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I am originally from Tunisia graduated as a mechanical engineer from ENIT "National Engineering School of Tunis".
During my years of professional experience, I have worked in Oil and Gas field for several Oil and gas companies (ENI, BG, STORM, OMV, SEREPT, SITEP ...) on projects in the bid, engineering (FEED or Details) and/or realization phases. Also, I have held different positions: Engineering Director, project Engineer, engineering coordinator and specialist engineer (pressure vessel, piping and pipeline, oil and water tanks, various equipment and installations ...).

Mes compétences :
Project Planning
Pressure Vessel
Piping stress analysis
Feasibility Studies
Subsystem design
Staff Development and Training
Project execution
Onshore Oil & Gas
Offshore Oil & Gas
Microsoft Project
Malty disciplinary project coordination
Fabrication supervision
Cost estimation
Quality Assurance
ISO 900X Standard
ISO 18001 Standard
ISO 14001 Standard
HP Hardware
Fire & Gas
Manage the workload
Develop the skills
Manage the designers team
Facilities Engineering
Implementation of standards and philosophies
Power Generation
Dynamic flexibility analysis
Technical Design > Technical Specification
Water Treatment
Process Design
Plant design coordination
Steel Structures Stress Analysis
Technical Workshop Management
Waste Water Treatment
Document Control
Microsoft Excel
Visual Basic
Microsoft PowerPivo


  • Pireco - Director of Engineering

    Les Berges du Lac 2019 - maintenant
  • MERI / HAL Group - Engineering Director

    2018 - 2019 The main tasks are listed below:
    * Lead engineering part of EPC projects in coordination with project management team.
    * Manage the workload of the team
    * Implementation of (ISO 9001)
    * Develop the skills of each collaborator
    * Apply security, quality and environment policy
    * Take charge the bid technical offer and budget preparation

    1 SCPCI - Construction of the new ship reception facilities from the RADES port bulk dock :
    Engineering and Construction of 8 in pipeline ( 1.9 Km) with Pig launcher and Tie-in on existing facilities

    2 GGCR-Construction of New Lines Reception Boat at Dock Bulk Liquid RADES :
    Engineering and Construction of 1.9 km:
    - 02 x 10in JETA1pipelines
    - 01 x 6in GPL pipeline
    - 02 x 8in base oil pipelines

    3 AIRLIQUIDE -Bottles V28 and V20frames Design Update:
    Engineering of bottles frames (piping layout and steel structure calculation)

    4 SOMAPEP - Construction and installation of a flowing water intake druid in the Niger River, connecting pipes, dewatering station and drinking water station with a nominal capacity of 3000 M3 / H in Djikoroni PARA
    Engineering of the:
    - River water intake station
    - Chemical injection units
    - Filtration station
    - Decanter unit
    - Storage and pumping station

    5 SONEDE -Turnkey realization of the new KERKER SP4 pumping station.
    Engineering of the potable water lifting station 03x3960m3/h pumps, MCC and control room, water hammer evaluation and mitigation, architectural and civil engineering
  • OMV - Facilities engineering senior expert

    Paris 2018 - 2018 The main tasks are listed below:
    * Take charge the preparation of technical ITT and initial budget
    * Technical evaluation of contractors bid
    * Manage the engineering part of the project in coordination with production, procurement and management team.
    * Approval of mechanical and piping engineering deliverables
    * Comments consolidator of the multidisciplinary engineering team
    * HAZOP/HAZID/ENVID/ SIL and Layout review workshops owner
    * Participate in incident investigation technical experts team
    * Implementation of OMV standards and philosophies
    * Apply security, quality and environment OMV policy

    1 HAYET development project
    Unmanned Gas lifted well site, WHCP, 4in gas lift pipeline, 8in flowline, Chemical injection skids
    2 JINANE development project
    02 Unmanned SRP wells sites, WHCP, 4in flowline, Chemical injection skids
    3 OTG pilot project
    04 Unmanned Gas well sites, WHCP, 6in flowline, Test separator, Chemical injection skids
    4 SONDES development project
    Unmanned JT pump well lifted, WHCP, Heater Separator, Tanks, Metering, Emulsion and corrosion chemical injection skids, Power generation
    5 Supply Specification Of Sucker Rod Pumping System,
    Sucker Rod pumps, Power generation
    6 Jet pumping system supply and installation
    Electrical Jet pumps, High-Power Surface Equipment unit, control packages
    7 Produced Water Debottlenecking
    System resizing, Upgrade of the piping system, Upgrade of skimming capacity
    8 JT pump well incident: X-over redesign and certification
    Trunkline leak: Root cause investigation and pigging philosophy
    9 Flowline abnormal displacement
    Root cause investigation, anchor block redesign.
    10 Triplex export pumps discharge line vibration: Dynamic flexibility analysis, pipe rooting redesign.
  • Petrogas systems - Engineering Manager & Senior Mechanical

    Saint Etienne du Rouvray 2016 - 2018 The main tasks are listed below:
    * Meeting animation
    * Projects feasibility study
    * Projects quality assurance
    * Client's clarifications treatment
    * Team animation ;
    * Bid projects technical & budget offers elaboration ;
    * R&D Management ;
    * Implementation of (ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 18001)


    Cons.: Construction / Feasi.: Feasibility / DesRV: Design review

    N Client Nom du project Project Type Responsibilities
    1 TDE/OMV NAWARA gas treatment plant - Detail Engineering Manager
    pentane loading system Cons. Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer

    2 ABB/OMV NAWARA gas treatment plant - Detail Engineering Manager
    condensate loading arm Cons. Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer

    3 STIR Acquisition of metering, analyzers and blending skids of commercial diesel. Detail Engineering Manager
    Cons. Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer

    4 HTTSA Trucks loading station extension: skids requisition and automation Detail Engineering Manager
    Cons. Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer

    5 VIVO ENERGY Installation and integration of SMARTLINK with ENTIS XL and FUEL FACS Detail Engineering Manager

    6 VIVO ENERGY Upgrade of chemical injection skid at hydrocarbon depot of RADES. Detail Engineering Manager
    Cons. Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer

    7 VIVO ENERGY Proving Tank of3000L capacity Skid with vapor recovery line Detail Engineering Manager
    Cons. Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer

    8 TOTAL Engineering, supply, commissioning and startup of JET A1 skid overfill. Detail Engineering Manager

    9 BUTAGAZ BUTAGAZ station Fire and gas system upgrade Detail Engineering Manager

    10 TPS TURNKEY CONTRACT FOR CONSTRUCTION OF NEW PIPELINE FROM GUEBIBA /TB TO CFTP (PIG launcher, PIG receiver, expedition pump, chemical injection SKIDS) Detail Engineering Manager
    Cons. Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer

    Contribution to the preparation of technical offers in bidding phase:

    POSITIONS Sr. Mechanical Engineer / Sr. Piping Engineer / Engineering Manager
  • EMCO - Engineering Manager

    EL Khadhra 2013 - 2016 The main tasks are listed below:
    * Internal procedures preparation ;
    * Meeting animation
    * Projects feasibility study ;
    * Bid projects technical & budget offers elaboration ;
    * Projects quality assurance
    * Client's clarifications treatment
    * Team animation
  • EMCO - Engineering coordinator

    EL Khadhra 2009 - 2010 The Tasks done in the projects are listed below:
    * Malty disciplinary project coordination ;
    * Design review meeting animation ;
    * Preparation of the project design basis
    * Approval of Document Control Register ;
    * Scheduling and Follow up of documents progress
  • EMCO - Project Engineer

    EL Khadhra 2009 - 2011 The Tasks done in the projects are listed below:
    * Preparation of the technical offer, Project execution plan, Activities reporting ;
    * Creating and updating level 3 project schedule ;
    * Control of project progress and budget ;
    * Organizing and chairing internal and client project meetings ;
    * Identifying required resources (human and material) ;
    * Preparing and follow-up of invoicing procedures with client and subcontractors.
  • EMCO - Senior Mechanical & Piping Engineer

    EL Khadhra 2009 - 2016 The Tasks done in the projects are listed below:
    * Equipment's, valves, piping and fitting technical specification ;
    * Piping stress analysis ;
    * Pressure vessel, tanks and steel structure calculation note
    * System and Subsystem design (FEED and Detail engineering)
    * Document elaboration as per project planning ;
    * Drawings and document verification
    * Technical evaluation of suppliers offers.
  • TOYOTA - R&D Engineer

    VAUCRESSON 2008 - 2009 PROJET Design and engineering of Components Painting Workshop
    * Improvement of the Body and Paint line workshop. ;
    * Evaluation of LEXUS workshop (Standard TOYOTA: KODAWARI)
    * Evaluation of the LEXUS Body and Paint line workshop (Standard new TSM)
    * Programming of application on Excel (VB) which allows the administration of the
    appointments for cars service and TOYOTA B&P board.
    * Design of a new workshop based in the TPS and TOYOTA Way (AutoCAD 2009).
  • GAZTEC - Project Engineer

    2006 - 2008 * Design of a radio activity frame sensor NGM209-S (MGP) on Proe2001. ;
    * Participation in the design of 14 on LINE monitors (MGP) on Proe2001. ;
    * Design of rubber mold (Dixence) on CATIA V5 R14. ;
    * Participation in the improvement of the TPX 500MTS, ABS580, MTNG200 (TLD) on
    SolidWorks 2005 and 2007.
    * CATIA V4 / V5+ Migration (Renault & ITER). ;
    * Elaboration of the exercise book of ALCATEL cabling satellite ;
    * Elaboration of 2D drawing of the Loader727 ( TLD) on SolidWorks2007 ;
    * Dimensioning of the installations of cogeneration and tri generation (between 5
    and 10 MW) on RETScreen platform.
  • TUNI-PACK - Project Engineer

    2006 - 2006 Design and fabrication of packaging machines.
    Main projects and tasks:
    * Design of a horizontal packaging machine.
    * Fabrication supervision of the bell packaging machine.
    * Design of bell packaging machine.
    * Staff training on design software.
  • SPID TUNI - In charge of projects

    2005 - 2006 Cost estimation and plastic mechanical parts production follow-up.
    Main projects and tasks:
    * Participation in the preparation of the ISO-TS.
    * Customer care and follow-up.
    * Feasibility study of new plastic parts hot painting procurement and installation unit.


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