En résumé

Mes compétences :
Gestion des achats
Développement commercial
Lean management
Supply Chain Management


  • Pierre Fabre - Point of Sale Advertising Buyer at Pierre Fabre

    Castres 2015 - maintenant - Project management and development of promotional items purchases (in relation with marketing teams)
    - Sourcing
    - Suppliers panel management
    - Performance measurement (KPI)
    - Statistic analysis
    - Study to change and improve the Purchasing process
  • Pierre Fabre Australia - Sales Representative

    2013 - 2013 - Distributors Portfolio Management : follow-up of Avene Products sales in pharmacies, Inventory, merchandising
    - Management of communication and commercial operations and animations
    - Training to Salesperson in Pharmacies
    - Advice for clients, Sales

    Key Achievment : - Promotion of the brand and its products
    - Increase in Sales
  • Elior - Business Development Assistant

    Courbevoie 2011 - 2013 - Market surveys, Targeting, Customer prospecting (585 prospects), customer portfolio develoment
    - Phone enquiries
    - Competition benchmark
    - Management of tenders (public and private): understandind and answering specifications, administrative tasks, offer
    - Set up of tailor made commercial offer
    - Financial tasks: budgeting, price, quotes
    - Customer negotiation
    - Customer service and loyalty: serve the existing portfolio of clients, build relationships, develop projects with clients, Implementation and follow-up of services sold
    - Operational Marketing : creation of a marketing book, commercial tools (brochure to communicate and promote our offers) and mailing campaigns (370 targets)
    - Updating of our Customer Relationship Management Tool
    - Sustainable development assistant (projects for collaborators and clients, partnerships with local associations)

    - Full autonomy on tenders since January 2013
    - Grouwth of the client base
    - Introduction to management: supervision of 6 students to realize studies of new business opportunities

    TURNOVER from september 2011 to september 2012 :
    Ojectivs : € 1,2 million- Realized : €1,3 million
    Transformation Rate : 47 % (prospects to clients)
  • Pierre Fabre - Purchasing Assistant for Promotional Products

    Castres 2011 - 2011 - Purchasing management: Development and follow-up of promotional object purchases projects (in relation with marketing teams and according to the brand strategy): creation of promotional products, purchase orders
    - Suppliers consultation and request for quotes, orders
    - Supplier negotiation (price, delay…)
    - Supplier studies
    - Updating of requirements
    - Statistic analysis on international activities: comparison of expenditures for all product categories and for each country to assure that strategy and profitability objectives are respected
    - Marketing benchmark
    - Administrative tasks

    Key Achievment : - Autonomy on purchasing projects
    - Participation on the communication strategy : which promotional object create for satisfy our clients and potential client ? How this product will be ?
  • Halsbury Travel, Trip Advisers - In charge of mission (Student Job)

    2009 - 2010 In charge of placements of British students in internships in French companies:
    - Phoning
    - Internship organization
  • PETIPA, Baby and children shoes shop - Sales Assistant

    2009 - 2009 - Welcome and advice for clients
    - Sales
    - Merchandising
    - Inventory management

    Key Achievment : - Autonomy on the merchandising of the shop for promote all products and help to increase the turnover


  • Toulouse Business School

    Toulouse 2014 - maintenant Specialized Master

    Purchasing, Supply Chain Management, Lean Management, Quality Management, Business Process Management, Logistics
  • KEDGE Business School (Ex Euromed Management) (Marseille)

    Marseille 2011 - 2013 Business mission:
    Be a consultant in strategy for Auchan Group in solving real business problems : improve and revalue the price image of one supermarket (merchandising and promotional analysis, studies : recommendations about which strategies to adopt)