Bastien PAUL


En résumé

Highly passionate programmer working on professional Android product at Coppernic.

I'm a software developer using a whole bench of technologies from C to highest level languages such as Groovy. I love Unix environment and I am very happy in creating new product and software to help people achieving great things.

Specialties : C, C++, Java, Android, Pyhton, Groovy, Gradle, Bluetooth, RFID, Mobile technology, ...

Mes compétences :
Python Programming
C Programming Language
BlueTooth Technology
Sript Bash
Embedded Software


  • Coppernic - Ingénieur développement logiciel

    2014 - maintenant I'm in charge of developing, testing and integrating Android applications in a custom Android product.

    Coppernic is integrating custom peripherals in an android device. I am in charge of building a SDK to allow other developers to use these peripherals. I'm also making sample and demo applications help developers and show the capabilities of our products.

    I'm building a set of Android applications to test and install devices in a post production process.

    I'm also building a tool to test and release our SDK. It is connected to git repositories and a continuous integration server. It allows a quick time to market of new version of our SDK.
  • Parrot - Ingénieur Développement Logiciel

    PARIS 2013 - 2014 I was in charge of refactoring parts of Parrot's Bluetooth stack. I have updated the whole SDP profile to be able to perform a service discovery on several devices at the same time.
    I was also working on new Bluetooth profiles as Calendar, Tasks and Notes profile. I have participated on several UPF (Bluetooth testing event) in order to improve the reliability of our stack.

    I have a good knowledge of bluetooth technology.

    I was mainly programming in C language with a bit of C++ and Python.
  • Parrot - Ingénieur en développement logiciel

    PARIS 2010 - 2012 I was responsible of the development of Parrot software in three main domains.

    The first domain is the maintain of the software layer between customer application and Bluetooth stack. I was in charge of all commands used to control user's phone-book, Bluetooth phone-book download profiles, Bluetooth Object Push Profile and Bluetooth Messaging Profile.
    I have used C with the whole linux tool chain.

    The second domain is the development of the new generation of Parrot software in fields mentioned before.
    I have used C++ with the whole linux toolchain.

    The third domain is the development of a Parrot contact provider in Android. It concerns not only the Android service in Java but also the communication with under layers in C with Java Native Interface.
    I have used Java for Android and C.

    I have also developed internal tools using python. These tools was made for generating customer documentation from custom files to html. I have used Sphinx to achieve this.
    I have used python 3.x


  • Aalborg University (Aalborg)

    Aalborg 2009 - 2010 Master

    Master's degree, Software System Engineering
  • Concordia University (Montréal)

    Montréal 2007 - 2007 Echange, Electronique, Informatique, Techniques de Management et Rédaction Anglaise.
  • Ecole Centrale Electronique (ECE) Paris

    Paris 2005 - 2010 Ingénieur en Systèmes Embarqués

    Specialised in embedded system

    In top 3 students of 2008-2009 year.

    Eceborg : Vice-Président de l'association de robotique pour participer à la coupe de France de robotique de 2009. Chef de projet d'une équipe de 7 personnes pour mener à bien la construction d'un robot autonome à partir d'une feuille blanche.
    Résultat : 17ème sur plus de 150 participants.


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