En résumé

Domaines de compétences :
- Pilotage/gestion de projets complexes
- Pilotage et réalisation de missions "Business Transformation"
- Conduite du changement, organisation et systèmes d'information
- Gestion des risques, surveillance permanente et contrôle interne
- Etude, diagnostic, analyse d'impact, recommandations

Domaines d'expertise :
- Pilotage de la performance (Balanced ScoreCard, BPM, KPI/KRI..)
- Evaluation et amélioration des dispositifs risques en place (existant)
- Mise en place et amélioration du contrôle interne / surveillance permanente
- Mise en place et suivi de conformité (SOX/LSF, Bâle/Solvency II, MIFID..)
- Mise en place d'approches ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), GRC (Governance, Risk management, Compliance)
- Mise en place de dispositifs et d'outils de gestion du risque opérationnel (conformité 97/02, 03/05, Bâle II et III...)

Mes compétences :
Organization change
Business transformation
Pilotage de projets
Gestion des risques


  • Management Consulting Fat 4 - Managing consultant

    2006 - maintenant Corporate & Investment Bank - Global Information & Operations - Operational risk projects
    Project and functional management: (1) development / implementation of a permanent control solution tool that enables action plans and recommendations follow-up(steering and reporting tool) (2) project development of a Permanent Risk Monitoring framework (3) development and implementation of a risk reporting tool based on a group permanent control tool (4) Follow-up of department activity /projects: planning, budget, progress, improvement needs.

    AXA - Financial Department: performance review of Sarbanes Oxley framework / controls, tests execution (cheminement allégé) and management performance reviews, recommendations delivery and framework rationalization propositions.

    International Bank - Project management : MiFID directive implementation, client categorisation requirements compliance (FSA framework)

    Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) - ICADE - Real estate project management
    - Project management and steering: implementation of a new organization and information management system at subsidiary scale (from kick-off to post-launch support: analysis, qualifications, implementation, follow-up);
    - Supervision and coordination of all post-launch problems and pitfalls (analysis, resolutions steering, follow-up - all sites);
    - Project management/steering: (1) compliance with SRU regulatory environment, implementation of tool upgraded version (2) analysis, definition, sites-generalisation of all management documents, edition office automation

    BNP-Paribas Real Estate and Property Management (REPM) - Promis Project
    - Project pre-integration / reliability process: functional analysis, homogenisation work, project tasks optimisation.

    Development of an Enterprise Risk Management offer; surveys on investment funds (hedge funds, ETF, special vehicles)

    Credit Mutuel - Arkea Project - Risk reduction and business activity continuity planning - Operational risk project
    - Definition and optimisation of project management workload and deliverables, project management office tasks;
    - Process and risk documentation on the fields covered by business activity continuity and risk reduction scope.

    BNP-Paribas Insurance - PIMS project (Protection International Management System)
    - Review and consolidation of overall insurance core data model
    - Detail design of core products ;
    - Project follow-up from configuration to delivery, improvements, post delivery management.
  • OrgaConsultants - Consultant

    2005 - 2005 - Development of a new expertise department: Steering and economic performance, design of offers and structure;
    - Implementation mission of an internal control structure and dedicated procedures compliant with Sarbanes Oxley and LSF for a global insurance actor - Development of a cross-sector implementation kit;
    - Application of a Business Process Management methodology to the internal control project ; tool training session; - Deployment mission of a Balanced Scorecard for a global company (Hyperion HPS and Analyser);
    - Impact surveys of IFRS and IAS, Basel II, Solvency II norms, and proposal of dedicated architectures.
  • Ernst & Young Business Advisory - Consultant

    Courbevoie 2005 - 2006 Aviva, BNP-Paribas, HSBC, JP Morgan, Nomura, Sella bank, Société Générale (Euro-VL), Statestreet, UBS: risk management, internal audit, anti money laundering (AML) testing and controls (transfer agency, asset management);

    Impact surveys of Markets Financial Instruments (MiFID) and anti-money laundering & terrorism financing Directives;
  • KM Consultants - Consultant

    2003 - 2004 - Positioning of the high-speed Internet offer (telecom sector), best practice and benchmark analysis. Development of a multichannel commercial strategy, improvement of commercial process efficiency ;
    - Carrying out of a new market approach strategy concerning the accessory division, segmentation by user profile, offer structure repositioning, installation of activity follow-up indicators (automotive manufacturer).
  • MBDA Missile & Missile systems (EADS Group) - Purchasing Business Analyst

    2003 - 2003 - Price rebate procedure over non quality purchasing costs (analysis of issue, development of problem solving procedure);
    - Realization of 2002 purchasing department statement of account (dashboards, performance indicators);
    - Carrying out of the 2003 competitiveness plan and its orientations, working out of a suppliers guide list, ad hoc surveys;
    - Contribution to SAP implementation in the purchasing department: industrial accountancy, purchasing process activation.
  • Air Liquide - Marketing Analyst

    Paris 2001 - 2001 - Market survey on the European air emissions market (European and national regulation and normalization programs, overall market structure, associated business opportunities);
    - Analysis of several industrial segments: chemicals, refining and petroleum, glass, iron & steel, and cement industries.
  • Renault - Economic Marketing Analyst

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2000 - 2000 - Development of the price strategy and positioning of a new commercial vehicle (new Trafic) according to different market zones (six European countries) - Kangoo 4x4 price strategy and positioning ;
    - Work on new Trafic and Kangoo 4x4 marketing platforms, benchmarking actions, ad hoc surveys.
  • UK French Embassy (London) - Market Analyst

    1999 - 1999 - Realization of market surveys, synthesis documents, actor and product cards, survey presentations (studied markets: soft drinks, alcohols, wine and spirits, brewers, pub chains, specialised and large scale distribution);
    - Carrying out of dashboards (products and range efficiency) - Beverages, wine & spirit, distribution department.


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