Christian ROME


En résumé


-Chemical Engineer 1977 (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

-MBA Solvay-Cepac 1993 (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

-Master en e-business 2001 (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

-Expert consultant 2002 (Institut Supérieur de Gestion)


Management of R&DS and commercialisation projects , product stewardship , supervision of quality and production departments.

Excellent customer contact in a multicultural environment. Efficient management of project teams. Specialised in market studies, opportunity analysis and portfolio management. Specialised in product development in partnership with selected customers.

Expert in silicone fluids, their emulsions and applications.

Responsibilities & Achievements :

-SiliconeServiceS sprl (Brussels) 2001 - today

General mgr / Expert consultant in silicone products and applications

-Dow Corning Europe ( Brussels) 1994 -2000

Project management, for new opportunities and market expansion

+ Identification, analysis and implementation of many new opportunities within the petroleum, pulp & paper, food and polymer industries.

+ Portfolio management of opportunities for the oil & gas exploration and production industry.

+ Design and launch of promotion programs in Europe, Middle-East and Russia.

+ Project management for geographical expansion in the Russian oil & gas industry.

+ Project management for products development in highly regulated markets such as the food & beverages industry and the petroleum offshore industry in the North Sea.

-Dow Corning s.a. (Seneffe - Belgium) 1985 - 1994

Research, development and technical service specialist

+ Development and scale-up of many silicone emulsions intended for various industries and applications, e.g. additives for waste water treatment, web offset printing, pmma profiles, rock- and glass wool, the food , the petroleum and the tyre industry.

+ Expert in antifoam applications and formulations

+ Technical service specialist for antifoam, release, hydrophobic treatment and polish.

-Dow Corning s.a. (Seneffe - Belgium) 1979 - 1984

+ Quality department supervisor

+ Production & planning supervisor

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  • Université Libre De Bruxelles (Bruxelles)

    Bruxelles 1992 - 1993 MBA
  • ULB (Bruxelles)

    Bruxelles 1972 - 1977 Ir. Chim.


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