En résumé

j'ai une expérience de plus de trente ans dans l'industrie de process B2B.
Je suis trilingue ( français, anglais et allemand) , multiculturel et mobile en Europe.
J'ai vécu et travaillé dans différents pays européens, géré à la fois des phases de croissance importante comme une sortie d'un marché.
Je souhaiterais faire profiter une nouvelle entreprise de ces "talents".

Mes compétences :
production planning
corporate marketing co-ordination
SAP Sales & Distribution
General management
Budget management
Assembly Plants


  • Paper Division - Commercial and Key Account Director

    2012 - 2017 Paper division has been merged with packaging division.
    Annoucement and management of paper exit :
    * Retaining chosen customers till the end ;
    * Keeping sales organisation "alive" and motivated ;
    * Permanent adjustment between order entry and available production capacity
  • Metsä Board - Commercial Director Business Reels

    2003 - 2012 ( Paper rolls for printer and converter segment)
    Office Paper division based in Amsterdam
    350 000 tonnes and EUR 250 million annual revenue
    First target was to boost the sales with:
    * Definition and implementation of the commercial strategy
    * Creation and management of a 15 sales directors/ managers team dispatched in 10 sales
    offices in EMEA
    * Re launch of the Modo Paper brand ( almost the unique well-known brand in that segment)
    Result: Increase of Sales with about 30% and significant margin improvement

    Next step was to improve our efficiency with:
    * Successful implementation of a fully new service concept in the Industry
    ( Reduced lead-time and improved stock rotation despite reduced production frequency)
    * Simplification and alignment from all terms and conditions
    * Successful launch of the Inkjet range in collaboration with HP, Canon and customers
    ( 30% market share with a significant margin improvement vs. standard grades)
    Contribution and guidance to the overall Office Paper division strategy
  • M-Real Alizay Mill - Supply chain Director

    2001 - 2003 (Management of internal sales, production planning, logistics & procurement)
    area, France) 300 Ktons of Mixed Hardwood Pulp and 300 Ktons of
    UWF Paper
    * Re-structuring of the Customer Service Centre. ;
    * Development and implementation of Commercial strategy ;
    * Liaison between Business Areas and Local Sales Offices.
    * Liaison between Pulp Production and Pulp Sales. Management of intra-group sales
    * Budget management. ;
    * Implementation of a new Warehouse Management IT system.
    * Implementation of a new production and production planning strategy.
  • Modo Paper - Commercial Director

    1999 - 2000 * Successful implementation of the merger of the Office Paper Divisions of Modo and SCA.
    * Elaboration and implementation of the commercial strategy for the German Office Paper
    Customer mix, distribution channels, product mix, prices, marketing and communication.
  • Modo Paper - Expert Commercial

    1998 - 1999 expert in SAP implementation Member of the project Steering Group
    Modo Paper Husum Mill (
    * Identification of sales processes ;
    * Preparation of database for SAP Sales & Distribution module
  • Modo Paper Alizay Mill - Export Sales Director

    1996 - 1997 * Implementation of the commercial strategy (agents and traders) in EMEA .
    * Follow up of the sales activities per country in terms of volume, prices, margins and product mix.
    * Identification and development of new market segments. ;
    * Active participation in the corporate marketing co-ordination group.
  • METSÄ BOARD - Directeur Commercial

    1996 - maintenant
  • Papeteries Matussière et Forest - Export sales manager

    1990 - 1995 Family owned French paper company: 6 paper mills & a production capacity of 350 000 tonnes
  • Papeteries Matussière et Forest - Export sales manager

    1985 - 1990 Family owned French paper company: 2 paper mills and 1 manufacturing plant
    Sales manager from « Textilose » department PHB sales office in Paris