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Mes compétences :
Brand Management
Microsoft Project
Project team management
Team management


  • Novartis Oncologie - Responsable partenariats

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2014 - maintenant
  • Novartis Pharma - Senior Pharmacy Project Manager

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2013 - 2014
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals - Product Manager

    2012 - 2013
  • Biogaran - Product Manager

    Colombes 2009 - 2011 Responsible for communication with health professionals
    Elaborated and implemented marketing plan
    • Internal project team leader for Biogaran’s pharmacist education and liaison program for ethical medications
    - Coordinated production of program resources (e-learning, website, hotline, pharmacist preparation guidebook and patient leaflet), which included liaising with external pharmacists and physicians to produce accurate and comprehensive material
    - Trained and supported sales force including designing and implementing an incentive program to increase product sales
    - Managed mediatisation which included all advertising and publicity across all forms of media (e.g. trade journals, mailing, e-mailing …)
    - Managed project budget (400K€) and measured ROI

    • Internal project leader for qualitative marketing studies covering patient and pharmacist perspectives
    The studies focused on six distinct health issues and were designed to understand patient noncompliance and opportunities for pharmacists to increase patient compliance (2,600 pharmacists, 30,000 patients)
    - Selected and briefed pharmacists, external data providers and publicists, included drafting and negotiating contracts as needed
    - Managed mediatisation of results (e.g. trade journals, mailing, e-mailing …)
    - Managed project budget (800K€) and measured ROI

    • Developed communication strategy that was utilised with health professionals
    - Created new brand management and communication strategy to ensure consistency and clarity of all brand related communication
    - Developed media plan (press, mailing and e-mailing - CRM)
    - Hired and managed external communication agency used for certain brand activities
    - Presented marketing plans to senior management and sales force (180 people)
    - Managed annual budget (1,200K€/year) and measured ROI

    • Managed training of pharmaceutical students
    Increased Biogaran brand awareness at 12 universities across France (consider adding impact on 2 interns/year)
    - Designed and implemented student training program which included delivering training sessions and coaching others to give sessions
    - Managed relationships with universities (professors, Doyens)
  • Biogaran - Junior Product Manager

    Colombes 2006 - 2008 • Consolidated pharmacist tools :
    - Analysed existing tools, and selected and improved the most relevant of them
    - Created new pharmacist tools (graphic charter and content)to increase substitution of brand name drugs
    - promoted sales force and pharmacists

    • Created sales force material :
    - Provided key sales themes for all products and pharmacist tools
    - Provided training program and ongoing support for sales force
  • Pharmacie Saint Jean - Employed as pharmacist

    2002 - 2006 During my studies, on saturdays and holidays
    Dispensed medicines, medical advices, merchandising.



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