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  • SOASTA Inc. - Vice President Business Development

    2010 - maintenant SOASTA delivers CloudTest, an on demand Cloud Testing SaaS offering leveraging the first CloudTest Global Platform, complemented by an appliance that can be used behind the firewall for functional and lighter load testing.

    With CloudTest, you can quickly build highly scalable , real-world load and performance tests (up to millions of users) at an amazingly low cost—ensuring faster, more scalable, and more reliable Web applications and services. In house development teams looking to maintain their testing environment behind the firewall can enhance SOASTA CloudTest with virtual appliances to realize these same benefits with private clouds.

    I'm currently VP Business Development Europe growing the business of our offering in EMEA.
  • Experian - Global Director of Software Testing and QA

    Courbevoie 2006 - 2010 Lead and develop a world-class organization of 80+ Software Engineers in test across our global development centers: Monaco, Nottingham, Bristol, Southport, Washington, Sofia and Kuala Lumpur.

    - Established, drive and manage the overall Software Testing and QA strategy for software products within the Experian Decision Analytics portfolio. Products are Java, .NET and C++ application, multi-platforms, databases and application server. These products generate $400 million in revenue. Products include: Strategy Manager Generation 3, Transact SM, Probe SM, Portfolio Reporting Studio, MarketSwitch, Strategy Tree Optimization, Model Development Studio, Tallyman, Hunter and Secana.

    - Teams are responsible for all testing aspects of our base products: Functional, performance, benchmarks, i18n, usability, integration testing. Responsible as well for acceptance testing for our major customer’ solution: Barclays, Bank Of America, HSBC, Sberbank, Standard Chartered Bank etc.

    - Established and manage a dedicated development team responsible to design and develop tests tools and automation framework (Perl, PHP, C#, Selenium etc.). Tools are bundled within our product portfolio.

    - Established and manage a dedicated Information Development team responsible to write technical user guide for Experian Decision Analytics products in order to reduce support cost.

    - Opened two new Software Testing structure structure in Sofia and Kuala Lumpur in support of the company’s rapid growth.

    - Drive the overall Benchmarking strategy in partnership with Software and Hardware vendors (IBM, Oracle etc.) and using Amazon EC2 cloud environment.

    Produce white papers targeted at pre –sales and high-profile customers (Bank of America, HSBC, Barclays).

    Administrative Director for the Experian Decision Analytics R&D office in Monaco (150 employees)

    - Member of the Decision Analytics Architecture board responsible to define and agree all technical direction for the Decision Analytics Global Software Group.

    - Sponsor and key driver during the transition to SCRUM for the Global Software Group organization.

    Champion and advocate product quality throughout the company and with high profile account (Barclays, HSBC, Vodafone, Bank of America, Standard Bank, etc.)

    - Manage an overall budget of $7 millions.

    - Member of the Experian 2010 CEO Forum providing feedback and ideas to Experian’s CEO Don Roberts.

    Work in relationship with Product Management, Customer Support, Global Delivery and Engineering Management to launch our next generation of software.
  • IBM - Quality Assurance Manager

    Bois-Colombes 2003 - 2006 Quality Assurance Manager
    WebSphere II Replication – Websphere II Classic Federation – 12 direct reports

    * Quality Assurance
    o Lead a highly successful QA organization of 20 QA engineers located in multiple locations (San Jose, Lenexa, Japan, China) assuming complete responsibility for the quality and reliability of our product.
    o Implemented process improvement opportunities aimed at reducing the costs of quality.
    o Introduced QA metrics to enable the organization to manage and achieve its quality goals.
    o Introduced new testing methodologies, optimizing test cases, automation, and leveraging "smart testing" principles.
    o Ensured product quality at the time of release within committed schedules.

    * People management
    o Identify recruits, develop and retain top engineers. Focus on employee growth, coaching, mentoring and feedback. Work with senior management to ensure consistent and equitable goal setting, performance evaluation, and compensation.
    o Daily interaction with team members, peer group and senior managers within Development and other departments such as Technical Support, Marketing and product management.
  • IBM - Software engineer Team Lead

    Bois-Colombes 2001 - 2002 Software Engineer
    WebSphere Commerce Suite – Team Lead

    * In charge of the design and implementation consecutive versions of WebSphere Commerce Suite and WebSphere Payment for z/OS and Linux/390 (WCS 3.1.2, WCS 4.1, WCS 5.1)
     Defined quality planning, control and assurance processes and checkpoints to be used throughout the life of the project.
     Empowered, coached and lead teammates in a matrixed environment until completion of the project. Cultivated a “can-do” team environment for rapid problem solving, escalation, and celebration.
     Guided/helped/instructed/distributed assignments to team.
     Responded professionally to customer issues; handled issues across components and supported department goals for APAR inventory.
     Engaged with marketing/sales to handle technical product issues/questions in support of sales situations.

    WebSphere Application Server – Java – Servlet – JSP – TCP/IP
    Linux/390 – z/OS – MVS – NT Server – DB2 – C – C++
  • IBM - Project Manager

    Bois-Colombes 2001 - 2003 Project Manager
    DB2 Replication – WebSphere Commerce – 50 people organization

    * Project management
    o In charge of the project management for the overall release of IBM DB2 Replication V8.1, DB2 II Replication Edition 8.2 and DB2 II Replication Edition 9.1.
    o In charge of the project management for the overall release of WebSphere Commerce 5.4 and Payment Manager 3.1.
    o Identified requirement, key stages, task lists and milestones for development items. Produced estimations based upon interaction with key development personnel (technical and management), Product Management and Marketing.
    o Wrote requirements based on customer survey and technical exchange.
    o Monitored project progress including tracking and controlling progress, auditing and reviewing pier work, continuously assessing risks.
    o Established completion and acceptance criteria for development and test.
    o Conducted the management of deliverables through the four stages of the life-cyle: initial (including requirement/launch), growth (Beta + Delivery), mature (FixPack and Service), decline (Including end of service).
    o Identified full requirements, risks, expectations and constraints for all new developments work through a Design Review Board and Action Team process.
    o Worked with development team to develop delivery plan, capacity plan, translation plan, packaging plan and distribution plan.
    o Applied the principles, process and enablers of Integrated Product Development (IPD) methodology including asynchronous development, team base management, fact decision making and structured development.
    o In charge of the ISO compliancy and awareness across the Replication organization. Developed and maintained new processes compliant with ISO standards. Documented and effectively implemented the Project Management System, to include project plan, schedule, procedures, and records.

    * Communication
    o Provided overall project leadership for all committed deliverables, providing a "one-stop" view of schedule and current status to upper management and executive community.
    o Alpha program coordinator for Charles Schwab inc. and Morgan Stanley.
    o Identified and implemented effective techniques to communicate project objectives, responsibilities, ideas, feedback and other appropriate information.
  • IBM - Software engineer project lead

    Bois-Colombes 1998 - 2001 Development Lead

     In charge of the design and the development of a prototype to interface IBM's IMS/Transaction Manager and a web browser using Microsoft technologies.

    COM/DCOM – MTS – Java – IIS – ASP – SNA Server
    NT Server
  • Sun Microsystem - Software Engineer

    1997 - 1998 Software engineer

     Development of an API able to read a Java Applet previously loaded into a smartcard (Gemplus JavaCard).

     In charge of the development of a Bank Application able to demonstrate the possibilities of Java toward the smartcard technology in a bank environment. This product was demonstrated during the 'InterFinance' fair in 1998.

    Java – Java Security – SmartCard – Oracle – JDBC – Serial port
    NT Server – Unix