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M.Sc Computer Science with significant experience in telecom and ITC (operating systems, databases, software applications) with cutting edge knowledge technical changes and their business implications. Project Management involving the overall strategy of the company; Manage and coordinate a project team, a working group, a steering committee, a national network and / or international. Maintenance and Operations; diagnose a malfunction of a system, Check the operation of platforms
 Excellent Communication, listening and motivating skills.
 Ability to learn quickly is my forte that has helped me successfully manage various jobs given.
 Ability to work with a team of dedicated professionals for achieving the deadlines for the execution of work.
• Alcatel-Lucent: OSP IN R2.2, OSP IN 2.3, PPT, PPC, PPS4.4.1, ICC4.5, Charging Proxy …
• ZTE Corporation: ZXME ISG, ZSmart PCRF, ZXIN10
• Comviva: Pretups 5.1 & 5.5 (Zebra), mMoney 1.2 (Tango)
• Autres: Mailis, USSD, Gemalto
Systems and databases
• Good knowledge of the micro environment (Windows) and mainframe (UNIX, Linux)
• Good knowledge of RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, Access, DBASE ...)
• Good knowledge of SQL language (SQL PL, SQL, Transact SQL ...)
• Good command of office tools: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher), MS Project, Visio 2000, Internet Explorer ...

Mes compétences :
Project management
SQL Server
Intelligent network
Database Management


  • Globacom - IN-VAS Planning Engineer

    Lagos 2012 - maintenant • Design and dimensioning of VAS & Data network as well as new products and services to support marketing product
    • Plan and design the implementation of future VAS products
    • Plan and design network architecture to optimally serve the growth of the VAS network in terms of traffic, subscribers and value added service capacity
    • Conduct technical and feasibility studies for new products and services and produce feasibility report
    • Produce Functional and Technical Specification documents for new products and service
    • Participate in cross functional meetings with key stakeholders involved in the development and deployment of new Value Added Services in order to define best solutions for new products and services
    • Meet with vendors on new market releases and technology upgrade path to ensure quick deployment of new and innovative products/services
    • Ensure highest Quality of Service by devising and implementing optimization measures, especially during events/festivals
    • Preparation of configuration and charging of short codes
    • Supervision of implementation
    • Coordination of UAT
  • Orange Côte d'Ivoire (GSM, Téléphonie Mobile), France Telecom Group - Manager of Intelligent Networks Operation (Intelligent Network)

    2005 - 2012 Assistant chief of operations department IN (Intelligent Networks)
    Administrator IN platforms ZTE and Alcatel-Lucent and IN SVA (Charging Proxy Volubill)
    Responsible for managing client GPRS, IN, SVA
    Very good knowledge of IT.

    • Ensure proper operation and maintenance of IN platforms following measures of quality and safety requirements as part of interventions.
    • Help plan, implement and maintain stable IN Infrastructure to support business processes and management of IN services
    • Support the development and deployment of marketing deals, the continued assistance and improvements
    • Reporting and / or proposals for improvement of its activities to his superior.

    Main activities
    • Support and advice
    Advice and assistance in defining specifications Marketing
    Help in defining speeches Customer Service
    Support & Support Service Operator
    • Operation and administration platform
    Implementation methods and techniques to ensure the proper functioning of IN
    PPS Service Administration, Mail, Proxy ... Charging and users;
    • Maintenance and updating
    Commissioning of new features
    Support the definition of choice for new systems
    First-level maintenance

    Administrative Activities
    - Monitoring indicators of operating systems and tools.
    - Management of the database (scratch card and subscriber voice and GPRS).
    - Backup Management
    - Management of voiserai.
    - Support Call Center
    - Enterprise Customer Management (GPRS).
    - Management dashboards activities IN, QoS
    - Project Management IN SVA
    - Maintenance management platforms
  • Côte d'Ivoire Telecom (Téléphonie Fixe), France Telecom Group - Research Officer and Engineering

    2002 - 2005 Contribute to the development of platforms and ensure corrective and preventive maintenance, analyze and manage clusters, Make periodic audits, optimize systems and databases and ensure their safety

    Main Activities
    Manage and ensure the optimization of operating systems
    Manage and ensure value for databases (Oracle, SQL Server ...)
    Manage and control access rights to the system
    Follow the evolution of systems (patches)
    Implement testing environments and integration
    Provide technical support to users on systems

    Administrative Activities
    Maintain all documentation necessary for its function
    Prepare, disseminate and implement procedures for operating systems Unix
    Ensure the lift of information on anomalies in the system
    Develop the dashboard of weekly activities

    Administration IBM for billing and subscriber management.
    Database Administration Oracle subscriber data and billing (GAIA, JDE OneWorld)
    Administration of more than 20 servers NT and Windows 2000 and about 2000 Windows clients (NT 4, W2000 and XP), Interactive Voice Administration
    Assured availability to over 95% and user satisfaction over 90%.
  • CORA sa (GSM, Téléphonie Mobile)/ Western Wireless Communication Group - Technical Support Engineer

    2000 - 2002 Ensure proper operation and maintenance of billing platforms (prepaid & postpaid) and satellite tools
    Lead the development of internal applications, installation of equipment or system under the best conditions of time and quality.

    Main Activities
    Define and improved the operating procedures, participate in the selection and implementation of methodologies and automated procedures and the definition of the hardware architecture. Ensure the design of computer resources to implement. Ensure adherence to quality and security, and application procedures for receipt and validation prior to production.

    Participate in defining specifications and study of technical solutions. Develop project files (specifications, test programs, test ...) Check the activity of potential suppliers.

    Administrative Activities
    Lead IT projects for the entire management
    Prepare, disseminate and implement procedures for operating platforms
    Ensure the lift of information on anomalies in the system
    Develop the dashboard of weekly activities

    Some work
    Server Administration SUN UNIX for billing and subscriber management.
    Database Administration Oracle subscriber data and billing (FLASHIP), Anti-Evasion (Ranger)
    Administration Servers and desktops NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
    Administration of SMS Gateway, the prepaid platform (VanX) ...
    SMS Gateway Project Manager, Project Manager Direct Debit, Monitoring of Roaming, asset management
  • Côte d'Ivoire Telecom (Téléphonie Fixe), France Telecom Group - Data Analyst

    2000 - 2000 Investigation of the phone prepaid card market.
    Counting the questionnaires, data integration, control of their validity and coherence, statistical processing, Audit Results, Presentation Graphics, Adaptation with PowerPoint.
  • Prestivoire (Intégrateur de Services), Abidjan - Technical Support Engineer

    1999 - 2000 Maintenance of applications developed, user support, user training on software developed and Firmware (Windows, WinDev, Visual Basic ...) Frameworks and SOTRA INHP (National Institute of Public Health).


  • African Centre For Management And Executive Development (CAMPC) (Abidjan)

    Abidjan 2012 - maintenant Senior Management of organization development (DSPM)

    Specifically, at the end of this program, participant be able to:
    ­ Analyze and interpret documents managements and take appropriate decisions
    ­ Explore, analyze and use data to improve the environment for the daily management of the company or organization and prepare its insertion into the future
    ­ Drive, train and effectively animate people
  • National Polytechnic Institute Houphouët-Boigny (INP HB), Côte D'Ivoire (Abifdjan)

    Abifdjan 1996 - 1999 Computer Engineer

    Project Management
    Operating systems
    Web applications
    Database application
  • Higher National Institute Of Technical Education (INSET) (Yamoussoukro)

    Yamoussoukro 1992 - 1996 Programmer Analyst

    Operating systems
    Database application
  • Technical Preparatory Military School (EMPT) (Bingerville)

    Bingerville 1990 - 1992 Bachelor of Engineering (F2),with honors
  • Technical Preparatory Military School (EMPT) (Bingerville)

    Bingerville 1989 - 1990 Certificate of Professional Study
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