Emmanuel Gaston BAYOI YINDA


En résumé

Emmanuel Gaston Bayoi ba Yinda

Ingénieur Financier

18 years of successful Information Systems development and management

Software & Finance Engineer / Distributed Software Architect


Réalisation des progiciels de gestion de portefeuilles et calcul de performance

Mes compétences :
Microsoft Money
Pharmacie clinique


  • Familycare Worldwide Ltd - CEO

    2011 - maintenant Réseau de Santé en Afrique et Haiti
  • Ethno Global sarl - Administrateur

    2006 - 2010 Administrateur, Gérant
  • Osmose Group - Parténaire

    2005 - 2009 Partnership with the company Osmose Finances Sarl for the development of money transfer and the provision of a platform for financial transactions in real time. "RTCash" with money laundry rules implementation
  • Linkvest SA - Architect - Chef de Projet

    2004 - 2005 Linkvest SA
    - My last responsibility in Linkvest was to coach, designer and manage the implementation of monitoring system for the account of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The persistence layer proprietary implementation was replaced  a framework based on Hibernate.
    - e.Business Internet portal for loan management - 6 month - [SUN/Solaris, Linux, Oracle, Java, Jsp, Html, Weblogic] Re-architecture for more scalability with best use of n-tiers architecture and weblogic application server. Developers training
  • Indépendant - Freelance

    1999 - 2004 - Orange Suisse SA B2B and B2C portal - 12 month - [SUN/Solaris, Weblogic, Tuxedo, Oracle, Java, Jsp, Html,Xml,Xsl,Ldap,Soap,JMX] Analysis, architecture, design and implementation of B2B and B2C solution. The n-tiers plat-form support different protocols RMI, RMI/IIOP, SOAP and it's hot manageable. Responsible for 7 developers for follow up, code revue, and technical assistance. The solution is JMX basis so extensible.
    - Billing System for an internet provider - 3 month - [SUN/Solaris, Linux, Oracle, Postgresql, Java] As Team leader, architecture design and implementation of interconnection billing system, on Cisco log report basis.
    - WIPO Impact Architect for IMPACT Project [HP, IAS, Oracle, Documentum, Java, Soap, Jsp,Xsl/Xml,eclipse]
  • Morgan Stanley Capital International - Architect - Chef de Projet

    1998 - 1999 Morgan Stanley Capital International. Geneva, Switzerland. []
    - Multi-Currency Real-Time Benchmark Calculator - [ SUN/Solaris, Java, Perl, Reuters/Triarch ] Analysis, design and implementation of real-time contribution system to Reuters and Bloomberg using the triarch architecture as Team Lead. Design, implementation and coordination of multi-currency real-time Benchmark Calculator using Reuters real-time data feed. Maintained data distribution system to vendors using MSDW Comet architecture.
  • Linkvest SA - Ingénieur Informaticien

    1992 - 1998 LINKVEST S.A., Switzerland.
    - - [ SUN/Solaris, Sybase, CORBA, MQSeries, JavaScript] Analysis, design and implementation of an Internet home banking solution for the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, including account access and integration of the one-to-one marketing environment. Set up of multilayer distributed architecture using Corba and MQSeries.
    - - [ SUN/Solaris, SparcWorks, C++, Java Script, Netscape Server ] Analysis, design and implementation of a real-time Web Server using the Reuters datafeed via Triach, for Union des Banques Suisses intranet. The real-time server was designed to support various financial datafeeds as well as static page integration. It served 100 pages and over 1200 users. The project duration was 4 months.
    -Portfolio management for private banking in Geneva [Window/NT, Weblogic, Visual Age, Oracle, UML]
    Senior-developer within a team of 7 developers, design and implementation of equity valuation and re-balancing.
    - SCP - [ VAX/VMS, ALPHA/OPENVMS, ADA, VB, C++ ] Maintenance of SCP (Standard Communication Platform).
    - SNMP AGENT - [ SUN/Solaris, C/C++ ] Design and implementation of an SNMP agent for Union Bancaires Privées (UBP) object oriented MIB. This SNMP agent also supported MIB II. API Fims Integration in MTG [ HP-UX, C++ , MS-Window ]


  • Haute École D'Ingénierie Et De Gestion Du Canton De Vaud HEIG-VD (Yverdon)

    Yverdon 1986 - 1990 Ingénieur Informatique Temps réel

  • Université Orléans

    Bourges 1983 - 1985 Génie Mécanique et Productique


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