Gaston Patrick ENDEME


En résumé

A multi-skilled IT manager with 12+ years of experience in Telecommunication operation and support including 3+ years of Project Management and Architecture with good all-round supervisory and technical expertise.
Highly motivated and accomplished Information Technology professional with extensive background in Operation management, Business Support, as well as capability in bridging the gap between technical and non-technical personnel with an excellent analytical and problem solving approach.
Very capable with a proven ability to ensure the smooth running and support of IT systems and services that will improve the efficiency and performance of a company.
Proficient in planning and supervising technology implementations and upgrades.
Possess comprehensive experience in services delivery to increase revenue and customer experience.
Hold proven expertise in directing successful IT teams and technical support programs.
Good exposure on Senior Management through many acting as Senior Manager Service Delivery role.

Mes compétences :
Time management
Technical support
Comprehensive experience
Systems management
Value Added Service (VAS) Systems Management
Project Management
Problem solving
People management
Outsourcing Management
Linux Red Hat
Interconnect and Roaming
ITIL methodology
Billing Systems Support and Management
Customer Relationship Management
Complains Management
Charging Systems Management
Capital Project Management
Business Support
Business Analysis
Financial control (OPEX & CAPEX)
Vendor's management


  • MTN CAMEROON - Billing and VAS (Value Added Service) Manager

    2014 - maintenant - Management of Operation, Maintenance and Support of all applications related to Retail and Wholesale Billing (Postpaid Platforms) - Value Added Services (VAS) systems.
    - Strategic Consulting, including business plan & Operational strategy development
    - CAPEX and OPEX Management + Managed Services and Outsourced partners teams
    - Systems/Platforms Expansion + Reporting + Incident, Change, Vendors and Complains Management
    - People management: KPI assignment, Training, Development plan, Evaluations
    - System management: Availability, Monitoring and Performance of the platforms
    - Process: Documentation, Procedures, Implementations (products & services)
  • MTN CAMEROON - Billing Manager

    2013 - 2014 Management of Operation, Maintenance and Support of all applications related to Retail and Wholesale Billing (Postpaid Platforms).
    Management of Outsourced partner’s. CAPEX and OPEX Management. Systems/Platforms Expansion + Reporting + Incident, Change, Vendors and Complains Management.
  • ENSET Douala - Enseignant Licence PRO - Système D'Information

    2012 - maintenant
  • MTN CAMEROON - Solutions Architect

    2009 - 2013 - Budgeting and Purchasing: Provide key elements for budgeting purposes and get a preliminary quotation.
    - Implement new demand from business in emergency with a lack of resource.
    - Design and maintain all the Billing and Mobile Payment management systems architectures.
    - Ensure proper and efficient architecture of billing system and mobile payment systems.
    - Assessing new demands from the business and Develop solutions to support strategy.
    - Analyze and Develop solutions to new business needs and demands: Identify, at a high level, the appropriate equipment to carry required services; Keep in close touch with the billing application or mobile money sector to be able to choose the right supplier and identify the suitable elements in the interest of optimum investment and billing, roaming and interconnect performances.
    - Develop and deliver projects in line with planning projects.
    - Documentation and Information: Competencies transfer and handover projects to Operations teams.
  • MTN CAMEROON - Billing Systems Analyst

    2007 - 2009 - Design, implement and maintain applications and billing systems. This includes the provisioning processes associated with these operations, all type of postpaid call rating, and the production of billing invoices.
    - Implement and maintain all the features and products associated to the postpaid and business segment.
    - Implement and maintain all the billing activities associated to roaming and interconnect partners.
    - Ensure proper and efficient running of billing systems.
    - Implementation of the technical part of all projects around, billing and charging platforms.
    - Provide support to end users applications and solving customer's problems and complaints.
  • Orange Cameroon S.A - Billing Design and Development Expert & Webmaster

    2003 - 2007 - Webmaster: administration of the intranet and website.
    - Develop solutions and support in house applications around billing and Intelligent Network platforms.
    - Implementation of technical solutions to support business needs.
    - Projects management of new Provisioning and Mediation systems and also participate in P2P projects.
    - Provide support to end users applications and solving customer’s problems and complaints.
    - Ensure proper and efficient running and monitoring of billing systems and applications.


  • Université De Douala/ ENSET (Douala)

    Douala 2010 - 2012 Master Professionnel Niveau 2


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