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- People, Passion, Perseverance -
Bâtisseur d’organisation avec près de 20 ans de pratique dans la création, la relance et la direction de centres de profit pour le compte de grands groupes (Axa, Carrefour, conglomérat Indien Aditya Birla Group). Véritable manager du changement, capable de bâtir un consensus transculturel, former et motiver des équipes à embrasser le changement et à s’impliquer dans la réalisation d’objectifs ambitieux. Stratège et homme de terrain ayant l’expérience de diagnostiquer des situation dans des environnements complexes ou inhabituels, d’identifier les leviers de croissance et de mettre en place des solutions innovantes pour générer des résultats durables. Direction d’équipes de plus de 6,000 employés générant 700 millions € de chiffre d’affaire.

- > Réalisations récentes :
- Lancement d’un réseau d’hypermarchés dans le Nord de l’Inde : Aditya Birla Retail 2007-09

- Relance de la profitabilité de 9 hypermarchés Thaïlandais : Carrefour 2005-07

- Ouverture et développement de 5 hypermarchés dans la région ouest du Japon : Carrefour 2000-05

Mes compétences :
Direction Générale
Ressources humaines


  • Retail - Managing Director

    2011 - maintenant
  • Marjane Hypermarkets - Managing Director

    2009 - 2011 Assigned to accelerate business transformation of the leading retailer in Morocco. Since 1990, Marjane Hypermarkets has been the leading retailer in Morocco and grown up to 21 superstores (average size 75K sq ft), more than 6,000 staff and $1B sales.
    The newly created role of managing director of Marjane Hypermarkets includes the duty of deputy managing director of Marjane Holding. Reporting to the Chairman.
  • Aditya Birla Retail - Vice-President Hypermarkets - North India

    Paris 2007 - 2009 Building a hypermarkets organization in North India from the ground up. Based in Delhi. Reporting to the CEO, full P&L responsibility over North India.

    • Contributed to building our Hypermarket business model for India
    • Spearheaded 10 Hypermarket projects (average size 50K sq ft)
    • Designed the layout of 3 hypermarkets (average size 50K sq ft) based on business model and sales mix anticipated
    • Set up blueprints for the opening organization of a hypermarket from A: signing a lease to Z: actual store opening
    • Recruited and trained the whole initial team: expansion, buying & merchandising, organization & system, store operation
    • Contributed to the opening of one Hypermarket (78K sq ft): organization, processes, plannogram implementation
    • Designed and drove implementation of SOPs in existing Hypermarkets in other areas of India
    • Designed the overall training plan for hypermarket unit
    • Improved sales of one hypermarket by 21% by introducing a management review of assortment availability and category performance
  • Carrefour Thailand - Regional Director

    Massy 2005 - 2007 Drove performance turnaround —cutting costs, reducing waste, increasing productivity, promoting new retail proposition and new retail format— to achieve record profitability, rise to #1 in the country, and promote a low-cost operational model for entire organization. Assumed executive leadership of a $300M region (9 stores - 3000 staff) with steadily eroding profit performance. Reporting to Country Manager, full P&L responsibility over West Region.

    • Analyzed entire operation and developed aggressive turnaround plan touching on all areas of labor and operations. Led change across the region, strengthening communication and implementing cross-functional work groups to build teamwork and reduce fear. Achieved stores back-office cost reduction of 51%.

    • Succeeded in instilling customer focus and building a high-performance organization by implementing balanced scorecards.

    • Initiated a major action in building HR competencies and structure across the country that reduced staff attrition rate by 30%.

    • Opened a new 60K sq ft hypermarket from construction to launch, making it the first store to open below cost-budget and exceeding targeted sales by 8%.

    • Drove steady EBIT growth (5X the country average in 2007), becoming the only region in the country to meet and exceed profit targets every year and creating a pilot used to boost EBIT country-wide.
  • Carrefour Japan - West Japan Stores Manager

    Massy 2000 - 2005 Launched Carrefour into the Japan west market and built the #1 sales performers in the country. Arrived in West Japan alone with the challenge to open our first store and build our organization there. Reporting to Country Manager, full P&L responsibility over West Region.

    • Opened a 90,000 sq ft hypermarket with a 35 tenant shopping mall from construction through to launch. This store opened without any delay and became the first in the country to reach sales targets ($40M, 400 employees).
    • Integrated the store into its neighborhood, building community goodwill, creating team-based culture, and encouraging diversity.
    • Built a core team of managers that became the backbone of West Japan expansion.
    • Set up blueprints for HR, finance, and operational processes as a template for an expanding regional organization.
    • After 1 year, analyzed and adjusted product mix and store layout to better meet customer expectations. Launched a regional food merchandise unit to adjust merchandise assortment to West Japan. Store became #1 in Japan and first store in the country to reach sales and net income targets.
    • Led aggressive expansion and coordinated the opening of 4 additional stores: creating launch strategy, hiring/training 200 managers and 1600 employees in 10 months and promoting our first Japanese store manager.
    • Directly managed opening of a store that quickly became Japan’s most profitable and #1 sales performer.
    • Drove a business process reengineering initiative across entire Japan operation that reduced back-office cost by 25%.
  • Carrefour France - Store manager

    Massy 1997 - 2000 Led struggling store from breakeven to surging profitability while improving community and labor relations. Assumed leadership of undersized (50K sq ft) 25-year-old store with limited growth potential, located in an economically challenged area. Created and executed strategic plan to cut labor costs, eliminate waste, and boost store space and sales. Maneuvered adroitly in a difficult union environment. Reporting to Regional Director, full P&L responsibility over Niort hypermarket.

    • Drove up EBIT from break-even to beyond $1.5M in 1999, on track to pass $1.8M in 2000.
    • Successfully positioned the store as an asset to its community and gained rare unanimous approval for expansion from local authorities. Launched construction plans to expand facility by 30%.
    • Built an assertive diversity program promoting staff advancement and outreach to the community.
    • Ousted antagonistic union from 4 of 5 board seats by introducing a new union program and transitioning core group of employees to the new union.
  • AXA France - Deputy Regional Sales Manager

    Nanterre 1996 - 1997 Transformed faltering sales region to the fastest-growing in the country. Accepted turnaround assignment to lead a $120M region with sales staff of 250. Analyzed entire operation and defined comprehensive restructuring to drive sales growth, cut costs, and improve customer service. Solicited input from staff and clearly defined expectations to launch a revival plan and create a new, high-performance culture.

    • Ranked #1 in sales growth for first semester 1997. Increased net income by 38% in 18 months.
  • AXA France - Regional Marketing Manager

    Nanterre 1993 - 1995 Hand-picked to design and lead a centralized marketing department; rapidly built team, organization, and initiatives that directly impacted revenue (546% impact increase in 2 years).

    • Sales generated through regional marketing grew from $8.2M in 1993 to $53M in 1995.
  • AXA France - Sales associate then sales-training manager

    Nanterre 1990 - 1993 Built sales agency from the ground up to $200,000 yearly sales in one year. Led pilot program creating new tool to drive sales effectiveness within AXA France.


  • Nicholls State University MBA (Thibodaux, Louisiana)

    Thibodaux, Louisiana 1987 - 1990 International Business
  • Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham)

    Nottingham 1985 - 1986 European Business
  • Ecole Supérieure De Commerce De Toulouse

    Toulouse 1983 - 1986 International Marketing