En résumé

Djoudi Oukhaled - Directeur EURL GESTS

Djoudi Oukhaled est qualifié dans le développement et la mise en place de système de gestion santé, sécurité et environnement ainsi que dans l’élaboration des plans directeurs et lignes directrices qui amèneront aux certifications ISO 14001, 9001 et OHSAS 18001.

Djoudi Oukhaled est très expérimenté sur la gestion de toutes les activités HSE, c’est un conseiller très compètent sur la gestion des activités de sécurité industrielle liées au développement des projets, ses missions sont variées, allant de l’implémentation des systèmes de gestion HSE en entreprise, des services d'Audit en Qualité, Hygiène et Environnement aux services de formation.

Djoudi Oukhaled est un professionnel multi qualifié en HSE et un expert confirmé qui vous apportent des solutions dans l’étude des risques et la prévention des accidents industriels en accompagnant une entreprisse tout au long de son cycle industriel. Il a une excellente connaissance et expérience dans la gestion des activités de sécurité de procédé, le développement des procédures d’intervention et la gestion des urgences.

Outre ses qualifications en matière de HSE, Djoudi Oukhaled excelle dans son aptitude en communication et en en développement des relations interpersonnelles. Il est une personne enthousiaste et consciencieuse qui se nourrit de défis. De plus, Il est une personne qui nécessite peu de supervision tout comme il est à l’aise dans une équipe pluridisciplinaire.

Mes compétences :
HSE management
HSE training
ISO 14001 Standard
Health and Safety
waste management
develop the HSE Training Matrix
Supporting Line Management
Managerial Skills
Health & Safety regulations
Develop specific HSE standards
Continuous Improvement
CONTRACT management
routine preventative maintenance
implementation of HSE management systems and requi
explosive hazard management
effective HSE management
development of Project HSE objectives and targets
develop training team members
develop timescale master
develop the regional HSSE strategy
develop performance indicators
develop a close
cost estimate
analysis of ISG Inputs and Outputs
activity management
Upstream Oil & Gas
Technical specialist HSE design
Team Management
Responsible for the scheduling
Project HSE Management
Particular Personal Skills
Onshore Oil & Gas
Offshore Oil & Gas
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Excel
Manage key employee relations projects
Manage all the HSE
Manage Self
Manage Change


  • HSE - Training Consultant

    2013 - 2014 : HSE Management System and Training Consultant at Sherritt International -
    pick 10 000 employees) .

    Main duties

    * Act as HS deputy manager during the absence of the HSE Manager

    * Maintain positive, consultative relationships with outside stakeholders to ensure expectations are met in the areas of loss

    control, environmental performance and quality;

    * Provide ongoing leadership, coaching, and key point tipping service to all Major Project personnel in safety and loss

    control techniques, while being visible, approachable and available to all levels, with the objective of improving our

    efficiency and minimizing our losses. In conjunction with project management and Construction Management and/or

    project contractors, coordinate thorough investigation of all incidents and coordinate audits.

    * Actively participate in the effective assessment and , development , implementation and administration of Ambatovy H&S

    related policies and practices

    * Support delivery managers in the development of ``HSE Influence Plans'' over the leadership and accountability of

    contractor leadership at key fabrication sites.

    * Demonstrated leadership by performing comprehensive HSE site audits of the project and related facilities against the

    Ambatovy Golden Rules and Control of Work;

    * Implement new HSE strategies and initiative in order to strength the HSE culture

    * Review project HSE performance on weekly , monthly , annual basis and communicate leading and lagging indicators to

    the line and senior management;

    * Participate and assist in the investigation of incidents to determine cause;

    * Support or lead risk review sessions to identify project delivery risks and maintains HSSE mitigation plans/registers

    documented on behalf of Leadership/Delivery managers;

    * Participates in regular HS&E meetings with the Contractors and related interested parties with the view to discussing

    HS&E concerns and actions common to all;

    * Endeavour to ensure that H&S management systems and activities satisfy the business need , including compliance with

    corporate operation integrity management system (OIMS) requirements and regulatory requirements

    * Develop and adapt related procedures ,process to achieve OSHAS 18001 certification

    * Provide direction and leadership to assist and support the H&S manager in the development an stewardship of the &S

    department business plans , policies , procedures and objectives

    * Participate on the development of the H&S incidents management system and Ambatovy performance monitoring and

    activity reporting requirements, and utilizes this information to stewardship continuous improvement initiatives.

    * Responsible for the scheduling, planning and co-ordination of all HSE activities.

    * Coordinate a team of instructors and HSE advisors to ensure that agreed Training and Development programs (Skill Mine)

    are conducted to the complete satisfaction of the requesters.

    * Responsible for developing and implementing of training strategies, plans and process to support organizational goals.

    * Develop a needs assessment process and create an instructional design process with appropriate delivery methods and

    post training evaluation.

    * Recommend solutions for performance issues and potential areas of training.

    * Manage key employee relations projects and initiative that have strategies and organization-wide impact.

    * Develop full package approach (progression by role) for all HSE position.

    * Manage, lead, motivate and develop training team members.
  • Global - HSE Manager

    2011 - maintenant : HSE Manager at Global Engineering, Safety and Training Services ``GESTS-
    My main duties are to assist on all HSE issues and the impacts relating to projects development, the missions are
    varied, ranging from projects HSE management systems to Training and auditing services. It is a challenging role, requiring
    managerial and interpersonal skills added to the technical ability to understand and assess the work of the numerous projects
    disciplines involved in the projects .The work requirements requires therefore moves regularly with projects, whether in offices
    or on the field. I have a versatile HSE all-rounder as well as a HSE specialist, and a talented communicator. I work in advisory,
    Managerial, technical, operations support and training roles and have extensive experience in leading safety study, risk
    assessments workshops of all kinds, technical safety studies, workforce training, Safety Case development.

    Main duties

    * Working in partnership with an international Company on project for implementing a first collaborative business network, it

    will also be applied to the HSE field and for managing HSE information and documentations;

    * Provide Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management services

    * Support, direct and train the HSE team to perform their duties in line with the project HSE policy and expectations and

    ensure awareness and compliance of HSE rules and regulations

    * Develop specific HSE standards for HSE CONTRACT management such as HSE CONTRACTOR management standards

    which sets out the requirements for HSE that the bidders/contractors are expected to meet and to implement;

    * Formulate and suggest programs, policies, and procedures to ensure an effective management system;

    * Strategically develop timescale master plans that will ultimately lead to certification to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001;

    * Develop Training and clarification programme to sensitize the workforce on effective HSE management and structure;

    * Design and assist in the implementation of an HSE management systems consists of comprehensive, proven procedures,

    elements , standards and processes which define responsibilities, activities and methods for identifying, understanding and

    controlling hazards and to eliminate preventable incidents that might lead to injures to persons or damage to the


    * Design and Deploy work scope and for the Auditing of project against ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 criteria;

    * Develop safe work method statement and HSE procedures

    * Lead initiatives to develop and improve HSE culture within the organisation;

    * Assist in the development of HSE training plans with regards to Environmental issues and Safety in the workplace.
  • ENI - Regional HSE Manager

    Lyon 2008 - maintenant : Regional HSE Manager for international Projects at ENI -E&P Corporate
    Main Duties

    * Monitoring of the projects HSE activities in multi sites , multi countries (during the whole projects lifecycle from evaluation

    (pre-feasibility, feasibility), development (FEED) and through to execution (EPIC) and handover to operations );

    * Lead the HSE team to ensure HSE is implemented throughout the projects in accordance with the established HSE

    Management System & ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001, with formal reporting to Senior Management on projects

    HSE performance;

    * Implement the integrated HSE management systems; development of HSE procedures and best practices for various Eni

    E&P related activities, (seismic, drilling, construction, SIMOPS and production)

    * Elaborate Company HSE standards and provide access to world class knowledge, standards and guidelines for further

    enhancement of HSE performance (energy isolation, PTW procedures, HSE Construction procedures, HSE minimum

    design requirements, HSE Technical specifications .)

    * Participate in selection, training & management of HSE personnel to ensure adequate resource, performance, mentoring

    and coaching of HSE team members to deliver set objectives

    * Set up and maintain a Communication/interface structure for HSE management (Committees, Meetings, Task Teams, and

    Risk Reviews etc.) to ensure an even spread and focus is achieved throughout the projects related to HSE Performance

    and actions;

    * Prepare and implement the Projects HSE Management plans. Develop and monitor plans to achieve HSE improvement

    and develop performance indicators for measuring successful implementation across the company (benchmarking,

    trending, lessons learnt, KPI's etc.);

    * Act as a delegate for the collection, reporting and management of the statistics to the HSE department; responsible to

    ensure a process is in place and being utilized as a tool to improve overall HSE performance.

    * Develop specific HSE standards for EPC CONTRACT management such as HSE CONTRACTOR management standards

    which sets out the requirements for HSE that the bidders/contractors are expected to meet and to implement;

    * Participate in the definition of the contracting strategy phases and contracting process during the tendering phase

    (description of work and contracting strategy, Contractor Pre-Qualification, Bid Evaluation and clarification , Pre-award

    Meeting, join completion of HSE and execution plan, pre-mob audits and preparation)

    * Participate in the contract execution and activity management (Kick-off Meetings, Pre-execution audit and mobilization,

    Monitoring , HSE Audit & Inspection , CONTRACT execution , supervision and monitoring , Assurance and verification that

    contractor systems are performing in line with contractor's HSE Plan ,Milestone reviews , Demobilization , Close out)

    * Provision of HSE support to line functions across ENI -E&P Operations worldwide

    * Provide strong visible leadership to develop the regional HSSE strategy and lead HSSE support to the affiliates in the

    region (Algeria, Tunisia )

    * Develop, implement and drive the regional HSSE strategy aligned with the Corporate business strategy as well as the

    global HSSE strategy and strategic objectives;

    * Act as a focal point for various international projects health, safety and environmental and social issues, providing support

    and advice, ensuring that the project follows Company requirements and industry best practice in all HSE matters

    * Collaborate with the sustainability department in supporting Eni E&P Subsidiaries in the definition and implementation of

    specific social projects aimed at maximising the local stakeholders' consensus, by providing and maintaining the

    necessary contacts for their development;

    * Collaborate with the Environmental and Social department in defining the projects' Environmental and Social Management


    * Define series of Environmental and Social Management Plans(waste management, pollution prevention and water

    management, archaeological protection, spill response, environmental restoration and management of the construction


    * Ensures that the Company, Contractors abide by statutory obligations and applicable regulations in the host countries and

    that all the necessary project permitting applications are obtained on timely manner (eg. permit to construct, permit to

    operate, project statement of requirements, projects permitting application schedule and register etc );

    * Review and approval of all the Technical HSE and other projects engineering documents prepared by FEED and EPC

    Contractors (Projects HSE case, projects safety concepts,ESHIA studies,HAZID& HAZOP,QRA and FERA .)

    * Elaborate projects HSE philosophies and identification of the projects HSE design minimum requirements ; Development

    OF FEED / EPC HSE standards for engineering , procurements , construction phase , supplier pre-qualification

    acceptance of goods , commissioning ,SIMOPS

    * Ensure the adequate interface with stakeholders having interests to the project and advise the projects development

    managers on new and impending HSE legislations;

    * Protect the Company's interests when interacting with joint venture partners and contractors;

    * Maintain close links with Logistics, Operations and other key stakeholders to ensure that all projects are implemented with

    the highest degree of staff safety and security; health and medical requirements;

    * Prepare and issue requests for QHSE services to the HSE sub-contractors, prepare contracts documents for HSE services

    and prepare specific scope of work of the HSE services. Manage all the HSE contracts. Review and negotiate all the

    technical and commercial proposals of the QHSE services providers;

    * Prepare annual budget and HSE cost estimate for all the related HSE activities .Coordinate the commercial aspects

    related to the QHSE activities with the commercial manager and the Contract administrator; review all the HSE technical

    and purchases orders of safety equipments.
  • Dolphin Energy Ltd - Senior HSE Advisor

    2005 - 2008 : Senior HSE Advisor - Dolphin Energy Ltd -Qatar construction and compressed
    facilities project (Workforce pick 16 000 employees).

    * Support, direct and train the field HSE team to perform their duties in line with the project HSE policy and expectations and

    ensure awareness and compliance of HSE rules and regulations

    * Direct and provide the required leadership and support for all HSE Planning in the construction areas , Emergency

    Response plans and Emergency drills , Field Execution and HSE Performance & Compliance activities during the EPC

    phases of the Project (Construction, pre-commissioning, commission g, start-up and operation)

    * Monitor the implementation of the Company HSE management system and procedures at the project level

    * Monitoring the implementation of the safe wok method statements , HSE procedures and standards for effective

    implementation of Project HSE Management system;

    * Implement Behaviour safety programs for covering the areas of unsafe Acts and Conditions associated with the activities

    throughout a Project Lifecycle , Safety Excellence and Company Performance , Safety Intervention Approaches,

    Behavioural-Based Safety Observation ; Questioning and Feedback Skills , Advanced Safety Communication Processes

    and Best Practice Examples ,Behavioural-Based Implementation Cycle - Continuous Improvement;

    * Monitoring a number leading and lagging KPIs and as directed by the head of HSE , including measurable goals such as

    HSE site walkabout activities, documented and implemented HSE activity Planning, HSE Training and Awareness, HSE

    remedial Actions Plans, HSE System Improvements, Contractor HSE Management; Accident /Incident Reporting and

    Investigation , fatalities , LWC, RWC , near miss , fatalities ..Etc.

    * Participate in the implementation and maintenance of HSE IMS and provide ongoing support as required;

    * Monitoring of all EPC construction activities of the field to ensure full compliance with all Health and Safety policies, safe

    systems of work and compliance with all relevant Health & Safety regulations;

    * Carry out regular site visits to maintain a global view on area /project performance, specific project issues, and ensuring

    positive Company/Contractors interfaces are taking place on a project level.

    * Participate in the site HSE meeting with EPC contractor and subcontractors;

    * Act as a point of contact on site for advice both internally and externally on HSE systems and issues to ensure that the

    approach applied to the relevant issues are accordance with best practice and Compnay rules and standards.

    * Providing advice on all Health & Safety matters on site and to the area construction PMT;

    * Undertaking HSE awareness training for new entrants as part of the induction process on the site and ensure similar

    training is given whenever required;

    * Maintaining the Health and Safety records and report on accidents and undertake / participate in the investigations as


    * Undertaking periodic High level HSE Auditing and inspections of all the sites;

    * Implementation of HSE procedures (LOTO programs, PTW systems, SIMOPS procedures and plans ..etc) ;
  • ISG - Ingenieur HSE

    Paris 2004 - maintenant
  • HSE - Engineer

    2004 - 2004 : HSE Engineer with In Salah Gas company, SONATRACH/BP/STATOIL JV.
    * Ensuring that the Line Managed HSE Audit Programs are completed;

    * Ensuring that site HSE Management inspections and visits are conducted, training and development of the Safety & ER

    Section staff;

    * Coordinating all aspects of pollution control, waste management, recycling, environmental health, conservation and

    renewable energy;

    * Ensuring the incident management system is effectively maintained and developed;

    * Ensuring the timely review of contractor HSE Case, Interface Documents, Safety Operations Plans, HSE Plans, ER Plans;

    * Supporting Line Management with HSE evaluation of contract documentation;

    * Supporting Line Management with HAZOPs and HAZIDs studies

    * Promoting a safety culture and applying initiatives within the project

    * Developing HSE Procedures involving the BP 9 Golden Rules: control of work system (PTW, associated certificates,

    confined space entry, working at heights, ground disturbance, Energy isolation, Lifting operations, Driving Safety, MOC,

    Communication) Emergency response, incident/accident investigation and reporting etc.

    * Develop and implement a contractor HSE management procedure;

    * Analyze HSE training needs for the Company operation, develop the HSE Training Matrix and plan for other necessary

    training programmes;

    * Use of the HSE tracker for tracking and analysis of ISG Inputs and Outputs;

    * Conduct advanced safety audit (ASA) and monitor Contractors' HSE performance

    * Worked with construction team as HSE supervisor on site, ensuring compliance with ISG HSE requirements by the

    contractor (JGC/KBR) and their subcontractors (foreign and local companies);
  • JGC - Senior HSE Trainer

    2002 - 2004 : Senior HSE Trainer at JGC/Kellogg Brown Root (In Salah Gas

    * Responsibility for training and implementation field level of HSE policies, procedures and guidelines;

    * Analyze HSE training needs for the Project, develop the HSE Training Matrix and plan for other necessary training

    programmes. Guide the design and delivery of in-house HSE training courses, prepare the syllabus for HSE training and

    pre-qualify external training agencies to ensure quality training;

    * Developing & issuing training programs, safety bulletin, topics, HSE alerts, Posters &Signs;

    * Risk identification, incident reporting and investigations, environmental awareness , waste minimization, and various

    compliance activities;

    * Implementation of the Safety, Health and Environmental Construction Manual Programs, which includes KBR emphasis on

    ``TSTI.'' Total safety Task Instruction.
  • INERGA- IN SALAH - Project HSE Manager

    2001 - 2002 : Project HSE Manager at INERGA- IN SALAH GAS Project (SONATRACH/BP/STATOIL JV)
    * Develop Project Specific HSE Management System manual and prepare action plans in consultation with the Project

    Manager, Coordinate with the development of Project HSE objectives and targets in consultation with PMT Leadership;

    * Monitoring of all construction activities of the field to ensure full compliance with all Health and Safety policies, safe

    systems of work and compliance with all relevant Health & Safety regulations;

    * Provides a support function to project management, ensuring adequate HSE input, by providing a mentoring role for the

    Project, promotes the use of professional HSE tools, principles and objectives;

    * Aligns Project HSE Plans, objectives and systems with Company requirements;

    * Supports project team leadership in implementing the HSE management system;

    * Responsible for the co-ordination, preparation and delivery of the Project HSE Plan;

    * Implementation of Competency Development programs and HSE Training programs for Company operations.
  • HSE - Engineer

    2000 - 2001 : HSE Engineer of Industrial Safety within the Agro alimentary Complex CEVITAL.
    * Assist and review Company HSE policies, standards, and procedures to meet client and government requirements;

    * Participation in the implementation and maintenance of HSE MS and provide ongoing support as required;

    * Ensure routine preventative maintenance on designated HSE equipment are completed as scheduled

    * Coaches site personnel on safe work practices, and ensure adequate standards are maintained on procedures and safety


    * Developed and maintain the HSE audit system and HSE programs;

    * Inspect and rectify any unsafe act at workplace;

    * Responsible for all projects overall safety management system implement on site;

    * Developed Emergency Response Programs and trained subcontractors on Emergency Response Procedures;

    * conducted drills for plant emergencies.


  • IFOPSE Institute France (Nante)

    Nante 2002 - 2002 Fire Fighting Training certificate

    * Seminar on Hygiene, Safety, Environment Hassi Messaoud, within In Salah Gas project.

    * Seminar on the evaluation H S E Policy In Salah Gas Project at Hassi Messaoud .

    * Training on the Prevention System and Automatically detection of Fires and Tele- surveillance.

    * Training on the H.S.E Operating Organization within SONATRACH - Transport by Canalization's Branch .

    * T
  • Emergency Response -Team Training-IFOPSE

    Nantes 2002 - 2002 Baccalaureate Degree
  • HSE (Hassi-Messaoud)

    Hassi-Messaoud 2002 - 2002 Management within ABB -Petrofac in the Scope of the Preparation of ISG Project.

    5. Professional Skills

    * Work & Lead HSE Teams.
    * Create & Manage Change.
    * Internally focused, Externally-focused. ;
    * Manage Self, HSE Policies and Strategies, HSE Management Systems, HSE Plans& Manuals.
    * HSE HEMP, ESHIA, HSE Performance Management, HSE Training and Comp
  • Oran University (Bejaia)

    Bejaia 1996 - 2000 Engineer Degree

    * Fire Fighting Training certificate from IFOPSE Institute France.

    * Authorized Gas Tester Level 01 ( International Safety Training Center UK )

    * Seminar on Hygiene, Safety, Environment Hassi Messaoud, within In Salah Gas project.

    * Seminar on the evaluation H S E Policy In Salah Gas Project at Hassi Messaoud .

    * Training on the Prevention System and Automatically detec


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