Astrid PIVOT


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  • Ubisoft Production Internationale - International Product Manager

    2012 - maintenant -Analytic role:
    Sales and market trends analysis in order to emerge new business opportunities in terms of new product offer, existing product range improvement, marketing strategies.

    -Strategic role:
    Active participation into the decision-making process to determine the strategic orientation of new products: name, features, product pitch, consumer target, etc.

    -Operational role:
    Creative assets development for operational teams supported by Production teams in the development studios (privileged link between Production and Distribution)
  • Electronic Arts Publishing France - Assistante Chef de Produit

    2010 - 2011 Active participation into the products’ launch campaigns: briefs creation to develop TV spots, printed advertisements, websites’ banners, websites’ home covering, etc.; dealing the proper assets’ implementation with the different media supports

    -Implementation of partnerships with complementary brands to co-promote our brands and products (The Sims™ 3, Harry Potter, MySims™, etc.)

    - Sweepstakes organization, mainly on online platforms and negotiation of the terms of contract (game mechanics, duration, rewards, etc.)

    - Public fairs, press and fan days organization in order to present the games in preview: stand development (creation, necessary data gathering, assembly), reception and care of guests