En résumé

More than 10 years spent in mobile telecoms, in large and small companies, successfully delivering several software packages.
Have been working in the automotive industry for 6 years to design and develop Infotainment systems for automotive Tiers1 and OEMs (Linux, Android based).
Currently looking at development of autonomous driving modules and instrument clusters (ISO26262).

Good adaptation skills, experience in company reorganisation, involved in setting up new process to reach CMMI level 3 and new software development methods (move from waterfall to agile) to support business growth.
Able to take different positions such as technical lead, team lead, architect, Scrum master or project manager.

Linux, Android (all layers), RTOS (DSP BIOS, Nucleus, VxWorks), Multimedia, Drivers, Protocol (Bluetooth, WIFI, 3G, DLNA), SW update, Security (Boot, DTCP, HDCP, TEE), Graphics, Speech, Browser, Telephony, Neural Networks

Mes compétences :
Embedded Software development
Open source software
Software Development
Team management
Téléphonie mobile


  • Wind River Systems - Senior Automotive Software Architect

    Courtaboeuf 2010 - maintenant In the Automotive Solutions division:
    - Estimate tasks and effort for new opportunities (pre-sales)
    - Define requirements and software architecture for different IVI systems based on Android or Linux (Genivi)
    - Follow and contribute to Genivi Automotive Expert Group (SW Management leader)
    - Follow and assist development teams
    - Perform different technical studies to contribute to the company product strategy
    - Perform architecture studies for different OEMs (Phase 0)
    - On site customer support
    - Manager of 3 other architects (project allocation, performance appraisal)

    Area of expertise:
    Android, Genivi, Multimedia, Connectivity, SW update, Graphics, User Management, Rear Seat Entertainment, DLNA, Radio, Device Cloud Management, Power Management, Bluetooth, Voice Recognition, DTCP, Blu-ray, HDMI HDCP, Media Indexing, Camera, Security, TEE, ISO26262, Consolidation (hypervisor), Neural Networks, MOST and CAN bus.
  • Myriad Group AG - Embedded Software Architect

    2010 - 2010 Design BONDI widgets for Myriad browser and dynamic home screen technology based on Java Script on top of webkit.
    Act as Scrum Master during the development phase

    Key technologies: Java (J2ME), JavaScript, HTML5 widgets, webkit, Android, BONDI, JIL, WAC
  • Myriad Group AG - Feature leader

    2009 - 2010 n a feature based organisation, lead the development of the Music Player feature (from middleware to the user experience software level).
    This includes defining the scope of the feature, planning, getting and managing the resources, limiting the risks by prototyping and finally developping/testing/delivering/supporting.
    This position was combining management and development.
    The project was a multi-site project, with the Program Manager and the Product Manager in Paris, and two software developers in Chengdu (China).
    I managed a team of 6 software engineers.

    Key technologies : Java Script, SQLite, C, Virtual Machine, Multimedia, Touch screen UI, real time and performances
  • Purple Labs - Low Layers Team leader

    2008 - 2009 - Management of a 9-engineer team in charge of the multimedia and drivers of the linux software suite for the PNX5220 platform and for the new LIMO platform
    - Stabilisation phase (unitary tests, robustness tests) and project closure
    - Participation in setting up a new process (CMMI type - level 3) following a complete reorganisation of the company
    - Architecture definition and tasks estimations for drivers, multimedia and connectivity modules (tasks defined as work packages to allow delivery of product increments)
  • Purple Labs - Multimedia Team Leader

    2007 - 2008 - Management of a 7-engineer team in charge of the multimedia software inside a linux software suite for mobile phones
    - Learn about multimedia framework GSTREAMER (Fluendo gstreamer training)
    - High level view of the multimedia software based on
    open source projects
    - Roadmap, resources plan definition
  • Purple Labs - Layer 1 Team Leader / Technical Leader

    2004 - 2007 - Creation and management of a 3-engineer team dealing with software low layers of Purple Labs mobile phones
    - GSM/EGPRS Radio drivers development (LOCOSTO from Texas Instruments, Polaris II from RFMD)
    - Integration, optimisation and debug of TI GSM/EGPRS Layer 1 on Calypso, Calypso+, OMAP850, and Locosto chipsets (GSM and audio interface with the DSP including AMR and MP3 codecs, interface with the protocol stack, power management)
    - UMTS project start with TI Dallas (Dolomites chipset)
    - FM radio drivers development (TEA5767HN from Philips and TDA7701 from STMicro)
    - A-GPS training follow-up (Global Locate solution)
    - DSP audio development on TMS320C55x/OMAP1710 (G711, G728, MELP, audio architecture, DSP Gateway, Linux kernel 2.6.20, rootfs)
    - Quality improvement within the team (documentation, process)
  • Purple Labs - Layer 1 software Engineer

    2002 - 2004 GSM/EGPRS Radio drivers development (AERO+ from Silicon Labs, RITA)
  • Philips - DSP Engineer

    Suresnes 2000 - 2002 Development and Integration of the AMR codec (adaptive speech codec defined by the GSM recommendations) on Philips mobile phones:
    - Integration of the speech codec and channel codec modules
    - Coding of the AMR Main Program for the Philips DSP
    - Development of tools to test AMR (C simulators)
    - AMR tests on RACAL (commercial BTS simulator)
    - Integration of AMR with some Base Station partners as a DSP Technical leader
    - Management of the AMR Partnerships
    - Support (find bugs, answer to questions)
    - Follow ETSI – 3GPP recommendations

    Development of the DSP code and integration of the Voice Memo feature on Philips mobiles.
  • University of Strathclyde - Research student

    1999 - 2000 Thesis on speech intelligibility enhancement and noise cancellation for TETRA PMRs
    17-month project sponsored by SIMOCO EUROPE Ltd (telecommunications), Cambridge, UK.
    7 months spent at Simoco Ltd, 10 months at the University of Strathclyde.
    Development on a DSP of two techniques to improve the transmission of speech degraded by background interference (over TETRA [TErrestrial Trunked RAdio] portables): a new speech intelligibility enhancement technique at the receiver, and a noise canceller at the transmitter (both environments at the transmitter and at the receiver are considered noisy). These techniques were implemented on a real TETRA portable (SRP1000).

    CHARTRAIN C., SORAGHAN J. J., RAYNE M. W.: ‘Speech intelligibility Enhancement in TETRA’, IEEE Benelux Signal Processing Symposium, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands, March 23-24, 2000.