Dominique TABARY


En résumé

From the DUT diploma obtained in 1989 to today, I have 22 years’ experience in IT services.
I began as MS Office trainer, then system, network and development. During the firsts 10 year of my career, I did a triple activity as System Engineer, as Developer (visual basic, VBA) and as Trainer. During this first part of my career, I began to manage some projects.
The second part of my career was clearly oriented to Wintel infrastructure, Servers and Workstations. I was alternatively System Engineer or Project Manager on some migration's projects, domains, servers and workstations. I was project manager for some more or less important projects, and especially migration‘s project from NT domain to AD or from NT to XP workstations. Finally I took care of another migration’s project (win XP to 7) managed by one of the project managers of the company.
During 3 years, I was Delivery Manager in an IT Services company in Luxembourg. In charge with organization and control of all the pre-sales and post-sales activities of the company, I was the central point of contact of the consultants, the clients, and the board of the company. In this role I had a look on all work to be in accordance with the client’s needs and the contracts.
One of my activities was to organize, to manage and control the work of the project managers. So, I worked on the Prince 2 practitioner certification and I obtained it in march 2010.
During about 22 years, I received lots of training, MOF/ITIL, « Rôles du Manager », "PMI", « Gestion de Projet et Qualité », "Sociologie et Psychologie pour le management", "Prince 2 Practitioneer" and lots of technical trainings.
A native French speaker, I have a good level in English.
I have a great ability to listen and synthesis and I'm very open minded.

Mes compétences :
Program management


  • European parliament / Sogeti Luxembourg - Senior Project manager

    2011 - maintenant Windows XP to Windows 7 migration in European Parliament
    - 16.000 PC, 12.000 users, 700 applications
    - Unified Communication, Citrix, Virtualization, etc ...
    - About 30 sites around Europe and USA
    - About 100 people involved

    The project is organized in 5 sub-projects with a leader for each one.
    My role is to :
    - define & follow-up the tasks of the sub-project's leaders
    - establish actions plans with the sub-project's leaders
    - establish the planning of the delivrables with the sub-project's leaders
    - coordinate activities between the sub-project's leaders
    - assist the sub-project's leader in his tasks if needed
    - negociate the plannings given by sub-project's leaders
    - manage risks, manage changes
    - report to the steering committee
    - organize and manage the trainings of the users

    Around the project, some other tasks :
    - Manage the project's communication to the administrators of the user's groups
    - Coordinate actions between this project and 3 others linked projects
    - Involve differents teams for them to act as part of a global major project
  • Vision IT Group PSF Luxembourg SA - Service Delivery Manager / Technical Director

    2007 - 2011 Member of the Executive Committee
    Reporting directly to the Director General
    Working directly with the Sales Manager

    Supervision of consultants:
    - Definition and choice of directions to be implemented with management
    - Recruitment of consultants proposed by the HR department
    - Integration of new employees
    - Management of employees' careers
    - Choice and overall technical monitoring
    - Supervision of project managers: Guidelines and Objectives, Control

    Supervision of the service’s activities of the company
    - Validation of commercial offers
    - Standardization and industrialization of commercial offers
    - Creation and validation of the tenders with technical architects
    - Pre-sales Support
    - Implementation of SLA, in collaboration with the ‘technical managers' and architects
    - Implementation and monitoring of policies of quality of service
    . Control and Monitoring Implementation
    . Intervention if necessary and decide on actions to implement
    - Overall planning of activities, selection or validation of changes to planning based on priorities or critical level.
  • Vision IT Group PSF Luxembourg SA - Project Manager

    2005 - 2007 Migration of all workstations in a major bank in Luxembourg (KBL), from NT 4.0 to XP sp2 :
    • Operating System
    • Commercial Applications
    • Internal Applications
    • MS Office
    • MS Office Development
    • Tool Distribution
    • Security

    Project Manager
    • Responsibility throughout the entire project
    • Recruitment of the consultants
    • Technical choice with the architects of the various work areas (system, development, office, bank, ...)
    • Monitoring of the work
    • Financial monitoring
    • Coordination, work planning, task assignment
    • Client Reporting and Internal company reporting
    • People management, project team management
  • Vision IT Group PSF Luxembourg SA - Project Manager

    2005 - 2005 Definition of the integration architecture of the 1800 servers of a one of the biggest bank in France (Banques Populaires).

    Project Manager
    • Choice of target architecture
    • Achieving the overall architecture and detailed
    • Definition of the kinematics for integration of 1800 new servers to Active Directory
    • Definition of the migration plan Servers
    • Preparation of the migration of stations XP
    • Reorganization of work in progress for re-framing project
  • AUSY Luxembourg SA - Project Manager

    2004 - 2005 Migration of Windows NT 4 domain to Active Directory 2003 for one of the biggest Bank in Luxembourg (Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat).

    Project Manager, Senior System Engineer
    • Needs analysis and reflections on the new infrastructure
    • Technical and organizational choices (Multi_forêts)
    • Determining of method of security
    • Iso-functional recovery of system policies for application of GPOs
    • Organization of work, preparation for migration
    • Establishment of strategies related to migration
    • Implementation of the new structure and incident management
    • Study on the consistency of PKI solutions, EFS
    • Integrating of Citrix Metaframe
    • Creating and implementing managment tools written with VBS .
  • AUSY Luxembourg SA - Senior Systems Engineer

    2002 - 2004 Senior Systems Engineer, Project Manager : Working on different project for Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat in Luxembourg

    • Schedule monitoring
    • Implementation
    • Implementation of DRP
    • Application of BCEE's procedures
    • Establishment of the project file
    • Integration of various tools in the banking infrastructure of Bank: Rational Egate, PVCS, Multiline, IFT (Swift), MegaCore, Swift Net, EBA Step 2
    • Implementation of Microsoft Clustering
    • Implementation of SQL Server 2000
    • Analysis of a virtual server architecture VMWare GSX Server
    o Sizing Servers
    o Laboratory of tests and procedures
    o Stress architecture
    o Release, monitoring and incident management
    • Development of applications accessing various Databases
    • Development of system tools on VB.Net or VBS
    • Problem Solving
  • AUSY Luxembourg SA - Project Manager

    2002 - 2002 Analysis and preparation of proposals for establishment of a DRP System for one of the biggest bank in Belgium (Banque Bruxelles Lambert):

    - Multi-site
    - Multi-platform
    - Telephony Integration
    - Report preparation and presentation to bank

    Project Manager

    Organization of work for 3 consultants
    - Planning - Scheduling
    - Monitoring and control of production consultants

    Customer Relationship Management
    - Reporting
    - Organization of Technical Meeting
    - Analysis Report
    - Presentation
  • AUSY Luxembourg SA - Senior Systems Engineer

    2001 - 2001 For DEXIA BIL

    Working in the Server management team
    Working on the file server migration process (from Windows NT to Windows 2000)
  • Informatique Service - Project Manager, Systems Engineer, Network Architect, Trainer

    1998 - 2000 Project Manager in a 40 people IT services company

    Pre-sales support and validation of commercial offers: Analysis of customer needs, Architecture

    Organization of tasks, planning and monitoring of projects:
    - Set up and configure Windows NT and TSE on the LAN and WAN
    - Updates and setting up Cisco routers for WAN connections on PC or AS/
    - Implementation of Novell NetWare
    - Integrating Windows NT 4.0 on AS/400 with FSIOP Card, Sizing AS/400, Integration NetFinity on AS/400, Tuning TCP / IP
    - Installing AS/400 Integration in LANs, TCP / IP Configuration, Application TFP
    - Establishment of simple Internet access, shared ...

    - Network Architect, "knowledge resource" TCP / IP for system engineers
    - Heterogeneous configurations (PC, AS/400, Mac)
    Integration of switches, routers, servers configuration DHCP, WINS, DNS

    Development of management applications (quotations, inventory, billing ...)
    - Shipment of PC-Fax, data from an AS/400
    - Management of a workshop on "Molding" for a company of Group Danone (Manufacture of glass)
    - Interfacing AS/400 messaging X400 PC
    - Database replication on the RTC network to the local branche of MEDEF
    - Programming tools
    - MS Access (VBA) 97 and 2000, into single, shared and client-server on SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0
    - Visual Basic 5, 6
    - MS Visual Foxpro

    Training of clients:
    - Windows NT 4.0 (Installation, Administration, Maintenance)
    - MS Access development (VBA)
    - MS Visual Basic 5.0, 6.0
    - MS Office pro 97, 2000
  • AZ Informatique - Owner of the company

    1995 - 1998 Day to day management
    - Accounting, Payroll, Financial Management
    - Personnel Management
    - Managing Suppliers and Customers, Commercial Shares

    Customer service
    - Project Management
    - Novell NetWare LAN
    - Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 LAN
    - PC maintenance
    - VB and VBA development
    - System Administration

    Customer Training
  • F.O.R.G.E. - Trainer / System Engineer / Developer

    1989 - 1996 Training courses on Microsoft Office desktop products Pro: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access
    - Establishment of a comprehensive curriculum on a year for training analyst programmers
    - (Bac +2) for validation by a national French organism (AFPA)

    Responsible for training in analysis and programming on the Borland, Microsoft, ...:
    - Turbo Pascal, Cobol
    - MS Access 1-2-95 , VBA
    - MS Visual Basic 5

    Project Manager on application development: Turbo Pascal 7.0
    - Business development : 18,000 lines of source code
    - Quotation and Invoicing development

    Trainer on management products
    - Business Management, Accounting, Payroll. Publishers: API, EBP, SAARI, SKY
    - Sale and installation of PC systems

    Management solution
    Office solution
    Sales and installation of network systems
    Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x
    Windows NT 3.51, 4.0
    Windows 3.x, 95
    NT System Administration
    Micro Maintenance, Maintenance of NetWare and Windows NT Network

    Responsible for hiring staff.