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VIETTEL GLOBAL's background:
• VIETTEL is one of the world’s fastest growing telecom operators.
• Headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam.
• Incorporated on 1st June, 1989.
• Joining Vietnam telecom market in 2000 as the fourth entrant.
• Currently, Vietnam’s number one ICT Group in terms of infrastructure, subscriber numbers and profit. Market share: 51%.
• Owning the largest 3G network in Vietnam and the only network in the world covering 86% of the population at commercial launch date.
VIETTEL Cameroun’s (Recently Brand-named NEXTTEL) background:
• Got the licence to operate in Cameroon in Dec. 2012
• Is the first Mobile Operator in Cameroun to deploy 3G
• Fully established in the 10 regions with offices under set-up in the divisions of regions as well
• Is currently providing 3G Products and Services to the population across the country

Bernis is a forward thinking, enthusiastic and resourceful profesional with a proven ability to manage HR processes at a local and global scale, who joined VIETTEL Cameroun in 2013 as a Regional Human Resource Correspondent with the following major missions:
• Overseeing the overall HR processes within the region (HR Admin, Payroll and Compensation, Recruitment, training and Career Management, Internal Communication)
• Liaising with the Head office about HR Matters and Internal Communication
• Advising the Regional Direction on the HR matters
• Ensuring the compliance of Company with the social regulations

The West Branch of VIETTEL Cameroun where Bernis is currently working has 65 Staff with 08 foreigners.

Mes compétences :
Management consulting
Human Resources Management
Handling administration
overall staff administration
manage an organization
internet skills
facilitation skills
develop strong training
develop presentation
Time Management
Talent Management
Strategic design and support
Organizational Planning and Development
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excel
Manage the salary request
Leadership skills
Leadership development
Instructional Systems Design
Human Resources
HR Management
Financial Management
Feasibility Studies
Events Management
Content management
Business Management
Balance Sheet
Organizational Audit


  • NEXTTEL Cameroun - Responsable RH - Region OUEST

    2013 - maintenant Responsible for the overall HR processes and activities in the Region, precisely:
    - In charge of collecting the HR needs of the Region
    - Advising the Regional Director in HR matters
    - Ensuring compliance with social regulations in the area of competence
    Handling the overall HR processes in the region with areas like
    - HR Administration
    - Recruitment, Training and Career Management
    - Payroll and compensation
    - Internal communication
  • VIETTEL Cameroun S.A - HR Responsible - West Region

    2013 - maintenant HR Responsible - WEST Branch / VIETTEL CAMEROUN /
    is the 3rd Telecommunication Company operating in Cameroon and specialized in 3G services deployment.
    etc. - Full time

    Roles and Responsibilities
    * Collect, analyze and confirm HR needs with the requesting agent/service
    o Define job description of the position and the candidate profile (Education, Experience, competence...)
    * Induction of new staff sent in the branch
    * Design and implement a career Management workflow, with quantitative and qualitative
    o Ensure the proper workforce management and the compliance to labor law and social regulations
    o Advise and assist and Department Responsible in that area in terms of managing their various teams
    o Responsible for part or all the HR development strategy and policy and its daily implementation
    * Get in touch with the managers to define the training needs of their department/Unit
    o Explore the training needs of each department/Unit in the region
    o Handling the preparation, delivery and evaluation of Trainings

    * Handling the overall staff administration
    * Transfer to the payment and compensation Department all the necessary information to generate staff
    payment in the region (Attendance sheet, Overtime sheets, Absence sheets)
    * Ensure the Staff registration to NISF
    * Manage the salary request and complain and forward to Head Office
    * Relay all the HR matters to the staff and HROH
    * Inform all the Staff of the region the various information and memos from the Head Office
    * Take part to the Company Newsletter write-up
  • ETABLISSEMENT LERICHE - Business Development Manager

    2012 - 2013 LERICHE is a company specialized in Computer Engineering Construction. Its main activities entail Telephony

    (IPBX/PABX), Video monitoring, Business Management Software (SAGE), etc. - Full time

    Roles and Responsibilities
    * Overall HR Management of the Company: My HR activities includes, but not limited to...
    o HR Strategy setting and follow-up (Designing HR plans and Strategic tools)
    o HRM Operations (Staff recruitment and Induction, Training and Performance Assessment)
    o Designing and implementing HRM Tools (Training, Performance Assessment Sheets, etc.)
    * As Deputy MD, my Management and Administration activities includes, but not limited to...
    o Designing and developing marketing strategy and campaign (Undertaking a market study,
    o Designing proposals, recruiting and training and Supporting Sales Task force, Raising clients)
    * Ensuring Service provision (Transferring clients requirements to technical teams, follow-up Service
    Delivery, Ensuring After-sales Services)
    * Customizes Financial Tools (Balance Sheet, Ledger, Budgets and Financial Reports)

    Douala 2012 - 2013 • Overall management and administration of the company;
    • Ensuring proper management of staff recruitment, and organizational performance assessment,
    • Developing and executing new projects and business ventures, including recruting, training and following staff in the realization of the business objectives
    • Developed internal admin and final manual as well as Global HR plan
    • Initiated and following-up a product implementation pla of IP telephony and Business Management Softwares (Business plan, Commercial plans, Market study, etc. )
  • LERICHE - Business Development Manager

    Douala 2012 - maintenant Overall in charge of Growth and performance of the company through:
    - Setting the overall company documentations (Plans, Samples)
    - Developing and following the implementation of plans
    - Recruiting new staff and tracking their performance
    - Preparing and following new investment projects
  • GLOBAL PRINT AND COMMUNICATION - HR & Administration officer

    2012 - 2012 / Global Print and Communication /
    Printing and Graphic Arts firm based in Douala specialized in producing (designing and printing) all printing
    materials for corporate and Individuals - Full time.

    * Overall HR Management of the Company: My HR activities includes...
    o HR Strategy setting and follow-up (Designing HR plans and Strategic tools)
    o HRM Operations (Staff recruitment and Induction, Training and Performance Assessment)
    o Designing and implementing HRM Tools (Training, Performance Assessment, etc.)
    * My other Management and Administration tasks included but not limited to...
    o Negotiating and representing the interests of the company with Banks and other partners
    o Developed customized Financial Tools (Balance Sheet, Ledger, Budgets and Financial Reports)
    * Initiated and following-up an expansion project in BANGUI, Central African Republic (Business plan &
    Feasibility Study)

    2012 - 2012 - Assurer la relance et le décollage de l'entreprise
    - Mettre sur pied un système de management efficace
    - mettre sur pied et exécuter les plan de croissance
    - Assurer l'assainissement du passif de l'entreprise
    Assurer la representation de l'organisation auprès des institutions administratives et autres partenai
    - Initier des partenaraits
  • JCI (Jeune Chambre Internationale) - Trainer

    MONTROUGE 2012 - maintenant - Designing and delivering trainings
  • Local Chapter - President of JCI Douala University

    2011 - 2012
  • ESSEC - Student

    Cergy-Pontoise 2010 - 2011
  • Consultancy Support Services - Technical Specialist

    2009 - 2009 : Office Admin. / Consultancy Support Services - Nigeria /
    Consulting Firm based in Abuja Nigeria and specialized in IT services such as Cyber security, equipment
    Provision `Hardware & Software) and capacity building - Full time

    Roles and achievements
    * Handling administration and financial duties of the company (Budgeting, Set up an accounting system with
    policies and procedures, monthly and quarterly reporting)
    * Computing and generating Staff monthly Salaries
    * Handling the planning, coordination and follow-ups of the company's projects
    * Constant updating the Company's website
  • Consultancy Support Services Nigeria Ltd - Technical Specialist: Office Administration

    2009 - 2009 Cabinet de consultation basée à Abuja, Nigéria et spécialisée en informatique et cybersécurité et, Développement organisationnel.
    Rôles ou mission
    ? Responsable de l’Administration et des Finances de l’entreprise (Création de budgets, de comptabilité, des rapports Financiers hebdomadaires, mensuels et autres requêtes)
    ? Responsable de la préparation, et du suivi des fiches de paie
    ? Responsable du planning, de la gestion et de l’exécution des projets;
    ? Planification et supervision de la 24e Conférence de l’Association des Recteurs des Universités Nigérianes (AVCNU 2009);
    ? Formateur et facilitateur invité lors de la Conférence Internationale sur le Leadership organisée par AIESEC Nigéria
  • AIESEC Nigeria - Project Manager

    2008 - 2008 AIESEC Nigeria is the Nigerian branch of AIESEC: the world largest student-run organization described as the international
    Platform for young people to explore and develop their potential. ( - Full time

    Roles and achievements
    * Strategic design and support of Local Chapters in areas like Recruitment and Talent Management, Project
    management and Financial Management
    * Planning and performance tracking of Local Chapters
    * Handled Finance and Marketing teams for the International Development Congress (IDC), in Lagos and Ekiti
    States, Nigeria
    * Prepared the and delivered a training on ``The implementation and usage of the Balanced Scorecard'' to the
    Union Bank Training Center of Jos in Nigeria
  • AIESEC - Vice-president Finance & Administration

    2007 - 2008 AIESEC Cameroon is the Cameroonian branch of AIESEC.
    Roles and achievements
    * Handling administration and financial duties of the company (Budgeting, Set up an accounting system with
    policies and procedures, monthly and quarterly reporting)
    * Computing and generating staff monthly stipend
    * Controlling, reviewing, auditing local committees Reports and Accounts
    o Designing and publishing weekly online newsletter and Constant website updating
    o Contributed to the 10% growth of net profit at the end of the term

    Other Experiences:

    My Main Trainings and certifications


  • ESSEC University Of Douala (Douala)

    Douala 2010 - 2012 Master Pro

    Professional Master in HR (DEPA) (Ongoing); ESSEC,
    Project Theme: ``The Integration of CSR Practices in the SMEs in Cameroon: Case of
  • Essec

    Cergy Pontoise 2010 - 2011 Ressouces Humaines (Politique Sociale de l'Entreprise)

    Consultant libre en Management des organisaations pour des PME et ONGs
  • University Of Douala (Douala)

    Douala 2002 - 2006 Master in Business Law

    Faculty of Law and Polical Sciences - Trade Law, Corporate Tax System, Banking Law, Maritime Law
  • Lycée ESSEC (Douala)

    Douala 1995 - 2002 Sciences de la vie et de la Terre


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