Ismael-Thibault SAMI


En résumé

- Membre du Codir
- Gestion d'un site de production : 568 pers.
- CA > 150 Mio €/ an .
- Ingénieur (Formation Conception Mécanique et Management en Allemagne).
- > 10 ans d'experiences Automobile et Aeronautique (Allemagne/France/Ireland)
- Triilingue Franco-Allemand-Anglais

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
Amélioration continue
Optimisation des process
Finance d'entreprise


  • Faurecia - FES / indus division France

    2018 - maintenant
  • Valeo (Ireland) - Plant Production Director

    2015 - 2018
  • Valeo - Business Unit Manager

    Paris 2010 - 2015 -Fulfill customer needs, accomplish internal productivity, quality, cost & service objectives. Use the resources needed and budgeted (headcount, material, overhead, investments) in the most efficient manner.
    -Respect customer production plans with on-time delivery, cost, and quality (output, scrap, machinery efficiency)
    -Maintain quality and safety standards as directed by ISO/TS, ISO14001, and Valeo
    -Manage human capital and investments to meet production requirements
    -Supervise and support APU activities in quality, maintenance, and VPS principles
    -Develop and apply the 5-Axes and 5S methodologies and cultures (Valeo V5000 quality system)
    -Manage inbound and outbound logistics, new product launches, general and machinery maintenance
    -Active involvement in -30 plan activities
    -Apply lesson learnes in this area
    -Manage and respect the production budget
    -Support steering committe for the implementation of QRQC and QRMC
    -Coaching and OJT / discipline / keep standards / Training
    -Promote the spirit of continuous improvemet through Kaizen
  • Valeo - Plant Quality Manager

    Paris 2006 - 2010 - Manage the Quality team
    - To ensure customer satisfaction within the site organization.
    - To carry out the prevention of the quality non compliances
    - To lead the quality production 's improvement Plan
    - Coordinate the implementation of the quality system and its certifications also internal quality system (V5000; ISO-TS-16949)
    - Coordinate and validate the solving of problems
    - Coordinate the Process Audits
    - Support quick and efficient solution of all warranty issues and implementing predictive models for reliability and warranty cost exposure
    - Ensure continuous improvement in all quality indicators (0-KM; DPM, Warranty resolution,etc.)
    - Train and coach the teams of other networks in problem solving tools and establish the appropriate mindset on problem solver attitude (SAN GEN SHUGI MINDSET)
    - Ambition to reach industrial excellence and cost reduction for customer satisfaction to produce right at firsttime deliverables
    - Ability to think processes and to define industrial standards with its continous improvement towards existing bench marks
  • Airbus (Germany) - Supply Chain Quality Manager ( Airbus A380 ).

    2005 - 2006 - Ensure the application of quality procedures and project tracking according to quality management methods (AMDEC, 8D Analysis, etc.)
    - Identification and management of risks with respect to Quality Assurance methodology
    - Overseeing and reporting of Quality projects and their objectives.
    - Manages the state of progress of suppliers’ projects and validates the key
    - Manage suppliers for efficient incident management
    - Managing suppliers' audit and suppliers' improvement.
  • Freudenberg (Germany) - Project Manager

    2001 - 2005 - Manage the project team
    - Drafting tender proposals.
    - Drafting of requirements
    - Responsibility for Costs/Delays
    - Responsibility for conception.
    - Follow-up of prototype production.
    - Setup of line productions
    - Oversight of Commercial Proposals
    - Oversight of Customer strategy


  • Hochschule Für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg (HAW Hamburg) (Hamburg)

    Hamburg 1996 - 2001 Conception Mécanique et Management.

    Management International


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