contrôle de trafic entrant et sortant avec BGP) afin d’assurer une bonne qualité de service et maintenir le trafic dans les limites du Commit des fournisseurs;
    - Documentations et transferts de connaissances à l’équipe d’administrateurs réseau en opérations.
    - Formations et transferts de connaissances aux administrateurs réseau des autres régions (EMEA et APAC)
    - Analyse de la réponse RFI des fournisseurs de services, participation au scoring et évaluation des fournisseurs.
  • OS4TECHNO - Telecom Administrator

    2007 - 2012 - Continually reviewing network topologies of our clients in order to improve performance;
    - Respond to our clients daily queries, such VLAN assignment, changing firewall rules, creating VPN groups, etc..
    - Configuring IPSec tunnels between our customers sites and their partners;
    - Monitoring Network devices and WAN links through SNMP;
    - Troubleshooting network performance problems and make recommendation to customers when major changes and investments are required;
    - Maintain Network Diagrams and keep them updated;
    - Installing network devices (Switches, Routers and firewalls);
    - Administration of two redundant VPN3K (one in North America and One in Europe) used by more 500 sales representatives in a pharmaceutical company;
    - Periodically reviewing firewall rules;
    - Performing periodic backups of configuration files using Kiwi Cat Tool;
    - Packet level traffic analysis;
    - Provide coaching and training to first and second tiers technicians;
    - Optimizing network traffic, by adjusting metrics on Interfaces participating in dynamic routing (EIGRP, OSFP);
    - Administration of a PBX with ACD;
    - Deployment of a redundancy solution using HSRP on Cisco 3750 switches, migration to a new IP addressing plan and a new multi VLAN environment;
    - Participation to a VOIP project (110 IP phones, 1 Call Manager and 1 Unity);
    - Design and deployment of an SSL VPN remote access solution with LDAP Mapping on four Cisco ASA 5520 with geographic redundancy (this platform is supporting more than 600 users (400 mobile users) throughout Europe and North America);
    - Migration from WAN redundancy solution based on RIP/EIGRP on GRE tunnels to a solution based on EIGRP on an MPLS network with multiple entries;
    - Deployment of two Cisco IDS 4215 in a active mode;
    - Design and implementation of a DMVPN Network of 380 spokes and 2 Hubs (The two hubs also act as PEs in an MPLS VPN network) to connects 365 ABM machines for a major Canadian Bank;
    - Production of router configuration templates and procedures to help first and second level technicians configure a relevant number of routers per day during huge deployments;
    - Deployment of Microsoft CA server used to issue digital certificates to Cisco routers acting as IPSec tunnel end points.
    - Deployment of Riverbed Steelhead WAN acceleration appliances on MPLS VPN network Edges (Four distant sites, each site has multiple entries the MPLS VPN network), using two to three inpath interfaces on each Stealhead appliance, and complex acceleration policies.
    - Deployment of WAN monitoring devices based on Wildpackets technologies, to monitor bandwidth utilization, and also to monitor Voice and Video Quality.
  • OS4 TECHNNO - Network Analyst

    2006 - 2007 - Troubleshooting Windows workstations issues, and application running on Windows;
    - Troubleshooting Network connectivity issues (Workstations and Servers);
    - Network Switches and routers configurations;
    - Acting as an AS400 operator mainly for retail store chains (fixing terminal, printers and controllers problems, resetting passwords and AS400 sessions);
    - Supporting Point Of Sales users;
    - Managing backup jobs on AS400 and Windows (Backup Exec and CA Arcserv);
    - Managing backup tapes.
    - Support and administration of an IP PBX running a Call Center Application.
  • Bell Canada - Senior Technical Support Agent

    Montreal 2004 - 2006 Provide advanced troubleshooting for issues not resolved by a first line technician. Usually requiring changes in windows registry or advanced troubleshooting of the DSL link. also provide coaching and guide lines to first line technician regarding problems with simple to moderate complexity. Troubleshooting wireless access points and interfaces problems is also one of my major responsibilities.
  • Bell Canada - First line help desk

    Montreal 2003 - 2004 Provide technical support for High Speed and dial up Internet users, by using the best troubleshooting techniques to resolve problems. I resolve browsers, emails and TCP/IP related problems on win 9x, win 2000 pro and server, win xp, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. I also troubleshoot DSL line problems.
  • Hertz Car Rental - Call Center Agent

    Montigny-le-Bretonneux 1999 - 2001 - Answer Customer Calls;
    - Respond to customer inquiries;
    - Assist customers making online reservations.


  • Champlain College

    2005 - 2005 AEC

    - Routing Switch;
    - Managing Cisco Routers and Switches;
  • École De Technologies Supérieure (Montréal)

    Montréal 2001 - 2003 DESS

    - Application Design : UML;
    - Programming : Java, PL/SQL;
    - Database Design and implementation : Oracle;
    - Project Management.
  • ELS Language Center, (Oklhoma City)

    Oklhoma City 1999 - 1999 English Certificate

  • Institut Des Hautes Etudes De Management (HEM) (Casablanca)

    Casablanca 1994 - 1999 Diplôme Cycle Normal

    Business Administration


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