En résumé

À mon arrivée France en 2014, j'ai pris l'opportunité d'étudier le français et de suivre un programme d'études supérieures dans ma spécialité, l'hydrogéologie et sols.

Mon stage à IRSTEA (Février - Aout 2016) me permet d'élargir mon expérience en gestion de données avec R et Python et de me perfectionner dans le domaine de la modélisation pluie-débit. Le titre de ma mémoire était : "Développement d’un tableau de bord pour l’évaluation de prévisions hydrologiques", et j'ai crée un site web interactif (avec un base de données) pour comparer les performances des modèles de prévision hydrologique dans leurs conditions d'utilisation.

Enfin à la fin de l'année 2017, j'ai échangé mon visa de visiteur pour un visa de travail et suis motivé pour relancer ma carrière.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter par email avec toutes questionnes:

On arrival in France in 2014 I found an opportunity to both learn a little French and enroll in a graduate program in hydrogeology, hydrology and soils. The "University of Paris South" (l'Université Paris-Sud) offer an excellent French-for-foreigners program and a highly-regarded hydrogeology program.

Halfway through my second year in the program I interned at IRSTEA, a national research institute for water resources and agriculture technology.

My thesis project (titled "Development of a Verification Scoreboardfor Hydrological Forecasts") targeted the current state of model verification tools, including rainfall-runoff models, and allowed me to connect my interests in data management using R and other open-source tools with modeling, model verification and statistical validation.

The project deliverable was a verification scoreboard website and database, where users explore the relationships between model type, skill score, bias, and more.

I successfully defended my thesis on 20 September, 2016, and will receive my diploma later this fall. You can find my thesis (PDF) here:

Please send me a note with any questions:, or

Mes compétences :
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
plugin development
numerical model support
coast skills
Visual Basic for Applications
Stored Procedures
Software development and support
Risk Analysis
Oracle PL/SQL
Microsoft Windows NT
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft C-SHARP
Linux Red Hat
Health and Safety
GWChart training
Environmental Monitoring
Due Diligence
Design and Build
Communication Skills
Big data management
Basic Fortran


  • Inra - Gestion de projet, data scientist

    Paris 2018 - maintenant Travaillant principalement avec le groupe Économie Publique de l’INRA (en faisant équipe avec plusieurs autres groupes du groupe de recherche), mon poste est impliquer par
    1) la direction et la planification de projets et
    2) l’intégration de données avec le modèle agroéconomique AROPAj.
  • IRSTEA - Stagiere

    Antony Cedex 2016 - 2016 Développement d'un tableau de bord pour l'évaluation de prévisions hydrologiques
  • Golder Associates - Hydrogéologue

    Lyon 2010 - 2014 Golder Associates AB, Groundwater modeling, field director in Arctic mining TMF site risk analysis, data manager
    for Swedish nuclear waste repository.
    { Groundwater modeling:
    - Data management and interpretation, site descriptive modeling reporting for SKB
    (Swedish nuclear waste authority Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB)
    - GeoStudio Seep and Slope 2D numerical model for Trafikverket (Swedish trafc
    authority), Northland Resources, and other mining clients
    - Groundwater Vistas (MODFLOW-NWT, -2005) numerical model support ;
    - ModelMuse (MODFLOW), GWChart training and expertise ;
    - Parameter Estimation (PEST, Watermark Numerical Computing) conditioning and
    model regularization
    { Field director for hydrogeologic investigation on a tailings management facility in Norrbotten County (67 deg 11' north):
    - Winter health and safety leadership
    - Downhole slug and pump test and evaluation
    { Software development and support:
    - Automated datalogger integration (for Geometrik, Golder Sweden's daughter company) ;
    - VisualStudio 2010 (c#) integrated with EQuIS and Gaudi, Golder's internal library ;
    - MS Ofce VBA (Access, Excel) and XML integration (Excel)
    - Designed and gave training seminars for Golder's younger team member interested in
    advanced Excel capabilities
  • GSI Water Solutions, Inc. - Géologue "Senior"

    2008 - 2010 Performed a combination of high-level ofce and IT work; collaboration with regulators, the
    public, and potential adversaries in the Portland Harbor project; and support for groundwater
    { Field Director for high-profile Portland Harbor Superfund-initiated fieldwork (client: City
    of Portland).
    { Database and fieldwork support for former creosote treatment facility adjacent to
    Willamette River.
    { Designed and built groundwater measurement, boring, well, and geophysical log data
    management tool for five-county Groundwater Management Area (GWMA) consortium
    in eastern Washington.
  • New Sesco Group - Project Geologist

    2007 - 2008 New Sesco Group, West Linn, Oregon ( Ofce and field manager for environmental monitoring and cleanup sites. Projects included
    several dry cleaners, former services stations, former aerial pesticide wash-down, and an
    operational pharmaceutical company.
  • Hart Crowser, Inc. - Senior Staff Geologist

    2005 - 2007 Managed Oregon DEQ remediation projects through the ``orphan'' (sites no longer in business,
    which the State of Oregon had become responsible for) contract program. Developed ofce's
    competence and market for stormwater plans (city and federal) through Oregon, Washington
    and Idaho.
    { Completed stormwater mitigation plans (SWPCPs) for several industrial facilities located
    along the sensitive Columbia Slough north of Portland, Oregon
    { Stormwater system documentation, permitting, and system upgrades for industrial clients.
    Deliverables included SWPCPs and Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC)
    Plans; clients performed facility upgrades with engineering support to met benchmark
    { Performed and updated due diligence, SPCC plans, and a large remediation project
    (multi-phase pump and treat) for eastern-Oregon bulk fuel handler
    { Due diligence projects in Oregon and Washington, leading to additional action on
    agricultural sites; service station and dry cleaner sites; and a battery recycling and
    manufacturing facility
    { Delineated and excavated PCB-impacted soils in former metal recycling facility in Vancouver, Washington
    { Geotechnical project field support for various commercial and residential developments in
    Oregon and Washington ,
  • Sole Proprietor - Geologist

    2005 - 2005 Sole Proprietor, Norville Consulting, Portland, Oregon.
    Due diligence reports (ASTM E1527-2005) for major US-based cell provider tower expansion
    project; quarterly groundwater monitoring and report for agricultural cooperative located in
    eastern Oregon; tank decommissioning, sediment sampling, and Oregon-specific file research
    and compliance reports.
  • GeoDesign, Inc. - Staff Geologist

    2003 - 2005 { Groundwater model (Visual MODFLOW and PEST inverse modeling techniques) for
    Potlatch Corporation hydraulic connection study. Integrated installation of five new
    monitoring wells by air rotary drill with 10+ years history on the site.
    { Landfill gas monitoring and methane abatement support, conducting vapor barrier certification and coordination with California-based engineering firm.
    { Many Phase I and Phase II projects completed with aggressive time and budget constraints.
    { Subsurface exploration experience using direct push, hollow-stem auger, bucket auger, and
    air-rotary techniques. Sampled using split-spoon, Shelby tube and direct-push sleeves.
  • Jeff Norville Consulting (propriétor) - Ingénieur logiciel indépendent

    2002 - 2003 { Software specifications review and data structure design, VBA and MS Access application
    (Portland area cellular phone plan retailer).
    { Java and PL/SQL stored procedure development (Standard Insurance, internal tracking
    { Visual Basic application source code review and documentation (Timberland Software).
  • PreNet (PreCash) Corporation - Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Engineer

    2000 - 2002 { Telecom and computer skills to design and build database and CTI applications on
    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.
    { Designed highly-available IVR systems to handle 3,000+ calls per day using Windows
    NT, Dialogic hardware and Parity VOS; provisioned lines with telcos Sprint and AT&T.
    { Built testing ``harness'' application to simulate high call volumes for hardware/telco
    loadtesting, and to track system latencies.
    { Developed SprintPCS Payment Card System, Verizon Wireless, PreCash payment systems.

    Vocational Experience
    2002-2010 Sea kayak coach, Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe, Portland, Oregon.
    Lead Certified 4-Star paddler, 3-Star coach, by the British Canoe Union.


  • Université Paris Sud

    Orsay 2015 - 2016 Masters 2

    Mémoire intitulé : Développement d’un tableau de bord pour l’évaluation de prévisions hydrologiques
    J’ai développé le prototype d’un outil interactif pendant mon stage à IRSTEA (Antony, France) pour l’évaluation de prévisions hydrologiques. Il est basé sur une interface utilisateur (R et Shiny) en raltion avec la base de données utilisateur (PostgreSQL). J’ai développé cet outil en prenant en com
  • Université Paris XI Paris Sud

    Orsay 2014 - 2015 Masters 2

    Diplôme Universitaire de Français Langue Etrangère
  • Occidental College (Los Angeles)

    Los Angeles 1991 - 1996 Bachelor of Arts

    Géologie et sciences de l’environnement


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