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  • Spiecapag - Project Manager

    Colombes 2012 - maintenant Client : SNH
    Project : Gazoduc Bipaga 1 - Mpolongwe 2 ( Cameroun)

    XX M EUR contract. Gazoduc Bipaga 1 - Mpolongwe 2 Project consists of a EPCIC of instalation of 17,7 km of 12" gas pipeline with two pig trap stations and a filtering/ metering skid.

    The facilities for this project consist on:
    - Pig launching and receiving stations, metering stations other pipeline ancillaries including instrumentation & controls.
    - Cathodic protection (CP) systems for pipelines & telecommunication system.
  • Spiecapag - Subcontract manager

    Colombes 2010 - 2012 Position : SUBCONTRACT MANAGER
    Period : From 22/03/2010
    Project : PNG LNG Project EPC5A - Onshore Pipelines (Papua New Guinea)

    XXX M EUR contract. PNG LNG Project EPC5A consists of a EPC (except the furniture of the pipes) of:
    - 451 km of pipelines (17 km x 22'' of multiphases pipeline, 103 km x 8'' of condensate pipeline, 298 km x 32'' plus 33 km x 34'' gas pipelines) and approximately 12 million m3 of earthwork with the road and the infrastructures associated with the project.

    The facilities for this project consist on:
    - Pig launching and receiving stations, metering stations at Kutubu and Gobe main line valves, check valves, fault crossings and other pipeline ancillaries including instrumentation & controls.
    - Cathodic protection (CP) systems for pipelines & telecommunication system.
    - Approximately 24 km of electric power cable, and 130 km of fibre optic telecommunications cable.
    - Infrastructure comprising roads and bridges required for project construction logistics and other items of infrastructure associated with the operation of the Project, waste management facilities, vehicle wash down stations.
    *Note: Maximum Pressure of Operation for Hides lines will be of 561 bar.
  • Spie capag - Project control Manager

    Colombes 2008 - 2010 Position : PROJECT CONTROL MANAGER
    Period : From 29/09/2008 to 19/03/2010
    Project : Oleoducto de los Llanos Orientales (ODL) (Colombia)

    196 M USD contract (Construction). Presence of important quantities of heavy crude oil have been confirmed since more than 15 years, in the area of rubiales, located at 220 kilometres of in the South east of Cusiana field, in the plain area of the ''Llanos Orientales''.
    In order to convey these products towards the Colombian pipeline net-work, ODL has decided to build a 237 kilometres pipeline, linking the new pumping station of Rubiales (Meta department) to the existing Ecopetrol facilities of Monterrey (Casanare department).
    The project includes the installation of 8 block valves, 6 check valves the pipeline design, Design procurement and installation of the cathodic protection system, Design and construction of the geotechnical works y Design and construction of the bunkers for valves. Construction works are including 4 major HDD crossings (Meta, Manaucacias, Planas and Yucao rivers).
  • Spie capag - Project engineer

    Colombes 2007 - 2008 Position : PROJECT ENGINEER
    Period : From 02/07/2007 to 15/09/2008
    Client : NATIONAL GRID
    Project : Isle of Grain to Shorne Pipeline Project (United Kingdom)

    40 M EUR contract (Engineering, Procurement, Construction). The 36’’ (914mm) diameter gas pipeline will run for approximately 25 km from the Isle of Grain to Shorne in South East England, through a complex route negotiating congested roads, railway lines and the busy Thames river estuary.
    The pipeline route goes through highly sensitive environmental areas such as SSSI and RAMSAR Sites (*) for which the expertise of AMEC Earth and Environment services will be required.
    (*) SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) about 4,000 classified sites in UK. RAMSAR (Wet Areas of International Concern protected by the Ramsar Convention signed in Iran 1971) approximately 150 Sites classified in UK.
  • Amec Spie Capag - Deputy construction manager

    Londres 2006 - 2006 Position: DEPUTY CONSTRUCTION MANAGER (PIPELINE)
    Period : 2006
    Client : YLNG (TOTAL)
    Project : YLNG Pipeline Project(Yemen)

    350 M USD contract (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Main Contractor). Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) of 350 km of 38" and 30" pipeline to transport gas through Yemen from the Marib Gas Field to the Balhaf LNG Plant. The project also included take-off stations and valve stations & installation of pipeline in two major escarpments. Engineering & procurement was carried out in Muscat (Oman) and the PMT office located in Sanaa.
  • Amec Spie Capag - Hydrotest manager

    Londres 2003 - 2006 Hydrotest manager AMEC SPIE CAPAG
    Position: Hydrotest MANAGER (PIPELINE)
    Period : 2006
    Client : BP
    Project : BTC-SCP

    Amec Spie Capag is a French company specialized in pipeline construction. AGT project is a double pipe crossing Azerbaidjan-Georgia-Turkey. The first one is a 46” diameter for crude oil, the second one is a 42” diameter for gaz. Amec Spie capag is dealing with the crossing of Georgia on which I am in charge to carry on all the hydrotest and pre-commissioning activities.
  • Cap Gemini Ernst&Young - Senior Consultant

    2001 - 2003 Cap Gemini Ernst&Young is a worldwide company dealing with IT and business services.
    During my stay with this company I had the opportunity to be involved in several projects dealing with IT and/or business. I had to manage small crews between 5 and 10 peoples.
  • Univers Informatique - Consultant then Project Leader

    1999 - 2001 Univers Informatique was a company specialized in decisional systems.
    During my stay with this company I had worked mainly for telecommunication companies defining with them KPI and indicators to implement them using their corporate systems


  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Et Métiers (Paris)

    Paris 1996 - 1999


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