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En résumé

Silicon valley start up development 3D Nano-engineered, materials, and Li-ion Batteries high density energy storage, for consumers electronics, Aerospace, Robotic, solar panels efficiency Nano-IC's, Medical devices, military applications.

Expertise Reseaux 2G/3G/4G/5G IoT M2M, ITU standardization radio Frequence MIMO, implementation et Integration Mega projets infrastructure telecom, cyber-security, member network Reliability and Interoperability cyber-security council, Washington DC USA.

Developed world's first MIMO broadband channel simulator a ten dimension KPI matrix for next Generation Broadband product, Big data cloud architecture; Enterprise and E-Governance Digital Transformation, Digital Economy at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA USA & Sprint R&D labs San Francisco. Led Telecom infrastructure integration, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA

DOMAINES DE COMPETENCES  • Réseaux Radio et infrastructures telecom 2G/3G/4G/5G IoT network architectures et backhaul Fibre optic et Microwave• Solutions CYBER-sécurity des Réseaux • Big  data & cloud Architecture • transformation digital d'entreprise  • Gestion d'entreprise : Création et développement de 2 sociétés start-up technologie innovante et incubateur Sillicon Valley, San Jose USA. Mise en place des Business Plan, Angel Investor Newtork & VC. Définition des modèles économiques. Préparation et execution de levées de fonds PUBLIC ET PRIVE'S . • Gestion d'équipes : Recrutement et gestion de différentes équipes jusqu'à 100  personnes MULTI-DISCIPLINAIRE • Application android mobile • Création Relations  Entreprise, technologie  et la communauté •

Mes compétences :
Responsabilité sociétale des entreprises
Direction Informatique et Télécommunication
Réseaux informatiques & sécurité
Ingénierie Réseau


  • Digital Wireless Telecom/Nano-Techpower, Inc - Directeur General

    2008 - maintenant Li-ion portable Batteries 3D Nano-doped safe power technology for 4G/5G devices & wireless networks, hybrid cars batteries , 3D Nano-circuitry topologies for radio-chip embedded 60Ghz WirelessHD, mesh Wireless sensors, Network Internet of Things (IoT) and big data cloud architecture, a 250 Million US$ a DOE US National competitive grant Finalist. • Lead Sr. Researcher a collaboration with Stanford University Labs to develop world’s first broadband channel simulator, and extraction of 10 dimensions matrix RF/PHY/MAC (KPI) to guide manufacturing vendors on a next generation roadmap broadband 4G/5G devices within International standardization 3GPP AND 3GPP2 • Senior Consulting Key Member Cyber Security Network Reliability and Interoperability Council (NRIC) a Washington DC Based think-tank group, for best Engineering practices for users devices promotion of safe consumer’s products and services platforms. • Maximize Revenue through technology & business processes Innovation, technical board advisory of a multi-billion-dollar technology-consulting services based business solutions, Management of 100 vendor’s chain supply production facilities & Sales offices. • A key Sr. consulting member, US DoE &DoD Federal Grants proposals and evaluations to Fortune 500 & Start up’s technology innovation companies.
  • Sprint Corporation USA - Directeur d'Ingenerie reseau san fil Telecom

    2000 - 2008 Directeur et chef projet Telecom Reseau san fil 2G/3G/4G RF Network Design and Network Audit • 2G/3G/4G RF/IP Network Optimization Wireless Broadband. • Internet of things (IoT) platform Standardization •Broadband end user devices RF radiation health and Power Safety Management • 3D LIFEPO4 Nano-Doped Lithium-ion Batteries for safe Portable devices and Hybrid Cars • Energy renewable Nano-Circuitry optimized topologies for power supply safety. • Capital budget • Cost benefit and product gap analysis • Product roadmaps • RFI/RFP preparation/ response assessment • Contract negotiation •US DoE, and DoD Federal Grants Proposals for Innovation technology companies.

    1998 - 2000 Consultant (GSM/ GPRS). GSM Network, Leading 5 RF Engineers, RF Network  design, frequency planning, interference containment, and Network Optimization. Data Collection. Statistical  Analysis, and Capacity & traffic Projections. Budget Estimate for new Sites, Coordinate, and attend meetings  with Zoning, Site Acquisition, and City Council, Data Collection, FCC & FAA Filing, MapInfo, GIS Analysis,  Frequency Planning & Coordination


  • The University Of Texas At Austin (Austin)

    Austin 1994 - 1998 Ph.D of Science in Engineering

    Poste de chercheur Assoscie' University of Texas at Austin, semiconductor, circuit integre' IC, et Nano-technologies.


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