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I am a bilingual (French/English), multicultural, international consultant, versatile and experienced with a broad range of skills and a proven record of accomplishment in, high profile start-up and established blue chip companies.

I have been recognised for providing high-level operational, commercial and strategic management in companies going through periods of difficult change. My strength is in driving change in multicultural contexts, in a variety of business sectors, with the ability to add value through increased throughput, revenue generation, process improvement and efficiencies notably through operational cost reduction.

In the last 4 years I have become a consultant in order to leverage my experience and make a difference to both my clients’ business and my future, to expand my knowledge and stretch my capabilities.

My cultural dimension and ability to listen, work side by side with clients’ front-line employees, managers, and senior executives allows me to learn more – and more quickly – about business performance improvement. My experience and people skills allow me to create a platform of confidence, to understand the needs of the customer and work with them to deliver rapid, measurable and sustainable results whilst retaining the flexibility necessary for customization to each client’s unique situation.

Results oriented and customer focused, with excellent relationship management skills, I work well under pressure in fast-paced, time-sensitive environments.

Mes compétences :
Change Management
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project Management
operational management
Optimisation process
Process improvement
Strategic Management


  • CEPI Management - management training and consultancy - Consultant and Manager of International Relations Development

    2009 - 2012 20 years of experience in blue chip international companies such as Disney and Eurotunnel, I specialize in strategic, operational, multicultural change management and provide training and consultancy in these areas to small, medium and large businesses in a wide range of sectors. Consultancy keeps me in touch with the ever changing needs of the business community and allows me to experience working at different levels of management with the customer in their workplace. It gives me a particular perspective to the problems experienced by customers and therefore my ability to match training content and methods to the requirements of the customers. I am bilingual and work for the most part within the Eurozone.
  • Universal Group - Management consultant

    2007 - 2008 Providing operational and strategic support to find new markets, enhance operational and commercial procedures, increase productivity, increase margins and reduce costs
  • Eurotunnel - Operational and Business Development Project Manager

    PARIS 1993 - 2006 I chose to work for Eurotunnel to test my new found skills acquired at Disney and stretch my capabilities further. Responsable initially for the recruitment of some 250 customer facing commercial and technical staff, I put in place and delivered a complex training programme to date and budget. I contributed to putting in place operational procedures on the terminals in France, working closely with teams in the UK to ensure transparency and meet service level delivery standards.
    Commercial services were launched under a mood of gloom, a cloud of uncertainty and extreme pressure to show return for the huge and escalating financial investments made during the project phase. Performance was poor, customer satisfaction and staff moral low in the initial phase. Working alongside an external change facilitator, I was selected as part of a small group to head up a change programme because of my experience on the ‘ground’. The external consultancy provided us with the tools and helped us develop a framework for developing and rolling out our programme. This change programme ran intensively for a 2 year period with a new customer focused vision and strategy, a flatter organization that empowered and recognized staff contribution, investments in training and communication, embedded top down, bottom up business processes, a large number of project teams involving a significant amount of the workforce at all levels. Each project team developed detailed action plans outlining value added to the business, quantified in terms of financial benefits, tracked and reported in a manner that was appropriate for all levels of staff. During my remaining 10 years with Eurotunnel, I worked on a series of different projects as a continued part of the change programme to increase operational performance efficiencies, cost reduction and revenue generation.
  • Disney SA Paris - Operations Manager

    1991 - 1992 Having studied French to degree level, I seized the challenge to work as part of the Disneyland Paris opening team with responsibility for a part of the theme park: parking plaza, entrance with ticket plaza and Main Street USA. I relied heavily on my ability to adapt culturally and communicate well to build confidence and commitment at all levels in Paris where I was initially responsible for recruiting, training and managing a diverse group of individuals of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to a tight timescale and difficult social conditions. I was able to communicate the customer-centric Disney vision, values and code of conduct and keep my team individually involved in the improvement process so that they could see change at their own hands. The Disney way of tracking performance, always looking for opportunity and growth potential, building on good and bad experience to deliver long lasting experience, has been a framework I much admired and have continued to use throughout my career.
  • British Airports Authority - Operational and Business Development Manager

    1981 - 1989 When I joined as a graduate, British Airports Authority was a struggling entity with its civil service culture in addition to financial, operational and commercial difficulties. The 9 years I spent at Heathrow within its operational and business development units was a period of difficult change with a great deal of resistance at all levels. I was able to have an impact through my contribution to increasing operational process improvements, customer satisfaction, reducing operating costs and generating revenue. Within the operational department, my remit was to understand the needs of and build relationships with the customer; passengers, meters, greeters, plane-spotters and shoppers, airline staff and airport staff. I analyzed behaviors and needs of both customer and client and put in place a business plan proposing actions with direct implications on customer satisfaction of services and operational efficiency of systems and processes provided. Within the business unit I was then promoted into, I headed up a project team I was able to implement many of the actions I had outlined in addition to other strategic revenue generating projects. BAA had at the time a good reputation for its in-house training programme from which I benefited a great deal


  • Kingston University (Kingston)

    Kingston 1977 - 1981 French, Economic and Politics

    The 4 year BA Joint Honours course included a year abroad in Brittany during which time I submitted a thesis on a cost benefit analysis of nuclear energy in France.


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