Christophe SUEUR


En résumé

Program management:
- Project management (Hardware, Software, Industrialization...)
- schedule, cost, workload, deliveries follow-up

Products Development:
pre-study, study, Test/Validation plan, planning and budgets.
- Baseband Team management:
direct and transversal management, organization and recruitment.

- Baseband System engineering
- Hardware design
- Hardware development/integration team management and coordination.
- Projects and Humans Management: Post-graduate trainee & junior engineer coaching.


  • Morpho Groupe SAFRAN - Hardware Department Manager

    Paris 2011 - maintenant Hardware Department of Center of Excellement Equipments combines all competencies in electronic.

    Main missions and objectives are:

    • Warranty the workload / Workforce
    • Recruitment and subcontractor management
    • Project planning and cost
    • Continious Improvement in term of competencies (Training, technologies,...)
    • Methods/Tools/ Best practices
    • Regulatory and certification management (international standard,...)
    • HW team animation
    • Progress plan and lean-management
  • Sagem Sécurité - Groupe SAFRAN - Product manager

    2009 - 2011 In the transportation division, I'm a project manager for car embedded speed camera.
  • Myriad Group (ex-Esmertec Group) - Program Manager - 2G Platform

    2009 - maintenant Within the Platform R&D unit of Myriad group based in Cergy (France), management of a mobile platform development (HW/SW) up to 2,75G :

    * Establish the development plan of an HW/SW platform dedicated to 2,75G cellular phones including : planning and budget, workload, tasks, deliverables definition, investments
    * Coordinate internal and external developments
    * Milestones follow-up, correctives actions, project risks management
    *Reporting to higher level management
  • SAGEM Mobiles - SAFRAN Group - HW Project Manager / Team Leader - Baseband Design

    2007 - 2009 Hardware Project Manager:

    * Manage hardware development activities from design conception up to approval (GCF, FCC, CE, BT certification) and production
    * Coordinate protobuilds and testing
    * Supervise the hardware integration team

    Team Leader of Baseband Design team
    * Coordination of several team around a common project (Baseband, RF, Optronics, audio, Industrialization...).

    * Coordination of all baseband teams working on different products/platforms.
  • SAGEM Mobiles - SAFRAN Group - Baseband Team Leader

    2004 - 2007
  • SAGEM Mobiles - SAFRAN Group - Technician Baseband

    2000 - 2004
  • KTT - SSII - R&D Technician at KTT

    2000 - 2000
  • SANDVALE SA - Colmar - R&D Technician

    1994 - 1999



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