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France Vitrail International is an arts crafts glass studio. Stained glass & carved glass specialists. Creation and restoration supervised by Eric Bonte, master glass artist since 1979 in Paris.
Domes and ceilings experts. For all publics, styles and implementations worldwide.

We are at your disposal for any information, pictures, project inquiry...

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Mes compétences :
Décoration intérieure
Architecture d'intérieur
Stained glass dom engraved glass dom
Domes , coupole en vitrail traditionnel
Verres graves vitrail traditionnel
Maître Verrier
Création artistique
Aménagement intérieur



    1987 - maintenant References:
    -Hôtels & Restaurants in Paris :
    Raphael, Regina, Plaza Athénée, Rostang, Brasserie Flottes, Grand Café des Capucines, Brasserie Le Valmy La Défense, McDonalds, les Manèges Versailles...

    -International :
    Movenpick Sharm El Sheikh, Arab League Conference Center Sharm el Sheikh, Moscow City Hall,
    Basilica of Our Lady Peace Yamoussoukro, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosquee Oman ...

    -Hundreds of private achievements:
    Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Koweit city, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, ... Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Japan, Germany ....

    For any information : +33(0)143339188

    For the RESTORATION of traditional stained glass, engraved glasses, painted glass, glued, including placing double glazed, :

    For the stained glass, sandblasted carved glass or etched glass CREATION, for all your projects, even the craziest, in France and abroad:

    1979 - maintenant The ambition of FRANCE VITRAIL INTERNATIONAL is to develop the use of glass in contemporary decor, renewing the image, often outdated, it conveys.

    Led by ERIC BONTE, master glass artist graduated from the ENSAAMA (École nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d'art), École Olivier de Serres in Paris. A team of twenty people creates, manufactures and installs, demand and custom stained glass of all styles, for all audiences: individuals, hotels and restaurants, businesses, communities, religious communities ... set in very different works: doors and partitions, windows, frescos, conservatories, bay windows, false ceilings, cupolas, domes ...

    In addition to the stained glass, the workshop offers sandblasted etched and sculpted glass creations, thermoformed glass creations that combine glass and stone, glass and metal, ... for various achievements, original and aesthetic: partitions interior, doors or windows, furniture, sculptures, promotional items, trophies, paintings

    1979 - maintenant The workshop expertise also extends to the restoration of old stained glass windows.
    The restoration is a technique as well as an art and the workshop applies itself to perpetuate the French tradition in this area, ensuring the maintenance of heritage in respect of architecture and the original creation.

    Established since 1979 Eric Bonte current workshop created in 1987 to meet an exceptional order: all the windows of the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace at Yamoussoukro in Ivory Coast,
    8400 M2 legendary windows that unanimous visitors describe as real master work. Since then, the workshop was able to continue its business, expand and diversify, creations in Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, Dubai, Japan, Switzerland, Russia, ....

    Acquire knowledge, master it, take foot in the tradition to serve the future
    FRANCE VITRAIL INTERNATIONAL seeks, creates and performs in the service of a passion: the infinite play of glass, the material, color and light


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