Jean-Emmanuel CARDON


En résumé

Domain: Medical device design and project management
Role: Working with specialist to develop implants and instruments that match market, patient and regulatory needs.

- Project management
- CAD designing
- FEA analysis
- General mechanical industry
- Patent activities
- Regulatory affairs activities

and I like : Innovation, Challenge, Adventure, Working with motivated team!!

Mes compétences :
Microsoft Project


  • Tornier Ireland - Expatriation contract: Project Manager / R&D Engineer

    2011 - maintenant I have been proposed to move to an affiliate Tornier company in Ireland. Goals are to:
    - Set up an R&D activitie in this company.
    - Set up an appropriate organisation for project management.
    - Manage an innovative development project on shoulder implant from this location.
    - Help communication between the site and offer my support for the shoulder product manufacturing.
  • Tornier - Project management / R&D Engineer

    Montbonnot Saint Martin 2009 - 2011 The Tornier company has changed and grew.
    We have introduced the project management skill for the ongoing development product.
    I have managed a project team to ensure the design and commercialisation of an ankle fusion nail implant.
    I have also run a clinical research action plan with the help of a pluridisciplinar team made with internal and consultant ressources about osteolysis in the ankle implant.
  • Self-employment and volunteer - Self-employment and volunteer

    2008 - 2009 Travelling all around Australia with my wife and my 2 years old kid.
    Web site management and educational link with a French school.
    And my dream become reality!!
  • Tornier - Research and Development Engineer

    Montbonnot Saint Martin 2004 - 2008 Development of the Tornier Distal Extremities portfolio
    Ankle implant: Design the Salto 2 and the Salto Talaris total ankle prosthesis
    Elbow implant: Design the Radial Head System implant, Design and improve the Latitude total and Hémi elbow prosthesis
  • Tornier / Raymond Poincarré hospital - Medical Research Engineer

    2003 - 2004 Running gait analysis study with "Motion Analysis " system.
    Writing the clinical protocol with the surgeon, recruting the patient, running the analysis, developping software support to analys the result, writing a report.
    This study has now been published in "Maîtrise Orthopedique" speciallised magazine.
  • CIRAD - Course

    Paris 2002 - 2002 Implantation of a power station in the rice agriculture of Indonesia



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