Jean-Pierre LAMOINE


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Functional & Business Expert, Operational Strategy
Project Management Director MOA / Assistance to MOE - Senior:

Nearly 25 years of experience in the banking sector, financials markets, post-market world, especially on LCH Clearnet SA -15 years the clearing house of Euronext SA, operationnal management responsabilities (Treasury, liquidity management ) a largely dedicated to project management in international environments.

Business expertise/Operational strategy:
Market infrastructure (CCP, ESES, CSD, ICSD)
Treasury (TARGET 2, SEPA, CLS, SWIFT, XML 20022, FO to BO, Margin call)
Delevery Versus Payment (T2S, ESES, Iberclear, Monte Titoli, Interbolsa, NBB-SS,
Collatéral (Own, Customer, re-use, triparty, corporate events, tax system) and liquidity
(3G/BDF, CCBM, optimization) and Euro zone project (European Collateral Management System)
Compensation of equity, derivatives, commodities, repo on debt, colllateral pledge,
powernext, CDS products
Regulatory obligations (EMIR, Bale 3, spécific CCP)
Regulatory contacts: central banks, ECB, AMF, ACPR, ESMA, Euro zone college of

Mes compétences :
Chambre de compensation
Gestion de projet
Marchés financiers
Back office
Finance de marché
Paiements internationaux
Conduite du changement
Gestion de trésorerie
Travail en équipe


  • Arche-Experts - Functional & Business Expert, Project Management Director MOA / Assistance to MOE - Senior

    2015 - maintenant PMU : 2015
    Organizational audit and project to secure the production start of the new rating system horseracing
    Interviews with different stakeholders and the project team
    Audit Report and recommendation

    On DOI Department: Development, drafting organizational workflow project:
    Preparation and production through interviews / meeting / confrontation / multi sites
    Document serving as a communication tool for all teams
    Differents points of elaborate details:
    + Establishment of timelines for the various project teams,
    + Manufacturing supports on carry features between projects on the same or
    different environments and how secure the process of these transfers

    BDF: 2016-2017
    1-MAPS - Market Activities Processing System Project - (Bank of Spain / Bank of France)
    Release Management

    2-ECMS - European Collateral Management System - (Bank of Spain / Bank of France)
    Senior Business Analyst
    Within the 4CB ECMS team (Bank of Italy, Bank of Spain, Bundesbank).
    In charge of the Business High-Level Requirements Description (HLRD) of the future EU Monetary Policy operations platform (ECMS).
    Part of the 2020 strategy of the ECB.
  • Arche Experts subsidiary form Arche-Informatique - Associé Arche Experts

    2015 - maintenant Directed by Bruno LEMIERE the Arche informatique group, established in 1995, has extensive expertise for 20 years in the securities field and more particularly the central players in regulated capital markets and unregulated such as exchanges, clearing houses, custodians or IDB (Inter Dealer Broker) acting on the OTC markets, private banks.

    Arche informatique defines, designs, integrates IT solutions, manages custom projects for clients, and deploys its solution automated testing.

    Its expertise and reputation in major management programs have enabled it to support the major financial market institutions in their strategic and organizational projects (TRAD-X trading world leader IRS initiative PARFX trading initiative ESES clearing initiative T2S settlement platform, NSC Exchange trading platform, ...).

    Arche is a fully independent entity composed of experienced consultants. His expertise in financial markets allows it to meet the concerns of all market players.

    Its reference customers include: Bank of France, Bank of Spain, Bursa Malaysia, Japanese Exchanges, Euronext SA, Viel, tradition, LCH Clearnet SA, Societe Generale, Barclays..

    Site :

  • Arche Experts - Automate Tests T2Securities and/or SEPA campaigns

    2014 - maintenant 3 software applications testing, C2Suite for testing applications TARGET2-Securities (T2S) and B2Suite for SEPA payments systems M2suite for other applications, adapts to all types of flows.
    With a simplified and integrated management, they can inject the static and dynamic data, massively control in automated mode sets functional tests, operational and performance.
    Equipped with robust functionality and proven C2Suite B2Suite and offer unmatched scalability and flexibility on demand with technical support required to anticipate changes in the information system. C2Suite B2Suite and innovatively meet the needs of users, they include standard flow iso 20022, the DEP protocol signatures and Business T2S.
    They interface with lifecycle management tools and applications facilitate the generation of progress reports and KPIs
  • LCH.CLEARNET SA et LTD (Banque Centrale de Compensation), Paris-Londres - Treasury Ops Director (for LCHClearnet Group)

    2012 - 2014
  • LCHClearnet sa - Treasury Ops Director LCHCLearnet SA

    2003 - 2012 Treasury Director LCHClearnet SA Edit LCHCLEARNET
    Privately Held; Financial Services industry

    2003 – Present (7 years 7 months)

    A political structure with managerial transformation initiated in London.
    Managing change in a complex environment.
    Managerial competence increased and strengthened.

    Replace the Head of Treasury
    Make Evolve and beef up the Team (8 people)
    Keep the high quality current production :
    (Managing by day : 500 margin call, 50 billions portfolio, 40-50 billions flow, 5 billions collateral)
    Within the project structure:
    + participate as a critical actor in the implementation of projects in the euro area (TARGET 2, ESES, 3G, SEPA, EMIR)
    + continue to support the ongoing changes related to consolidation of clearing (integration of FR, IT, ES DVP systems Repo)
    + integrate them in terms of treasury impacts.

    Increase confidence link and the high quality relationships with clients, regulators and senior management
    Know cope with multiple type of crisis situations (Lehman Brothers, Man Financial, DVP-TARGET 2 systems)
  • Euronext - Treasurer (Cash and Securities)

    Paris 1998 - 2003 A small structure with a management of change (the start of a hard change), also an entity that is a market infrastructure

    Replace the Cash Manager (retired)
    Changing, increase quickly muscling of the team (10 people): training, learn new skills, understand to operate in multicultural environments, multi languages​​, implementation of versatility, restore the initiative.
    Maintain a high level of production quality
    (Managing by day : 300 margin call, 15 billions portfolio, 10-20 billions flow, 2.5 billions collateral)
    Structuring the project management to support the ongoing changes related to consolidation of stock exchanges
    Keep, reinforce the quality relationships with our customers, regulators and senior management
  • Caisse des depots et consignation - Director of Back Office (Money market Paper and Cash euro)

    Paris 1995 - 1998 Caisse des dépôts
    Government Agency; Banking industry

    September 1995 – March 1998 (2 years 7 months)

    Discovery of a large structure and capitalization of previous experience

    First job: Director of Back Office Money Market

    1-Replace the Manager and revitalize teams (6 people)
    2-Improve the quality of production (operations 400 days - 15 billion)
    3-Structure, invent project management (optimize processes and focus on subjects with high added value)

    Second job:Export activity and personal to another entity of the Caisse des Depots

    Secure transfer of skills (production and accounting) and staff
  • Crédit Agricole d'Ile-de-France - Director Back Office (own/customers activities)

    Paris 1990 - 1995 Operationnal strategy
    Internal auditor : get a good knowledge of the bank, control the customer credit risk

    Creating the Back Office (own and customers activities)
    Back Office support the strong development firms agencies (new products: SWAP, CAP,
    Mission to implement a newr organization in the Treasury department to create a project
    management team with people dedicated to this activity
    New products : legal develppement to establish contracts, calculation of margin call, work
    on accounting schemes
    Analyze and reflect to set up a back office tool to replace the aging and not supported
    existing tools

    The delivered projects :
    Automate and optimize processes :
    Objective to concentrate all products on one tool for accounting purpose ( income and
    Incorporate new products



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