En résumé

Curieuse, dynamique, proactive, sociable, pragmatique et rigoureuse sont les qualités que je souhaite mettre à votre disposition.
Chef de projet confirmé, mon expérience diversifiée me permet de répondre rapidement à l'ensemble de vos problématiques

Mes compétences :
Workflow d'habilitation
Mangement operationnel
Référentiel d'entrepris
Rationalisation des processus et des coûts
Retour sur investissement
Méthodologie de projets
Conduite du changement & formations
Banque de détail
Conduite du changement
Change Management
Business Objects
management control
Test case design and testing
Team Management
Project Management
Process mapping
Planning management
managed the team
back office
Writing training
Training of the Front and the back office
Relationship management
Relationship Optimize
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Access
Merise Methodology
Mercury Quality Center
Mercury Interactive TestDirector
Management of products and customers repository
Life Insurance
Implementation of fax server and interactive voice
Implementation of controls and integration
IBM WebSphere
General and detailed funct


  • TALEO Reporting - Consultant

    Luxembourg 2017 - maintenant Mission : BIL ==> processes efficiency
  • Trasys groupe NRB - Consultant

    Hoeilaart 2016 - 2017 Mission Eurostat
  • Prestation chez BCP - Chef de projet

    2015 - 2015 PMO
    Etude d'optimisation des process
  • I.R.I.S. Financial Services SA - Project manager et business analyst

    2013 - 2014 Mission à la BGL BNPPARIBAS
    * Case Management
    * Paperless
    * Business requirement documents
    * User Acceptance test and testing
    * Change
    * Creating Reportings
    * Training of the Front and the back office

    Project manager
    * Resume Database
    * Creating
    * Using Database by the team RH ;
  • Crédit Agricole leasing et factoring - Functional Project manager & Coordinator

    2010 - 2012 Pour actif associés mission chez CALF

    Following the case Kerveil and for the implementation of the recommendations of the IGL (Inspection Générale Group CA), I worked on a project to improve monitoring and authorization of end users

    * Managing clearances (Workflow) and review of authorizations ;
    * Creation of new business profiles (individual rights) ;
    * Streamlining directories and access rights (Active Directory)
    * Referencing the applications not DSI for the migration XP to SEVEN
    * Review of authorizations for supports department ;
    * New workflow for supports department ;
    * Directories of function "support" streamlined ;
    * 235 applications referenced and tested on Seven ;
  • Allianz - Team manager

    Puteaux 2010 - 2010 Pour le compte d'actif associés

    Replacement for maternity leave, I managed the team (5 people) "Organization and change" in department "Life insurance". The main projects were: Closing of back office, transfer of business (Accounting, Logistics Platform), Exchanges managing with partners, Establishment of business procedures, Integration of new software cash, publication on the internet of insurance products.

    * Team Management (5 employees)
    * Project management ;
    * Reporting and alerting ;
    * Validation of deliverables
    * Organisation and closing of the back office ;
    * Organization and transfer of accounting activities and EDM logistic platform ;
    * Publication on the internet of insurance products ;
  • GROUPAMA BANQUE - Organizational consultant

    2009 - 2009 Pour le compte d'actif associés
    Following the merger of the private bank Finama with Groupama Banque, I participated in the redesign and standardization of processes (management level). Processes and procedures with managers and operating mode with end users (Quality, permanent control Support, Compliance, Risk, fight against money laundering, Personnel Management, DSIO, customer-oriented)

    * Review and rationalization process mapping ;
    * Implementation of controls and integration of the risk indicators ;
    * Validation of processes, procedures and operating mode ;
    * Modelling with Mega
    * Processes and procedures of customer operations by telephone to production ;
    * operating mode of client operations initiated by phone ;
    * Processes and procedures of "support department" ;
  • CREDIT AGRICOLE S.A - Consultant

    2008 - 2009 For the maintenance software "Simul CA" (simulation tool mortgage), I conducted several regulatory projects: Eco zero-interest loan, loan green, some impact studies: CCMI, DO, and finally some developments: SCI Management, link insurance for entering the health questionnaire.

    * Road Map and Impact Assessment
    * Project management ;
    * Collection and expression needs
    * Test case design and testing ;
  • CACEIS Corporate Trust - Functional Project manager & Organizational Consultant

    Paris 2007 - 2008 To improve the quality of the "service Issuers" and reducing costs, CACEIS Corporate Trust "issuers services" launching a review of its existing in 2006. Based on the results, different areas for improvement are determined including the development of a workflow "Monitoring Applications Investors."
    The objective of my mission was to develop tools improving quality: Workflow, EDM, Outsourcing Letters Cheque, Electronic Document Management, and Organization of the implementation of the fax server (RightFax Fax and Util) and IVS (Interactive voice server).

    * Scoping Paper ;
    * Collection and expression needs : workflow and EDM ;
    * Business case of unique workstation ;
    * Processes and flows mapping (Stock option sales) ;
    * Sequencing of screens ;
    * Steering and coordination (organization, meeting, alerting; reporting)
    * Call of tender, ROI, Selecting an external service providers
    * Test case design and Testing, Monitoring
    * Relationship with suppliers ;
    * Planning and reporting
    * Change management (learning and support)
    * Initialization of EDM ;
    * Implementation of fax server and interactive voice server ;
    * Outsourcing of cheque-letter
    * Processes mapping
    * Workflow for stock Exchange orders (lot1) ;
  • AXA Groupsolutions - Organizational Consultant & Coordinator

    2006 - 2006 To reduce development costs, AXA France ask AXA Group Solution control, a study of the feasibility of outsourcing the development of desktop publishing.
  • MGEN - Functional Project Manager & Coordinator

    Paris 2004 - 2006 To cope with the many regulatory changes, the Mgen has developed a new information system for the management of people and tools. During my mission, I participated in several projects around the revision. : Streamlining of desktop publishing, Evolution of Workflow " agenda," Study of interfaces.

    Mission :
    * Interview and Meeting with compliance, legal, communication and IT team
    * Expression of needs and detailed functional specifications
    * Setting up writing and alerts ;
    * Testing functional and technical with test director ;
    * Implementation of letters for insured persons and beneficiaries ;
    * Change management (Learning and support) ;
    * Gaps between existing old repository and the new
    * All letter for insured person and beneficiaries ;
    * Warnings and follow up implemented ;
  • HSBC - Functional project manager

    Paris 2001 - 2004 * Functional: Management of products and customers repository; Management business relationship ;
    * Mission: setting up of repositories / Transfer of Worms bank's data / migration of share accounts with Natixis / Team testing management / Steering for the testing / Compliance ;
  • NURUN - IT project manager

    2000 - 2001 Functional: Setting up web ;
    - Mission: Comparative study several software scalability / Referencing of websites
  • PHILIP MORRIS - Developper

    2000 - 2000 Functional: Document management and monitoring of customers with intranet site ;
    - Mission: Writing deliverables in english and coaching developer
  • Nouvelles Frontières - Project management / writing

    Levallois-Perret 1999 - 2000 Functional: Customer identification and development of customers' loyalty on the web ;
    - Mission: Project management / writing deliverables / coaching developer
  • SINORG - Editor Software

    1993 - 1999 Functional: accounting public and payroll service ;
    - Mission: Project management / Writing deliverables / coaching /development of Business Objects activities
  • STALLERGENES S.A - Correspondant informatique

    1991 - 1992 IT Relationship
    - Sector: Industry ;
    - Functional: Accounting and management control ;
    - Mission: Creation and implementation of management control
  • CEGID Ingénierie - Editor Software

    1990 - 1991 Functional: private accounting ;
    - Mission: Coaching / Writing training tools / planning management staff
    Learning ,