En résumé

Ancien contrôleur de gestion hostellerie ayant découvert l'univers de la Gestion des bases de vie en Full Catering, mise en place des procédures de gestion , du personnel adéquat pour chaque poste , traçage des objectifs qui sont beaucoup plus l’écoute et la satisfaction du client en élaborant en commun accord une charte de partenaoriat
Suivi régulier des Attachements journalier
Élaboration du menu sur 4 Semaines en adéquation au Contrat
Suivi des Commandes des denrées alimentaires stockableset non stockableset
Gestion des stocks
Calcul du prix de revient journalier
Coacher et bouster le personnel sous ma Coupe
Suivi de l'entretien des Équipements sur la base de vie et la maintenance régulière
Respecter et Faire respecter les procédures HACCP et HSE et les normes de l'entreprise
Repartion et le suivi des chambres et les équipements
Aceuil régulier des Arrivants nationaux et expatriés
Relations avec les services extérieur
Suivi journalier du jardinage et de la plantation
Faire des Contrôles inopinés dans chaque Service de production
Établir des inventaires périodiques et les situations comptables
Établir des rapports d'activité et des plans d'actions pour amélioration à soumettre à la hiérarchie
Suivi régulier des entrés et les sorties de toutes les fournitures et des fournisseurs
Suivi de la logistique

Mes compétences :
Restauration collective
Oasis Facilities Management
weekly planning
responsible for implementing company
proper implementation
personnel management
menu planning
its management
internal training
human resources
hotel training
general management
cash book management
Staff Development and Training
Software Training Management
Responsible for the purchasing
Responsible for the proper service delivery
Microsoft Office
Cost management
Food & beverage


  • Supreme-Group Food Dubai -Mali - Camp Manager

    2014 - 2014 30 Personnes

    2012 - 2013
  • A.T.S Burkina Faso - Catering Project Manager

    2012 - 2013 with A.T.S (All Terrains Services Catering Food in Afriqua) Catering Project Manager in Mining Site Bissa Gold Sa 1900 Mandays 105 employees
    Ensure and guarantee for all our clients, their service satisfaction, HSE standards and company's objectives through the application of the company's standard operating procedures, the proper staff training, allocation, administrative and cost management.
    - Allocate duties and tasks to subordinate catering and housekeeping supervisors. ;
    - Coordinate proper action plan implementation with head of departments. ;
    - Interact with clients' representative and sort out issues of a monitor nature pertaining to the contract as long as they are as per company norms. ;
    - Recommend staff for promotion, transfer, suspension and termination according to performance. ;
    - Sanction advance to catering & housekeeping personnel as per company policy.
    Main tasks:
    - Responsible for the purchasing and logistics of the operations until the Unit Profit. ;
    - Ensure at all times the client satisfaction and EHS compliance with group's standards. ;
    - Ensure with our Clients' representatives and Operation Supervisor that we:
    o Maximize the client satisfaction
    o Manage efficiently our human resources (productivity & quality)
    o Meet the cost targets and EHS standards
    o Initiate required training
    - Responsible for the proper service delivery and respect of contractual terms for the best interest of the company. ;
    - Respect assigned cost and sales targets;
    - Ensure proper stock and cash book management ;
    - Report duly and timely the required activity reports ;
    - Guarantee the proper implementation of our EHS standards ;
    - Ensure the respect of the service level agreement with our clients are met ;
    - Update EHS matrix, review staff performance
    - Train the staff
    - Ensure proper menu planning is implemented ;
    - Ensure work schedules are properly implemented ;
    - To be responsible for implementing company discipline and grievance procedure. ;
    - Coordinate with the HR department the training of Omani staff for promotion to a higher post, minimum of 10 staffs in a one-year period. ;
    - Ensure staff is efficiently supervised to ensure all EHS rules and procedures are followed and hazards/ near miss and accidents are properly reported. ;
    - To be proficient in client communication & reporting to his manager ;
    - To implement a clear working procedure with each site added with a strict reporting (minute of each meeting and discussion to be recorded, each official communication to be recorded, action plan to be strictly followed, etc).
    Irregular duties:
    - attend to all internal and external customer complaints and achieve satisfactory closure ;
    - take the necessary action in the event of a crisis associated with employee safety, food contamination, commodity non-conformance, and environmental contamination. ;
    - attend meetings and training courses as required
    Project Manager at A.T.S (All terrains Services Facilities Management) assigned

    2012 - 2012 Camp Manager at Oasis Facilities Management assigned to JV Gas and KCA In Amenas extreme desert in
  • AE2I France - Steward & acting supervisor

    2011 - 2011 Steward acting supervisor with AE2I France assigned to ALSTOM Power Hydro France at Barrage BENI Haroun Mila Algeria.
  • Bayat Catering Spa - Catering Supervisor

    2010 - 2010 ): Steward acting supervisor on the basis of RTI SONATRACH Ain Amenas actual customers 250 customers and 75 employees present.
  • BAYAT catering SPA - Hassi Messaoud - Steward & acting supervisor

    2009 - 2010 Steward acting supervisor assigned to the case ENTP (20 Yards) (Drilling and Work over), and the folder ENAFOR (12 drilling and work over projects) with SPA Catering BAYAT Hassi Messaoud.
  • Camp Boss Universal - Superviseur Catering

    2006 - 2009 Camp Boss Universal Sodexho subsidiary Algeria former ACS HASSI MESSAOUD on several bases of life as Backer Hughes Pax 140 employees and 30 clients with back to back, ENTP 200 in association with Repsol (Drilling 200 customers and 24 employees Base back to back living SH DP Gassi Touil 1500 customers and 180 employees and 90 to replace system 6 / 3 on SOGETRAP Rhourd Ennous 200 customers not just restore full Catering 16 employees.
    Inventory of all equipment and customer equipment placed at the disposal for the realization of the benefit of both parties signed client and provider
    Compliance with the regulations of the company.
    * Assistance has all the services from breakfast to dinner, organize barbecues, weekly planning balanced menus based on contractual terms with the client and the strict respect of the contract, keep in a state of hygiene and cleanliness of equipment used to maintainat our disposal for the provision and facilities (kitchen, restaurant, room, rooms and furniture) and food storage areas, laundry and facilities, green spaces, walkways and borders the basis of life and collecting and sorting waste according to the procedures regulated HSE.
    * Monitoring and enforcing discipline staff and running his personal hygiene and wearing work clothes and equipment for individual work.
    * Organization of briefings daily on day and shortcomings of the establishment of corrective action plans.
    * Changes receptions Goods on the quality and quantity and appropriate storage for details!
    * Establishment of the plane of the base with all its structures and spaces with a plan room occupancy affected expatriates and local
    * Maintain records of arrivals and departures and establishment of a POB end of each day that will serve as a means of billing commitment.
  • SAHA SPA - Mission Supervisor & Controller

    2005 - 2006 Mission Supervisor and Controller and farms SAHA Hassi Messaoud
    * Support for 06 yards ENTP Drilling and Work Over is a staff of 600 customers and 96 employees with back to back I was in charge of compliance with procedures and rules of procedure of the company and the client.
    * Perform the tasks and duties assigned by the Operations Branch
    * Establishment and implementation of periodic inspections and unannounced on-farm to my office and listen and ensure customer satisfaction with organizing meetings with the different sites and compliance with HSE procedures and HACCP
    * Define and organize resources to ensure the opening or closing of a site and its management.
    * Collect and analyze documents and management of the budget allocated to expenditures (Daily Costing)
    * Collect and analyze records of assessments performed by our customers and to address the expectations in the short time
    * Monitoring Catering according to the contract signed with providers: Technical,
    * Maintenance HSE, application delivery vis-à-vis the contractual society.
    * Implementation of attachments finances.
  • Saha spa - Superviseur des Operations

    2005 - 2006
  • Alegria Camp Boss Catering Services - SODEXHO

    1999 - 2005 with Alegria Camp Boss Catering Services (ACS) on multiple sites around the south in full Catering (accommodation, catering, laundry and household)
    * Base life RTI Sonatrach (Pumping Station) on TFT Amenas number 140 customers and 30 employees in rotation 6 / 3, and personnel management with rotation schedules and monthly score.
  • Hassi Messaoud - Camp boss

    1994 - 1999 Quartermaster (Camp Bosses with SAHA - SODEXHO Group Hassi Messaoud) on the basis of ex Drilling Sonatrach In Salah Total Tiguentour and full catering with garden and grounds maintenance 200 customers and 48 employees in 6 / 3 Client expat and local levels.
  • - Superviseur

    1994 - 2010
  • Sodexho - Superviseur

    Issy-les-Moulineaux 1994 - 1999
  • Hotel Mizrana - Controller

    1993 - 1994 * (Control of handrail hotel, Consolidation of sales of each outlet and expenditure control daily room occupancy calculation of occupancy rates and attendance rates of the restaurant, the establishment of Map Libraries flat for sale in accordance with the coefficients of increase, setting sales statistics, preparation of monthly inventories of goods and small items, calculating operating ratios for a report of daily activity for the general management and the establishment Monthly Dashboard account purchases, expenses and turnover with operating income achieved.
  • The National School of Administration and Management - Cook Team Leader & Acting Storekeeper

    1991 - 1993 Cook Team Leader and Acting Storekeeper acting manager of the restaurant in * Algiers (Organization of seminars and symposia for various state agencies
    * Maintain a registry quinzanier days remaining stocks and day trips
  • Hotel Tahat - Cost Controller


    French: very good, reading and writing
    Arabic very well, reading and writing
    English, German (in hotel training, resources)


  • ITHT (Tizi Ouzou)

    Tizi Ouzou 1982 - 1985 BTS EN HOTELLERIE

    "Option Restauration
  • Technical Institute Of Housing And Hotel Management (Tizi Ouzou)

    Tizi Ouzou 1982 - 1984 "Option Restauration et food and Management


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