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My long-term goals involve growing with a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities and contribute as much of value as I can in order to achieve organization’s goals and create mutual benefits.

Mes compétences :
minor PLC program maintenance
Routine daily field maintenance
Primavera P6
Petrofac Energy Development
Offshore experience
Offshore Oil & Gas
Industrial Electronics
Field Processing
Develop contingency plans
Bug Tracking System


  • Fluke Coorporation - Technical Sales Manager Africa Region

    2015 - maintenant
  • Petrofac Energy Development - Maintenance & Shutdown Planner

    2010 - 2015 * Shutdown 2014 - 43 vessels for hydrotest and 83 vessels for Inspection, Assess the scope of work for
    each task, write and produce a full and comprehensive work pack detailed each step in the planning
    sequence, also as part of the work pack to supply a full materials list, P&ID, mechanical drawings,
    data sheets and all relative documentation to carry out the work. Assist maintenance team to produce
    work packs to the same standard, produce S-curves, resource histograms, EV analysis, analyzing CPI
    & SPI, tagging and bagging of shutdown materials, produce plot plans and assist with equipment hire
    * Provide during the shutdown execution phase a daily progress report, forecast & review of KPI's
    including targets met or not. Update shutdown plan ``Primavera P6 R8.3'' and S -Curve.
    * Identify the Critical Path and maintain a continual focus on critical path activities before the
    Shutdown and during the Shutdown execution period.
    * Develop contingency plans taking account of the shutdown Risk Register and mitigation plan.
    * Monitoring and compliance with maintenance management processes and procedures, report contract
    performance through KPIs, status reports and trends.
    * Review and familiarize with the vendor documentation and prepare the job plans.
    * Develop a 28 days, look ahead plan, shutdown plan, business plan and site operations improvement
    plan for CPF Kerkennah Tunisia.
    * Calculate progress percentage, PM backlog with trends, supply input for the asset monthly score card
    * Operate the Computerized Maintenance Management System ``Coswin / P2's IDEAS oil and gas
    accounting system'' to input and update maintenance data, records, produces a wide variety of
    reports, schedules, material requisitions estimation.
    * Process / monitor notifications and work orders for all trades.

    * Coordinate changes / improvements to the CMMS. ;
    * Coordinate deferral and corrective activities. ;
    * Interface with warehouse, purchasing and accounts personnel on day-to-day inquiries on material
    deliveries, cost codes, invoices.
    * Ensure timely receipt of materials in conjunction with the Materials Coordinator, Material expeditor,
    Warehouse Coordinator & Procurement department.
    * Routine daily field maintenance update with a planned schedule from Superintendent.
    * Supervise contractors / supply company personnel working on site.
    * Ensure work activities are planned and scheduled in conjunction with the Maintenance Sup.
    * Conversant with electrical, instrument and mechanical equipment.
    * Familiarity with engineering standards and codes. ;
    * Ensure process safety information is current and accurate for the physical assets (P&IDs), for the
    process conditions (PFDs), for the process chemistry (MSDSs), and for the technician-process
    activities (procedures and work instructions).
    * Understand and have detailed knowledge of the company's Emergency Response Procedures.
    Perform in an emergency role as defined by the company's emergency response procedures. As and
    when required or as position dictates participate as part of the emergency response team.
  • ENI - Electrical Technician

    Lyon 2008 - 2009 * Carry out testing and inspection of electrical and electronic plant in line with testing schedules.
    * Support the Planned Preventative Maintenance systems, ensuring actions are completed in line with
    * Carry out preventive and breakdown maintenance of all electrical equipment & systems including
    process, generation, safety and utility systems.
    * Carry out maintenance and troubleshooting transformers, motor control centers, switchgear, UPS
    systems, batteries, chargers, portable electrical / instrument equipment's and HVAC system.
  • Serept - Instrument Technician

    Hammam Lif 2008 - 2008 * Fully conversant with all drawings specific to discipline.
    * Trained and experienced in permit to work principles and application.
    * Good understanding of all discipline activities with knowledge of equipment's and plant certification
    * Carry out minor PLC program maintenance. ;
    * Testing and loop checking electrical instrumentation systems and equipment's.
    * Check installation and continuity of instrumentation / control cables from main control cabinet to field
    * Maintenance and trouble shooting of gas detectors and fire protection systems.
    * Use of Megger for insulation test, and loop impedance tester for earth checks.
    * Installing and checking wiring within instrumentation control panel containing both relay and solid
    state logic.
    * Carrying out installation of equipment's, re-wiring and testing of instrumentation control panels to
    incorporate design modifications.
    * Offshore experience in a maintenance environment.


    Carrying out maintenance plan activity which include all discipline and the knowledge of different types of electronic
    and pneumatic instruments like I/P converters, P/I converters, pneumatic actuators, control valves, pneumatic and
    electronics transmitters and all types of temperature, level, flow instruments. Carries out all duties with a safety first
    attitude towards the equipment and environment.
    * Able to lead and perform job planning, work scheduling and work assignment for maintenance and shutdown
    * Good understanding of safety and safe work practices. ;
    * Good knowledge of hazardous area classification, concepts and certified electrical apparatus.
    * Reliable knowledge in reading and understanding P & I diagram, wiring, logic and causes & effects Drawings.
    * Calibration of pneumatic, electronic and SMART transmitters of different brands ``Rosemount, Honeywell,
    Foxboro, Fisher, Emerson, Magnetrol, Flexim ultra sonic flow meters, General Monitors H2S gas
    detectors'' for the pressure measurement, flow, temperature, level, interface level, density and gas detection.
    * Calibration, servicing and overhauling of control valves of different types and different brands ``Fisher,
    Rosemount, Taylor, Honeywell, Siemens, ABB, Masoneilan, valtek, Neles Jamesburry''. Installation and
    calibration of positioners as well.
    * Compressor instruments ``Dresser Waukesha engine'', Bently Nevada vibration monitoring systems &
    Thermographic Inspection.
    * Calibration and servicing of ON-OFF valves, Pressure Safety Valves & Solenoid operated valves.
    * Calibration and repairing of pressure, temperature, flow, level switches, Gauges, I/P & P/I Converters and
    different Smart Series of Transmitters.
    * Basic Knowledge of DCS and PLC, Control Panel wiring ``Foxboro I/A series, Bailey 90, Honeywell TDC-
    * Understands & interprets P&ID, ESD, FLD & other instrument drawings.
    * Able to handle advanced test equipments ``HART Communicators, HONEYWELL Smart Field
    Communicators, Portable ENRAF Terminal (PET), DRUCK Pressure Calibrator, Hand Pumps'',
    temperature calibrators, Unomat, TK3 Calibrator, Dead weight pressure tester, temperature baths and other



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