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Suite a une bonne experience a différents échelons du bureau d'étude, je conçois des systemes HVAC pour le bâtiment ou le "oil&gas.Je suis rigoureux méthodique et autonome a tout les niveaux de l'étude.autant en calcul qu'en dessin.

Mes compétences :
Air Conditioning


  • Sofresid Engineering - Lead HVAC

    1999 - maintenant ASSET (SAIPEM shipping) (detail): -SOFRESID-LORIENT:
    FDS/ S3000 -750T `Winch / Thruster / Galley update :

    * HVAC - In charge of HVAC's calculation notes (air flow, ductwork, equipment...), D&ID, layout and MTO. ;
    * PROCESS - In charge of Process's calculation notes (pump, exchanger, expansion tank, pipework, pressure loss...) and P&ID . ;
    * SURVEY - 3 days on board.
    KAOMBO (detail) TOTAL: In charge of HVAC' Calculation notes, Equipment list, P&ID, D&ID, SLD, Layout.

    JANGKRIK ( cold eyes) ENI: Lead HVAC in charge of Design brief, functional specification, philosophy endorsement, calculation endorsement, new calculation notes, D&ID/P&ID, Typical, Symbol, HVAC layout Equipment list.

    BLOCK 15 (feed) ENI : Lead HVAC in charge of Calculation notes, HVAC Philosophy, Block diagrams.

    OFON TOTAL (detail) TOTAL: In charge of HVAC' Calculation notes, technical specifications, requisitions, data sheets, design basis, design philosophy, weight report, MTO, D&ID, single line diagrams, coaming books studies and management interface with the structure team.

    ANGUILLE (detail) TOTAL: In charge of HVAC' Calculation notes, technical specifications, requisitions, data sheets, D&ID/P&ID and layout.

    SHTOKMAN (feed) TOTAL : -Integrated at SAIPEM PARIS's team :In charge of several HVAC' Calculation notes, block diagram, lay-out, equipment list, MTO for Topsides Technical building and fore machinery space.
    OML 58 (detail) TOTAL : - Integrated at SAIPEM PARIS's team: In charge of dimensioning calculations of duct work and Layout .
    HOSPITAL of Pontivy (detail) : In charge of dimensioning calculations of duct work and Layout .
    SCORPENE INDE Program :
    In charge of cooling and air-conditioning installations (C1 phase)
    Completion for these two installations :
    * Explanatory installation manual (MEDEF). ;
    * Management of diagrams modifications and their impact on construction drawings. ;
    * Supervision and validation of electrical and control system installation manual. ;
    * Installation schedule management.
    * Installation constraints management.
    FREMM Program :
    Execution of functional diagrams for fluid installation (seawater, fire, diesel, scuppering..)
    HOSPITAL CALMETTE of Lorient : Synthesis (HVAC/Electricity/piping...) studies on site.
    DELTA Program :
    In charge of installations of accommodation functional studies
    QUEEN MARY2 - Chantiers de l'Atlantique: Study of loading strategy for cabins (lead handling cabins).
    Chantier OCEA - Fontenay le comte: Hull Accessories studies - Follow-up on site
    Various studies of mechanics and fluid....
  • SOFILOG - Technical support

    Le Mans 1999 - 1999
  • ECMA - Technician

    velizy villacoublay 1998 - 1998 Conception, modification, re-mounting of special machines for food industry.

    Paris 1997 - 1997 Drawing, design, studies implementation and control, estimates and procurement, feasibility meetings, be the interface with other departments for a technical support...under the creation of a new production line ;

    1996 - 1996 Machine tools standardisation
  • Sofresid Engineering - Lead HVAC

    1995 - maintenant

    1995 - 1995 Assembly and adjusting of agricultural machine


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