En résumé

I am currently in a career transition, moving from the I.T. field to the wine, beer and spirits sector. Targeting this objective, I am travelling around the world to explore, discover, share the pleasure and passion of wine.
Which countries I’ve selected for this journey? Those that match with my favorite hobbies: good wines, amazing rugby, fantastic cuisines and wonderful landscapes: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina.
My aim is to discover different kind of jobs, collect rewarding experiences, work with professionals, share values, open my mind.


  • De Bortoli Wines - Cellar Hand

    2017 - 2017 > Transfer wine
    > Racking
    > Barrel operations: filling, emptying, stirring, topping, SO2
    > Rinse, smoke, ozone barrels
    > Strong forklift experience
    > Harvest experience: (day & night shift, 6d/w)
    > receive and weight fruits
    > destem, crush and run presses
    > wine additions: yeast, nutrient, fining agents
    > turn over red ferments, plunge, rack and return
    > run off, taste off, dig out
    > rack tanks
    > barrel work: MLF, racking
    > Setup, operate, sanitize, pack up equipment
    > Cleaning, cleaning and always more cleaning :)
  • Moa Brewing Company - Bottling Line Assistant

    2017 - 2017 • Bottling and Labeling Machines Management
    • Standard Operating Procedures (keep bottle caps, labels, cartons, trays, tray and pallet wraps (plastic rolls) in adequate amounts to ensure continuous smooth running of equipment and operation)
    • Fixing Issues
    • Advisement for optimization and care of employees
  • Cooinda Lodge Kakadu - Food and Beverage Attendant

    2016 - 2016 > Bartender
    > Take orders from customers
    > Advise customers about food, beverage and tours
    > Preparing morning and lunch buffets
    > General cleaning
  • De Bortoli Wines - Cellar Hand

    2015 - 2016 > Transfer wines between tanks
    > Use a forklift to move barrels
    > Fill and empty barrels
    > Tip barrels by cans or hoses
    > Rinse, smoke and prepare barrels for a new use
    > Work during harvest season, including night shift
    > Tip, desteam, crush and press grapes
    > Calculate and put add in differents kinds of wines
    > Organize turn over, plunge or foot plunge
    > Clean crusher, press and tanks
    > Setup, clean, pack up tools
  • Pharmacie Grand Plaisir - Warehouseman

    2014 - 2015 > Product restocking
    > Merchandising organisation
    > Warehouse management
  • Periscope Creations - Integration Project Manager

    CLERMONT-FERRAND 2010 - 2013 > Help desk
    > Processing customer requests
    > Bug's and evolution's management
    > Testing phase and operation warranty
    > Contents integration
    > Training support redaction
    > Training