Alexandre DE POSSON


En résumé

Crisis and change management specialist, aiming at a growth process where special care is given to shareholders interest but also to human resources management.
Successful experience in strategical positioning, redeployment and growth strategy in various industries and countries. (Including the full M&A process)
This experience come from an analytical and hands on approach, followed by the implementation of the proposed solutions. Full time dedication to one customer at a time.
Depending on the situation, special care is given to various management aspects (HR, marketing, IS, legal and/or financial. (Alone or by coordinating the specialists)
Imagination, tenacity, empathy, networking, commitment, positivism, team spirit distinguish my style

Mes compétences :
Analytical mind
Motivation skills


  • APYC Consult sa - Introducteur de changement

  • Major Milestones - Crisis and change management specialist

    maintenant 2005 INDEPENDANT CONSULTANT – APYC CONSULT NV/SA (Founder & Director)
    Project development & M&A : Green Technologies & Products, Logistic, Waste, Voice Recognition, Construction Equipment .... International Network Benelux, France, Monaco, Germany
    Directorship Alcofina sa & Sibco sa, (Bio Ethanol) Involved in group structuration and projects coordination,

    92- 31/12/04 Managing Director – TRECO-Bergerat-Monnoyeur – Cat dealer for BELUX
    Strategical growth after the initial global restructuring. Active role in Cat WW initiatives (6sigma, CRM, IS)
    Director in sister companies involved in the renewable energy field.(wind, photovoltaic, biomass)

    M&A, licensing, strategical & organisational audit especially for smaller cies busy on the international scene.(textile, food, car, edition,…) Europay Création

    86-87 General Manager – MEXX : fashion sector
    Sales strategy redefinition, implementation of Shop-in-Shop network, greater synergy with the Dutch company.

    82-86 Finance & Administration Manager- GENERAL MILLS TOY GROUP
    Various reorganization assignments in Benelux and France for marketing & manufacturing companies.

    76-82 Sales & Marketing Consultant PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR
    UCB and a company sold to IMS : US entry acquisition strategy, CRM data base of innovators

    74-76 Associate Member, market research specialist CRGI - IAG – UCL (university)
    Penetration strategies by geographical markets. (EEC) Political Risk analysis model for Toyota Europe.


  • Boston University (Boston)

    Boston 1979 - 1980