Gwenaël GIROD


En résumé

Holder of a Master MIAGE diploma, I am currently working as a freelance web developper, with a specialization in front-end technologies and integration.

If you want to know more about my area of expertise and my motives, please follow this link :

Mes compétences :
Web development
Back end
Project management


  • Disneyland Paris - Web Development Apprentice

    Chessy 2015 - 2016 In the Technology Front Office pole, I developed web applications around the problematics of continued improvement of the e-commerce websites.
    - Development of a web application optimizing the push of the modifications on the marketing and booking websites.
    - Rethinking and reshaping of the e-commerce teams’ wiki (needs analysis, specifications and development).
    - Research for a method of analysis and measurement of the “guest experience” indicator
  • Capgemini Technology Services SAS - Web Development Intern

    PARIS-LA DEFENSE 2015 - 2015 In Capgemini Montbonnot's Lab'Innovation, I helped developing of a POC of a hypervisor 3D based on an Indoor Positionning System technology.

    - Development languages : Javascript, CSS3, HTML5
    - Specific API : AngularJS, ThreeJS, NodeJS
    - Developement of a responsive, dynamic and user-friendly interface
    - Development of a complete 3D environment based on Capgemini Montbonnot offices
    - Integration of a MOM with MQTT
    - Deployment of beacons and fingerprinting
  • PREVENT Silicones - Web Development Intern

    2014 - 2014 In a small silicone production company of 10 people, I independantly designed and developed a mobile web application managing the production documentation of the silicon based products.
    Development langages : HTML, CSS, PHP
    Defining functional and technical specifications
    Responsive interface
    Development and deployment of the project