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  • Trixell - Product Engineer

    Moirans 2009 - maintenant
  • Qimonda - Methodology and project engineer for reliability

    2007 - 2009 In charge of methodology for reliability monitoring of 5 technologies simultaneously
    Ran lifetime assessment tests with current and temperature induced degradation modes: electromigration for interconnections and hot carrier for MOS transistors.
    Managed priorities among technologies and in charge of all project phases:
    - Defined reliability monitoring needs, negociated and optimized structures size versus cost
    - Defined test structures concept, supported and corrected designers on final versions.
    - Defined test algorithm sequence and and wrote it in partnership with IT expert
    - Supported and trained production counterparts on technical issues (America, Asia, Europe)
  • NXP - Test and Control engineer for reliability

    2005 - 2007 In charge of monitoring for copper interconnections reliability for 3 technologies simultaneously
    - Analysed monthly results with Statistical Process Control methodology (SPC)
    - Developed and ramped up the monitoring plan from qualification to full production
    - Met monitoring sampling targets and published quarterly reports for customers
    - Defined test structures concept and wrote algorithms to reduce test time by a factor of 5
  • SWATCH - Intern - Research Study

    2004 - 2004 Working in ASULAB S.A, Swatch R&D laboratories, Neuchatel, Switzerland.
    Study of the interphase created between an epoxy-nylon adhesive film and its substrate
    - Optimized surface treatments, ran bond humidity storages and bond breaking tests in order to improve reliability
  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC - Intern - Industrialization study

    Rueil Malmaison 2003 - 2003 Working in Schneider Electric Technocenter, Grenoble, France.
    Industrialization evaluation of a new surface treatment process for a circuit breaker component.
    - Completed a “Produce or buy” study: schedule of conditions, market analysis



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