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After more than 12 years of experience in the Operational and Strategic HR Process, with references of renowned structures in the Tunisian market. Challenges, development and diversity are the essential ingredients that drive my performance. Having the permanent concern to give meaning to everything I undertake, My objective is to value the skills and background HR in the development of the strategy of a strong and attractive employer brand.

Mes compétences :
HR Policies and Procedures
Training of young talents and support
RH training
Manage the company
develop the skills
Conflict management
Human Resources
Performance Management
Problem Solving
Team Management
Time Management
JDEdwards Suite
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Office
Sage Accounting Software


  • Groupe DéliceHolding - HR Manager

    2012 - maintenant * Adopt organizations and the transformation of managerial para. ;
    * Establish the company's HR procedures& the Rules of Procedure.
    * Determine the dashboards .
    * Controler and validate monthly payroll.
    * Set up the Busness plan..
    * Step up a five -year wage policy.
    * Training of young talents and support in all training projects on the Tunisian territory and abroad with the right master plan of training. ;
    * Accompanying and setting up a GPEC. ;
    * Train and set up HR services including RH training services , payroll service , security and general service, social services . ;
    * I am a member of the company's strategic committee.
    * I am a member of the Skills Management Committee. ;
    * Preparation of the annual budget of the company . ;
    * Following of expenses and profit of the company .
    * Ensure rigorous application of the labor code and collective agreements a well as the Rules of Procedure and ensure good social peace within the Group
  • Groupe LECTRIC - Responsable ressources humaines

    2007 - 2012 Human ressource Responsuble :

    * Manage and assist the HR team. ;
    * Manage and develop the skills of the company's employees. ;
    * Implement the involvement of staff. ;
    * Ensure respect for discipline and rules applicable within the site and detection of individual and/or collective breaches ( first and second degree disciplinary sanctions ).
    * Liaise with trade union organizations and representative bodies ( CCE , CSST).
    * Liaise with the labor inspectorate and law firms in case of prevention and management of disputes and conflicts .
    * Respect the standards of health , safety at work and environment ( SST).
    * Monitor HR indicators and issue reports. ;
    * Participate in deplloyments of strategies and objectives as defined by the site Management and branch and Division .
    * Manage costs and optimize performance indicators ( number /budgets , cost.absenteeism,training , staff, intensity...)
    * Manage the company's medical and social actions . ;
    * Supervise recruitment operations . ;
    * Supervise the implementation of career management tools ( annual maintenance , risk assessment, maintenance of evolution , passage frames , maintenance of resignation ...).
    * Manage all activities related to training ( budget , training plan and implementation ) and social relations.
    * Optimize earnings and grants for the benefit of the company by dealing with employement offices and training centers .
    * Respect deadlines and achievement of objectives. ;
    * Assess the performance and motivation of team members. ;
    * Comply with quality standars , procedures and instructions .
  • Valeo - Responsable paie et ADM personnel

    Paris 2004 - 2007 LEONI Wirring System
    Payroll responsuble
    * Ensure compliance with legal and contractual provisions and internal regulations .
    * Preparation and follow-up of the payroll of the personnel .
    * Establishment of wages and social declarations . ;
    * Preparation of tax returs (employer declarations). ;
    * Success of paid holidays on system .
    * Following of authorized overtime , recovery of working hours , etc.... ;
    * Following the updating of personnel files . ;
    * Use the application of union agreements in the processing of payroll.
    * Leave to the application of the laws of the Financial Security ( Laws LSF).
    * Guarantee the administrative organization of site and be the interlocutor of the Uap managers , Syndicat and the service for all matters relating to the legal administrative , payroll and personnel management of site .
    * Ensuring the efficiency and security of payement of wages .
    * Design of internal regulations in accordance with current legislation ,standards and general management policy.


  • Manchester Academy (Tunis)

    Tunis 2017 - 2018 Master
  • Institut Supérieur De Technologie (Tunis)

    Tunis 2001 - 2004 Bachelors Degree


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