Christophe SACY


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Développement commercial
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  • Orkila - Chief Operating Officer - Board Member

    2007 - maintenant
  • AXA Investment Managers - Investisseur CDO

    Nanterre 2003 - 2007 Structured Finance Division: CDO Investment Team. Investment Analyst.
    o Asset class analysis (European and US Leveraged Loans, HG and MZ ABS, US Commercial RE, IG
    Corporate CDS, CFO and EM CDOs...)
    o Structure analysis (Arbitrage Cash flow, Synthetics, Hybrid, Bespokes, Balance Sheet transactions,…)
    o Manager analysis (Frequent on site full due diligence visits)
    Part of one of the largest and most sophisticated investor in the CDO world ($ 2.5 Bios AuM with around 50% in
    equity) which was investing in CDOs in the context of managing funds, advisory mandates or buckets of CDOs in
    Investing for both buy and hold and marked to market vehicles.
    Managed portfolios with multiple constraints of a CDO.
    Full investment analysis, on site due diligence visits to managers, recommendations, monitoring pipeline screening and
    secondary trading.
    Attending Bank Conferences
    Met most of the top tier CDO managers during their roadshows.
    Structures analysis such as Wachovia’s Apex, Lehman’s par structure or Synthetic as Capella HG CDO I.
    Production of internal research papers, assets classes reviews.
    CDO investment analysis allowing the risk/reward comparison of CDO tranches from both debt and equity perspective.
    Strong implication in the investment decision together with the Portfolio Managers.
    o Participation to the S&P Corporate Credit Analysis seminar