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  • NXP Software - Project Manager

    2005 - maintenant Management of projects with key mobile handset manufacturers for various BL Vision Multimedia products: video player/recorder, audio/video streaming and mobile TV (such as DVB-H).

    till 2006: Coordination of all BL Vision activities (audio/video codec development and optimization, video pre-/post-processing) executed by the NXP Software BL Vision group in Bangalore (India).
  • Philips Applied Technologies - Consultant

    Suresnes 2004 - 2005 Domain of activities: mobile and portable multi-media platforms, video codecs IP (H264, MPEG-4), still-picture codecs (JPEG), server/client applications, system architectures, video and imaging sub-systems (hardware accelerators and application specific processors)
  • Philips Digital Systems Laboratories - Principal scientist

    2002 - 2004 Consulting for Philips Semiconductors on video codecs and video improvement/enhancements features, and on programmable/reconfigurable video processors.
    Project leader for the development of the H263/MPEG-4 SP codecs and JPEG codecs (SW stack, HW models and drivers) on Philips Semiconductors Application Processor ICs (PNX4008/Suzi, PNX5220/Swift-MM) based on dedicated hardware accelerators.
  • Philips Research - Principal scientist

    Suresnes 2001 - 2002 Principal Scientist in the group Interactive Networked Systems (R. Mallart).
    Project leader for activities on architecture and prototype for mobile devices. Development of a prototyping board integrating an MPEG-4 decoder IP. Development of a wireless video-on-demand application (video streaming on 802.11b).
    Demonstration of a personal mobile video terminal prototype at the Cebit2001 and at the Corporate Research Exhibition 2002.
  • Philips Research - Program coordinator

    Suresnes 1998 - 2001 Programme co-manager for the research projects in the area of semiconductors (IC design and process technology) and in the area of mobile telephony within PHILIPS Research.
    Coordination of contract research programs and deployment of key R&D strategic processes for Semiconductors and Philips Consumer Communication (PCC). Specification and deployment of a new system for definition, coordination and analysis of research programs.
    Organizer of the annual Corporate Research Exhibition edition 2000 at NatLab-Eindhoven.
  • Philips Research - Ingénieur de recherche

    Suresnes 1990 - 1998 1996-1998 - detached during 2 years at TriMedia (Philips Semiconductors, Sunnyvale - California)
    Project leader (IC design) of the video co-processors of multi-media processors based on the TriMedia VLIW core (main core elements of the Nexperia platform of Philips Semiconductors): the HDVO co-processor of the TM2000 developed for digital ATSC HDTV decoding and the enhanced VO co-processor of the TM1100 developed for digital TV and video conferencing.
    1995-1996 Research Project leader for the study and specification of the source decoding part of a fully integrated MPEG-2 decoder (Philips Semiconductors DIVA5 project - SAA72XX series).
    1994-1995 Participation in the specification and design of a chip set (2 chips - INP & EST) for the motion estimation of MPEG-2 encoders (for Philips DVS). Responsible for the validation and integration of one of the two chips (INP).
    1993-1994 Elaboration of architectures study and specification methodology including MPEG-like video processing modeling and their mapping, characterization and simulation on target architectures.
    1990-1992 Participation in the architecture study and design of an MPEG-1 video decoder chip (DIVA-1: Decoder for Interactive Video Applications). Industrial part of the PhD thesis: design of the video display unit.