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I'm Senior Exploration Geologist based at the Repsol Technology Centre in Móstoles (Madrid), expert in Petroleum System Assessment and Stratigraphic Modeling.

I dedicate most of my time to develop innovative workflows for appraisal phases, focused on the integration and added value of Stratigraphic Modeling and Basin Modeling at Reservoir scale in the framework of Repsol's strategic R&D projects.

Of course as an O&G professional I spend a lot of time travelling, to support Business Units and mainly Repsol Tech Hub in Houston.

As communication is a key tool in a global company such as Repsol, I do switch everyday between French, English and Spanish.

Working in a team gathering different kind of geosciences specialists, integration and exchange are one of the main sources of everyday enrichment, for in one hand each team player and on the other the whole project. I’m always focused on the deadline, and I commit to deliver the best to leverage the group.

Because good ideas are not branded, on the behalf of Repsol I set up, follow up and participate actively in several JIP and academic R&D consortium. Together, we’re pushing the envelope to develop the best tools and methodologies, tailor made to answer our challenges.

Yes, I’m a geologist technology driven.

Working seriously doesn’t mean that we should live without fun and emotions. That’s why I’m found of outdoor action sports such as Windsurfing and Skiing, emphasized with a great musical soundtrack. As a lifestyle oriented person, I never refuse a good drink or a social event.

Specialties: Basin Modeling | Stratigraphic Modeling | Sedimentology | Risk Assessment | Prospect Evaluation | Geochemistry (organic & non-organic) | Geodynamics | Technology Scouting |

Mes compétences :
Petroleum Geology
Stratigraphic Modeling
Basin Modeling


  • Repsol SA. - Senior R&D Exploration Geologist

    2012 - maintenant As a Senior Stratigraphic Modeler and Petroleum System Analyst my role is to provide High Resolution models and to ensure the correct technology transfer from Exploration concepts to Appraisal studies and Reservoir Models.

    This position features:
     Deliver Multi-Scenario High Resolution 4D Stratigraphic Models
     Basin Modeling
     Integrate Stratigraphic Modeling in Reservoir Modeling
     JIP’s follow up
     Set up R&D projects and collaborations
     Technology Scouting

    Specialties: Basin Modeling | Stratigraphic Modeling | Sedimentology | Reservoir Modeling | Technology Scouting |
  • Beicip - Franlab - Exploration Geologist / Petroleum System Analyst

    2011 - 2012 Exploration, Fluids & Basin Modeling Team

    2012 - Deep Water 3D Basin Modeling in Northern Gulf Of Mexico for PEMEX.
    2012 - G&G Integrated study : Mesozoic Exploration in Qatar, for Total and Qatar Petroleum
    2012 - Compositional Basin Model for Lower Fars reservoir for KOC

    Beicip-Franlab is an International Oil & Gas Consulting and Software Solutions Provider. During the last four years here, I’ve deal with our Basin Modeling Line software (Temis 1D, Temis 2D, Temis 3D, TemisFlow, Genex, Dionisos, Qubs). Moreover, I’ve assumed the position of associate team leader on exploration studies. I’ve been working abroad for short to midterm consulting missions (Venezuela, Mexico, Korea, Libya, Norway…) but also in Paris premises for International G&G projects. I’ve also gave training classes on Beicip-Franlab Basin Modeling Software Line for both NOC and IOC. These experiences have enriched my geological knowledge of several basins worldwide, with various geological settings.
  • Beicip - Franlab - Petroleum Geologist / Basin Modeling Specialist / Business Development Manager

    2010 - 2011 Petroleum System Assessment Software Specialist
    Business Development Manager for Europe, South America and Asia

    Training on Basin Modeling and Exploration Software for IOC & NOC (France, Korea, Venezuela, Libya, P.R.China, Colombia, Mexico...), sales strategy, and account management.
    Software involved: TemisFlow, Dionisos, Temis Suite, Qubs

    My abilities to communicate and my dynamism where recognized by the directing board of Beicip-Franlab who offer me a position of Basin Modeling Software Manager Business Development, with the responsibility of Europe, South America, and Asia. This position provides me new experiences on marketing expertise, account management, development and implementation of strategies combined with public relations. Furthermore, close contacts with the product development team kept me up to date on the latest and future evolutions of Basin and Stratigraphic Modeling Software., South America and Asia
  • Beicip-Franlab - Petroleum geologist

    2009 - 2010 Exploration Consultancy. Basin modeling specialist.

    2010- 2D and 3D study in Lybia for Gazpromneft. (TemisSuite 2D & 3D.)
    2009 - Integrated G&G Study in Melut Basin (Sudan). Modeling and analysis of the petroleum system (TemisSuite).
    2009 - 2D Modeling of 6 cross sections across Paris Basin for Toreador Energy (Temis 2D).
    2009 - Offshore Delta project for PDVSA in Caracas, Modeling of a 2D section (Temis 2D).
    2009 - Analysis 2D of a petroleum system for IOOC, Iran (Temis 2D).
  • Université Nice Sophia Antipolis - ATER

    Nice 2007 - 2008 Teachings : Petroleum geology, optical mineralogy, field trips...



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