Christophe RAIX


En résumé

As a senior product marketing manager and business development lead, I focus on helping organizations turn sophisticated innovation into a commercial success.

With my engineering background, the technical aspects of products and how to convert them in values for customers always inspired me. In my role as a tech & product evangelist, I like to explain from employees to C-level how they could take advantage of an innovation or a product for their business. Over the last 14 years at three high-tech companies (Bosch, Softbank Robotics, Scortex), I have worked with four industries - manufacturing (automotive, aerospace), robotics, agriculture, security - across Europe, North America, and China.

Dedicated to finding the perfect match between a product and a market, I think "out of the box" and solve the customer problems with a product approach. It is essential not to reinvent the wheel and share information (vision, strategy, business roadmap) across teams, so I’m keen on digitizing organizations.

From lead generation to sales enablement, I assist and coach the sales team to reach their goals by providing the adapted process and tools (especially for complex sales). As a team member, I like to go on the field and convert leads in customers. I also used to develop partnerships to create an ecosystem as an accelerator for company growth.

My entrepreneur, teamwork, and resilience mindset helps me to achieve challenges in multicultural environments. I’m interested in working with Deep Tech innovations (both hardware and software). My preferred technologies are robotics, artificial intelligence, and computer vision, but I always go for discovering new ones.

I love meeting new people over a cup of coffee, learning new things and discuss job or business opportunities, so please feel free to say hello via Viadeo or

"Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude." - Lou Holtz

Mes compétences :
Marketing opérationnel
Project manager
Market Manager
Chef de produit marketing
Travail en équipe
Stratégie commerciale
Stratégie digitale
Business development
Gestion d'équipe
Gestion de produit
Marketing stratégique
Stratégie d'entreprise


  • Scortex - Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder

    2015 - 2018 Co-founded Scortex (0 to 25 employees in 3 years) and managed operations, marketing, and business development
    - Collaborated with the CEO in setting and driving organizational vision, operational strategy, and hiring needs
    - Developed and implemented product, marketing & sales strategies (demand and lead generation, complex sales cycle, sales enablement, communication, events); Increased sales in Europe (automotive suppliers); Coordinated partner relationship (SAP, Microsoft, AHK France, Munich Network, Business France)
    - Administered Scortex operations including human resources, customer success, and finance
    - Facilitated fundraising in the seed round (1,8M€ with Alven, and Notion)

    Company presentation -
  • ekylibre - Chief Operating Officer - Sales & Marketing

    Pessac 2015 - 2015 Management of sales & marketing strategy, partnerships and business development (Start & Growth consulting)
  • Start & Growth - Marketing and Business Development Consultant & Founder

    2015 - 2017 Accomplished consulting services to support technology companies (startups & corporate)
    - Advised 5+ projects (fashion, architecture, agriculture); Accelerated customers growth by helping on product strategy, marketing (offline and online), communication and business development; Mentored companies in 4 startup competitions (Agreen Startup)
  • Ysance - Senior Sales Engineer - IT professional services

    Paris 2014 - 2015 Performed business development activities to media, manufacturing, and public sectors
    - Expanded a portfolio of 10 large accounts (SNCF, Bayard Presse, Omnicom, Delphi, Fives) and increased revenue by +20%; Ran complex sales cycles with business unit managers (big data, data visualization, Cloud architecture)
    - Collaborated with six partners (Qlik, OSIsoft, AWS, Google, Talend, MAPR)
  • Aldebaran Robotics - Corporate Project Manager - ERP / CRM

    Paris 2013 - 2013 Implemented two strategic projects as CRM (Salesforce) and ERP (SAP Business by design)
    - Facilitated contract management and definition of budgets; Coordinated internal resources and 5+ third parties/vendors; Built appropriate project roadmap; Assessed, prioritized and mitigated project issues and risks 
    - Led project teams including meetings and interviews with key stakeholders; Provided documentation, ongoing training, and support to users (5 locations including Tokyo); Monitored and reviewed projects for executive committee and CIO
  • Aldebaran Robotics - B2B Sales Operations Manager - EMEA / NAM / APAC

    Paris 2012 - 2013 Led the sales operations activities (team - 5 pers. + 2 interns) for B2B applications
    - Facilitated the sales team efficiency (15+ pers. - 4 locations including Los Angeles) and customer care; Outlined, documented, improved sales processes (demand and lead generation), and achieved sales training 
    - Designed and deployed sales and marketing tools (email campaign, presentation, brochures); Measured performance with reporting and dashboards (leads, opportunities, sales territories); Evaluated and conducted the implementation of a new CRM solution (Salesforce)
  • Aldebaran Robotics - B2B Market Manager - EMEA / NAM / China

    Paris 2011 - 2012 Managed demand & lead generation (2 interns) and marketing (from September to March) for B2B applications (NAO for Education & Research)
    - Defined the product marketing strategy (pricing, presentation, datasheets) and introduced new products to sales team (10+ pers. - 3 locations Paris, Boston, Shanghai); Suggested and realized sales process improvements; Analysed USA and European education market opportunities
    - Recruited a product manager, a content manager, and two interns
  • Robert Bosch Gmbh - Product Marketing Manager - Video Surveillance Products

    Saint Ouen Cedex 2005 - 2011 Launched new products for extreme environment (night & marine - annual revenue = 3M€) and developed the rest of video surveillance product range (annual income = +20M€) 
    - Specified and deployed product marketing strategy for video surveillance product range (pricing - 2200+ product references, white papers, communication, events); Sustained sales team (15+ pers.) and partners (30+ distributors & integrators)
    - Improved technical support (3 team members) and customer care in collaboration with the European after-sales department; Created and provided sales and professional training (20+ sessions per year)