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Management and coordination of teams, international commercial, export, import, development, purchasings, sourcing (Asia, Europe), launch of online plateforms, digital distribution, production acquisition and negociations of contents, online marketing, social networks, knowledge of all musical environments

Growth strategy opportunities against crisis
- “Free Premium CD” offered to final customers by large companies to support their MKT campaigns.
- Low cost CD collections for hypermarkets / massive volumes.
- Anticipation of changings and habits, moving from physical exploitation to digital, with 50% increase each year.

Set-up and finance new department & companies
- Launch of three “.com” companies + an import/export trading company.
- Business plans for VC’s, Oseo and banks, to increase the assets.
- Cooperation with consulting agencies (Net4Music made its IPO at Nasdaq in 1999)

Internet and mobile biz dev
- Business development in France through partnerships with ISP’s, and Mobile Phones manufacturers.
- Building a multicanal marketplace combining both physical mail order business, and digital, giving customers direct access to streaming and downloading through smartphones and computers.
- Selling advertising banners
- Push marketing, posting editorial and advertising contents on blogs, forums, community networks

Lead complex negociations
The mix of my law and international business studies, are strong assets to achieve negociations and close deals.

Lead editorial management & online promotion through social networks
Set-up Facebook, Myspace, Youtube environments for our products providing interactive comments among the fan base. Establish strong customer relationship through Twitter. Reaching Google’s first page.

Experienced team manager
Pepsico / Pizza Hut : 20 employees
- Carrefour France : 4 persons : PA, promotion, logistic, accounting
- Musicware : 8 to 10 persons externalized team (designers, sound engineers, lawyers, sale, press, logistic)
- Evreux Music School (800 students) : marshall of 40 music teachers and employees
- Indesens & Calliope Records : owner and manager of two classical music labels. International development in both digital and physical networks. Specific campaigns with Fnac, itunes, Qobuz...

International environment : Asia - Europe
- Musicware & Yves Rocher Group : developing new products, sourcing suppliers, QC’s, monitoring enforcements of productions, security regulations, production lead time.
- : Reporting and maintaining strong cooperation between the head office and european offices
- Indesens Records : development of specific product and commercial strategy to approach the japanese market and meet its spcififities.

Mes compétences :
Business development
Business Development International
Community management
Distribution Management
E commerce
Import Export
Social Networks


  • Music Square - Dirigeant - business development

    2001 - maintenant
  • Yves Rocher - Acheteur international (Asie) en charge de l'activité primes et cadeaux, liés a la VPC

    Issy-les-Moulineaux 1996 - 1999 Sourcing d'usine, éveloppement produits, et fixation des cahiers de charges de fabrication et import de Chine, des familles de produits en bois, céramique, et des jouets.
    Création d'un département multimédia publicitaire (CD, DVD, CDRom de jeux publicitaires)
  • Carrefour - Acheteur chef de produit disque

    Massy 1995 - 1996 responsable assortiment national de tout le secteur musique classique et jazz, négociation de référencement / retour / préconisation aux magasins
  • Pizza Hut - Manager de magasins de ventes à emporter et livraison

    Paris 1994 - 1995 Manager de 3 points successifs de vente à emporter et livraison à paris. Management d'équipe, gestion des approvisonnement, suivi et contrôle des process et gestion et statistiques pour optimiser les ratios de rentabilité. respect des cahiers des charges d'hygiène et qualité de service aux clients



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