Geoffray MUSIAL


En résumé

I have worked during five years in exploration and production at Total through many internships and a PhD thesis focused on the Athabasca Oil Sands. I have started my career in 2010 at Beicip-Franlab, in exploration and production consultancy, focused on the Algerian petroleum systems. Then, I have worked during two years as consultant and assessor for Exploration in Venezuela for PDVSA. I came back in France in 2014 to develop my multidisciplinary knowledge. My areas of expertise are diversified from basin geology to reservoir heterogeneity modeling. I am a field geologist with a strong background in clastic environment especially tidal-dominated, ichnological study, core descriptions and sedimentary modeling.

Mes compétences :


  • Beicip-Franlab - Géologue/Sédimentologue

    2010 - maintenant
  • TOTAL E&P - Thèse CIFRE

    COURBEVOIE 2007 - 2010 Architecture Stratigraphique et Modélisation Sédimentaire 3-D des
    Réservoirs à IHS ("Inclined Heterolithic Stratification") de la Formation du McMurray,Alberta, Canada.
    PhD. Thesis N° 2010PA06314, Univer sity of Pierre and Marie Curie
  • Total - Thésard

    COURBEVOIE 2007 - 2010