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  • Chevron - Reliability Team Lead

    Levallois-Perret 2012 - maintenant In charge of improve reliability, availability of a 30 000 asset chemical plant. My goal is to develop a comprehensive asset management thru all equipment lifecycle:
    - Project Phase :
    Maintainability, reliability studies based on maintenance stockholders feedbacks and lessons learns
    Participate to effective equipment selection based on CMMS equipment history, Plant/Company standard/REGAGEP
    Define equipment criticality, link with HazOp studies, French regulation safety studies, SIS studies
    Define preventive/proactive maintenance plan using appropriate tools (RCM, FMEA, Manufacturer recommendations)
    Define a comprehensive sparing philosophy based on Equipment criticality, LPO, cost of ownership, Lead time.
    Participate to Pre-commissioning, commissioning of new installation
    -Operation and maintenance
    Develop solution to identify repetitive, costly equipment problems thru bad actors process
    Facilitate Root Cause Analysis with operation/process engineering using 5Why, Why tree methodology and provide technical support to asset owner
    Analyze CMMS Equipment History to ensure effectiveness of all maintenance effort, optimize PM/PdM strategy
    Participate to MOC steering committee to quantify change impact on equipment and PM/PdM strategy

    - Project team member for SAP PM / Meridium implementation
    Build/review Routine Maintenance/Preventive Maintenance Work processes in accordance with Best Practices/SAP Work Processes
    Train end user on SAP PM ~ 100 users
    Build/review reliability and integrity Work processes in accordance with Meridium work processes (Criticality analysis, RCM, FMEA, PM/PdM developement, Inspection management, Thickness measurement Process, Production Loss accounting, Recommendation management, Bad Actors process, Root Causes Analysis)
  • Chevron - Reliability Engineer

    Levallois-Perret 2010 - 2012 - Management of alarm systems process
    o Monitor the process and indicators.
    o Analyze of nuisance alarm and resolution via the Change Management Process .
    - Tank Overfill protection project
    o Create the local Overfill protection standard in accordance with Chevron Engineering standard
    o Facilitate working group with multi disciplinary team to ensure compliance
    o Project
    - Safety studies
    o Participate to HAZOP/SOA (Hazard Operability / Safety Objectives Analysis) as a referent in alarm systems
  • Chevron - Reliability Engineer - co-op Education

    Levallois-Perret 2007 - 2010 - Lead the project of alarm management optimization.
    o Normative Study (EEMUA 191 , ISA 18.12, ISA 84.1 ) .
    o Create local Standards related to Management of alarm systems (Roles and Responsibilities, design of human-machine interface, alarm priorization, test of alarms, alarm systems Key Performance indicators).
    o Define specifications need to create the tool capable of measuring Alarm flowrate on HMI
    o Rationalize Alarms apparition to HMI, document troubleshooting procedure for operators to respond at alarms activation.

    - Facilitate FMEA (Failure Modes, their Effects and Criticality Analysis) on a 200 equipment production unit
    o Define of the study objectives, limits, building of the multidisciplinary team.
    o Prepare the study, Building PFD, PID study, equipments specification, functional analysis.
    o Participant Training, animation of the working group.
    - Facilitate reliability study (Equipment, Process, People, Design) in a 200 equipment Production unit
    LPO study
    o RCA on equipments/Process phases that cause the most LPO



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