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Berexia Conseil

Founded in 2010, Berexia Conseil is a services company specialized in information systems architecture consulting as well as in high value added software conception and development. It has more than 100 employees and subcontractors specialized in information technology and innovation.

The company offers a wide range of innovative solutions: powerful approach to support trading, risk management , End-to-end technical and business process monitoring, Expert Systems and E-learning solutions

Comprehensive support throughout the project life cycle, for framing to final hand-over, combined with an integrated quality approach.

The projects are conducted for key accounts in all activity areas.



    PARIS maintenant
  • SGCIB - Consultant senior

    PARIS 2014 - maintenant Continuous Delivery et Devops

    Architecture assessment
    Monitoring and performance
    Continuous delivery plateform
  • Crédit agricole - Auditor

    Montrouge 2013 - 2014 Continuous Delivery
    Production process monitoring
    DevOps best practices
  • Groupama Asset Management - Auditor

    Paris 2013 - 2013 Case study / General Audit (Misys Sophis Value) :

    - Architecture
    - Incidents management
    - Performance and production issues

    - Existing, Migration plan (target and trajectory)
    Performance optimization
    - Collect controlled compliance rules data size and put forward an optimization plan
    - Investigate Value extractions potential side effects in terms of slowness; analyse route causes with the software vendor assistance, undertake and guide support trough the optimization stages

    - Technical and functional monitoring study
  • BEREXIA Conseil - Founder & CEO, BEREXIA Conseil

    La Garenne-Colombes 2010 - maintenant
  • Société Générale -  .NET/J2EE Architect & Performance Team Manager

    PARIS 2008 - 2012 Managing application performance in all IT areas

    • Performance improvement package (SOPHIS CLIPSO, Murex, ALGORTIMICS and custom libraries)
    • Performance audit of the SGCIB transverse sections
    • Scalability and implementation model study for the whole MVC applications
    • Technical architecture standards definition
    • Technical architecture implementation defined within the project
    • Proposed common platforms to encourage resources pooling
    • Performance strategy around CITRIX (injection strategy, relevant indicators, metrics on the ICA protocol, target architecture...)
    • MOSS Portal Performance enhancements
    • Profiling and monitoring based on technical indicators .NET applications and JAVA
    • Installation of high performance environments
    • Load Runner for complex applications (RIA, Ajax...)
    • JMeter for Web Applications
    • Profiling tools implementation (POB and JProfiler)
    • Performance model implementation
    • Simple oriented GST for Web applications
    • Mathematics-law based complex needs distribution
    • Model-oriented installation of production by monitoring the implementation of indicator systems and applications
    • Framework for Pattern (JTBOX tools) pattern installation composed of cache, session management, Facade
    • Architect in the FOREX project
    • Business scalability and production management for all SGCIB areas (all banking products increased flows)
    • Provision approaches for Performance packages (Siebel Peoplesot, Murex, Algorithmix, ...)
    • Development support with Bangalore (India) (.NET, Silverlight, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, ...)

    Computing environment. NET, J2EE, MQ Series, Peoplesoft, Flex, Loadrunner, Test Director, JMeter, Jira
  • OSEO - SOA and IAM Architect

    Maisons-Alfort 2008 - maintenant • Global Architecture Definition and set-up
    • Existing solutions Inventory draw-up
    • Specifying the Business Layer
    • SOA Pattern description and features
    • Defining SOA invariants and projections in the OSEO Information System
    • Transverse functions Definition (Authentication, Empowerment ..) and implementation in an SOA architecture
    • IAM (Identity and Access Management) global architecture solution
  • AXA France - Consultant innovation

    Nanterre 2008 - maintenant • Federate Web skills
    • Web projects coordination to provide global consistency and optimize achievements
    • Audit and presentation of implementable innovations on the AXA France perimeter
    • Perform quality control of solutions/developed applications
    • Building of an Innovation Center (users club, consulting...)
    • Lead in technology watch (benchmarking)
    • Provide web solutions to run faster a rich and innovative range of products that match market expectations
    • Entry point for deploying the principles of architecture, frame of reference through a transverse oriented policy solution Services (DCS POP Architecture and Expertise)
    • Take over and manage opportunity studies, POC innovations related to Business Units and suppliers (Gartner, Microsoft, ...)
    • Define quality and mutualization indicators, share and suggest preventive solutions
    • Control Technical Validation Committee
    • Propose web "actions" for proprietary networks workstations, third-party networks, individual market and online insurance group
    • Supply of web services (SOA) for all DCS to develop package deals
    • Supply of transverse web services (GED, CTI, ...) to facilitate new technologies Integration

    Microsoft environment: .NET 2.3 and 4, Silverlight, MOSS
  • Société Générale - IT Architect

    PARIS 2008 - 2011 NEMO Project

    New architecture Head to define the Retail Banking of France roles aiming to propose a real-time configurable based portal based on:
    • user profiles
    • scheduled activities
    • events involving the user

    Technical approaches:

    • Managing a MDM type Data Bus (specific solution based on Aqualogic) to back all the information up to the portal
    • Study of the integration of all banking applications into the NEMO portal (respecting all the JSR on the subject)
    • Designing a unique Banking client vision (project lead with planners).
    • Study of the security flows that pass through the Portal (CRM payment confidential data...)
    • Applicative Architecture definition
    • Technical management of defense Editors (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Liferay and Thumbnail)
    • Supervision of Oracle, Microsoft, Liferay and Vignette P.O.C.
    • Technical study of the JSF and Flex applications migration on the portal
    • Performance Management
  • Bouygues Telecom - Technical Manager

    Meudon 2000 - 2008 • Supervision of a 14 people team (Transverse Technical Expert)
    • "Portal" project implementation
    • Multi-channel Redesign technical assistance (performance, code review, preproduction taskforce, supervision, development) based on Struts technology initially and with JSF afterwards.
    • Credit card payment flows reliability
    • Security architecture study
    • Siebel Front Office architecture Definition
    • POC between InfoSphere and Siebel for VUC module realization (Unified Customer View)
    • SOA architecture implementation between the Front and Back Office
    • Performance project Management
    • KPIs and SLAs definition
  • EDF - Architect EAI-J2EE & SAP Performance Manager

    Paris 2000 - 2008 OMEGA Project

    • Support and assistance to the GTE cell (technical management) for the Publication and Exchange Platform set.
    • Assistance to the Reliability Process, performance and robustness tests.
    • Implementation of environments management tools, debugging and defects monitoring .
    • Application monitoring implementation
    • Support of the integrator to resolve technical issues on the Portal (JSF on Weblogic)
    • Web Services integration and Middleware tools management
    • Complex technical solutions Validation (BPM, SOA in a Weblogic context, Webmethods, W4 and Web Services and a cluster architecture).
    • Supervision of performance on SAP-based-project (billing system)
    • Performance strategy
    • Inputs implementation (Injector, supervisor..).
    • Analysis and Tuning
    • Reporting and Interfacing with the Editor
  • Veolia Water - Audit

    Paris 2000 - 2008 Study of convergence management (Water distribution network) for 5 projects contributing to simplify the information systems and improve business productivity

    • T15A: Provision of a Patrimonial Repository of the Facilities (BDI) and Integrated Management of the Maintenance Infrastructure (MAXO).
    • T15B: Implementation of an operational integrated application (base LERNE).
    • T15C: Provision of a Patrimonial Repository of the Network (GIRIS).
    • T15D: Functional Integration BDQE with BDI.
    • T15E: Supplements to manage loops in BDQA.

    Applicative and technical architecture study of the Exploitation area (distribution network).

    • Building sustainable business architecture - Application architecture highlights
    • Technical architecture scenarios studies
  • GDF Suez - Audit & Framework definition (with the Chief Information Officer)

    COURBEVOIE 2000 - 2008 • Project INES: Exchange platform proposed to IT projects of GDF.
    • Project GAIA: Habilitation platform proposed to IT projects of GDF.
    • Audit of both projects in terms of architecture and technique.
  • TF1 - Internet Project Manager

    BOULOGNE 1999 - 2000 • Technical Supervision of an eight-developer team dedicated to redesign TF1 website.
    • Implementation based on Websphere Application Server Architecture and Coldfusion.
    • CORBA Spectra bus for the "Chat" section implementation
    • Conceptual Data Model definition for the TF1 "Plurielles" line.
  • CIC - Software Development Engineer

    Paris 1999 - 1999 • Participation in the TBF Architecture Redesign (Trésorerie Banque de France).
    • Specification and implementation of a bridge between Elink centralized system MVS / CISC containing Trades services and transactional Tuxedo Bus.
    • Modeling and industrialization of the communication between MOM MQSERIES Bank of France and transactional Tuxedo Bus bank CIC PARIS.
    • SNP Monitoring (System Net Protégé) Application design and implementation
    • DBA in development and production environments
    • Automated backups and tuning Developer Support


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