Guillaume SANCHEZ


En résumé

Je suis un étudiant en informatique passionné, essayant d'apprendre au plus possible au sujet des systèmes embarqués, des OS, des langages et de la compilation, des machines virtuelles, et de l'IA.

Je vois la programmation comme une science plutôt qu'une discipline industrielle permettant de créer des applications destinées à des utilisateurs etc. L'informatique est à mon sens une discipline toute naissante, qui évoluera dans des dimensions encore inimaginables, et je veux faire partie de ça.

Je possède un blog technique ( ), ainsi qu'un compte bitbucket ( ) sur lesquels j'expose mes travaux sur des problématiques qui me tiennent à coeur.

Je réalise également beaucoup de projets sur mon temps libre, en plus de ceux imposés par l'école :

mars 2014
Functionality is a virtual machine which is based on an outrageous plagiarism of the .Net CLI/CLR design but in a functional paradigm rather than an object paradigm.
Like all modern and high level asm, Functionality's is thought to be completely implementation agnostic, so that I can first implement a bytecode interpreter using "high level" datastructures, in plain ISO C, machine agnostic. We have an asm which knows nothing about the vm, and a vm which never cares about the hardware.
( )

janvier 2012 – WIP
Gamulator is a Gameboy emulator made using the metaprogramming power of C++. Look at the file z80.cpp which shows how instructions are compile-time generated using a "template declarative syntax"
( )

septembre 2012 – octobre 2012
SML stands for Standard Macro Library.
Deeply inspired from the STL, the SML aims to have generics containers in C, using ISO C
( )

Scholar projects
2012: System, Wrote a simple filesystem driver (in C) based on the FAT design.
2012: Interpreter, Wrote a C++11 Lisp interpreter.
2012: 42sh, A perfect imitation of ‘bash –posix’ in C done in course in team of 5. I was in charge of lexer / LL(1)parser / AST, all written from scratch, arithmetic evaluation and fnmatch().

Spare time projects
2011: Emulator, A C++ Chip8 emulator. (C++11)
2012 - now: Gamulator: A gameboy emulator, intended to integrate a full debugger, will maybe be extended with dynarec (C++11)
2012: BR41N: A propositional logic theorem prover (Haskell)
2012: An imitation of the STL in pure C metaprogrammed with macros.
2013: HaskellExpr: A simple mathematical language interpreter (Haskell)
2013: Synth: A modular synthesizer (C++11)
( )

Si vous avez un travail/stage nécessitant quelqu'un de vraiment curieux et passionné, appelez moi !

Mes compétences :
Artificial Intelliegence
Audio processing
Virtual machines


  • Google - Software engineer intern

    Paris 2015 - 2015 I'm working on ART's compiler, dex2oat. I improved integer division by constants up to 40%, improved the type propagation allowing further optimizations and corrected some ARM code generation bugs.
  • Software Engineering School - Assistant

    Villejuif 2014 - maintenant We are 30 assistants, teaching C, C++ and Java programming to 300 students. Our job is to write subjects, help students to debug their code, help them to understand programming, make them evolve with Unix, etc.
    I was especially in charge of two projects : an AI for chess, and Synthesizer, a simple audio synthesizer in C++ with simple filters for which I wrote the subject.
  • Facebook - Software Engineer Intern

    Paris 2013 - 2013 I was working in the Wormhole team ( ).
    My main work was to write a configuration manager, used today in production.


  • Stanford University

    Stanford 2015 - 2015 I followed unofficially Richard Socher's Deep NLP class. I'm working on some side projects using this knowledge right now.
    I'm also making my way through CS231n via course notes.
  • Coursera.Org

    Cours En Ligne 2015 - 2015 I followed and completed Andrew Ng's Machine Learning class on coursera.
  • Software Engineering School

    Kremlin Bicêtre 2010 - 2015 Engineering degree

    Embedded systems