En résumé

I started my academic studies in biology in the faculty of sciences of Sfax (Tunisia) where I had a bachelor’s degree in cellular and molecular biology, and a master’s degree in genomics and proteomics. My first steps in research started during my graduation project by analyzing the epigenetic regulation of two genes of Epstein-Barr virus. I also had an engineering diploma in biotechnology from the national engineering school of Sfax. At this time, I wanted to enrich my academic formation with working in a foreign research team, so I realized my engineering final project in Dr. Frederic Carriere team (Marseille, France) where I optimized the heterologous expression and purification conditions of human lipase in the yeast Pichia pastoris using different types of chromatography experiments. Those first research experiences raised my passion towards scientific research, which get me to be awarded a PhD scholarship from the French Ministry of Research and Technology. This scholarship gave me the chance to work on molecular aspects of cerebellum development in Pr. Thomas Lamonerie team (Nice, France). After my Ph.D, I joined Dr. Aleem team (Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar) as a postdoctoral associate in neuroscience where I studied the effect of different mutations identified in patients affected with muscular dystrophy using genetic analysis.

I’m looking now for a new position in the life science field. I’m open to opportunities either as a bench scientist or as a field application scientist or project manager with a biotechnology/pharmaceutical company.

Mes compétences :
Expérimentation animale
Biologie moléculaire
Culture cellulaire
Project management
Human genetics


  • Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar - Postdoctoral associate in neurosciences

    2018 - 2019 Study of cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying muscular dystrophy


  • Cornell University (Ithaca, Ny)

    Ithaca, Ny 2018 - 2018 eCornell’s Project Management certificate program

    50 project management education hours towards PMP (Project Management Professional) :
    - Organizing the Project and Its Components
    - Planning and Managing Resources
    - Assessing, Managing, and Mitigating Project Risk
    - Using Earned Value Management for Project Managers
    - Agile Project Management Approaches
  • Université Nice Sophia Antipolis

    Nice 2013 - 2016 Doctorat en sciences de la vie

    Rôle du facteur de transcription Otx2 dans le contrôle de la prolifération des précurseurs granulaires du cervelet et des médulloblastomes
  • Ecole Nationale Des Ingénieurs Sfax (Sfax)

    Sfax 2011 - 2013 Engineer's degree
  • Faculté Des Sciences De Sfax (Sfax)

    Sfax 2010 - 2012 Master's degree in life sciences
  • Sfax University - Tunisia (Sfax)

    Sfax 2007 - 2010 Bachelor's degree in life sciences